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After rewatching "You Who Came From The Stars", I was wondering...

I for myself still remember the first drama where I cried so hard that afterwards I was thinking: 'What the hell?! Never cried that much because of a tv show...' 

Secret Garden

And when I say I cried hard, I'm not talking about one or two little tears but a whole river coming down my eyes.

After that the only dramas that got to me like Secret Garden were:

Cain & Abel 

You Who Came From The Stars 

I Remember You

Good Doctor 


Bridal Mask 

The Princess' Man

I'm always speechless when a drama gets under my skin like that ;_;

Stairway to Heaven and Autumn Tale
Those were my first kdramas
As addictive as we all know they are I Just couldn't stop and I think I'll remember them for decades
I cried so much I've been avoiding melodrama's since then, I only watch one or two a year.
Stairway to Heaven....omg that was 13 years ago i couldn't stop crying and those were big tears, had to get the tissues. Choi Ji Woo and Kwong San Woo why do you have to do that to me :'-( ??? Most memorable drama because I cried truckloads and gave me a complete heart attack while watching it. Park Shin Hye was a little kid (played the younger lead) during that time now she's a grown lady! 
Well if we're talking about crying, the first thing that comes to head is 1 Litre Of Tears .. If they said one litre of tears, they're not joking!
And these are other dramas/movies that made me cry like a baby but not as much as 1LOT:
Miracle in cell no.7
49 Days
Queen Seon Duk
Nine: Nine Times Time Travel
The Princess' Man
Missing You (2012)
A Werewolf Boy (T^T)
The Crucible
Secret (2013)
It's not a drama, but a special though but Yuuki is definitely my top tear-jerker T-T

- 1 Litre of Tears definitely lives up to its name. This truly is designed to have you cry from episode 1. So if you need a good cry (it always works, no matter how many times you've already watched it.)

- 14 Sai no Haha, about an average innocent and playful teenage girl getting pregnant and having to go through the social pressure of school or of the media and of the boy's family shaming her/ pressuring her to get an abortion. 

- KOIZORA, (either version) About a bad boy and an innocent girl falling in love in high school....seriously if you don't cry you're a superhero. 

I think that Japanese dramas are very good in playing with my emotion: So here is a short list of Japanese dramas which made me cry like crazy.

Nankyoku Tairiku, all episodes literally made me cry, something that never happened to me before. It will always have a special place in my heart as one of the most heartwarming drama with the most beautiful characters.
Home Drama because of its touching and beautiful family.
Woman, simply impossible not to cry, One of my favorite Sakamoto Yuji's dramas!
Kazoku (2006) Another touching drama the way I love them.

From South Korea I would say that A Tree With Deep Roots made me cry at some point but not throughout the whole drama.

And another one I should add to this list is Battle of Changsha, very powerful moments filled with so many touching scenes

I can't think of others at the moment.
Warrior Baek Dong Soo - I just can't even...
Tonbi - the feels!!! 
iljimae - when his sister... 

I was bawling watching these almost every episode! 
Tonbi-i cried so much at the first episode that i still didnt finish the series
Good Doctor -I just cant stand if someone treats disable or elderly people bad

There are a lot of movies which made me cry but i cant.think any other drama rn
1 Litre of Tears, cried watching every single episode!
What Happens to My Family, the last episode killed me, I never cried so much.
Not too many movies and dramas make me cry, especially not melos: all the almost tears and full-on crying fits usually leave me frustrated rather than sympathetic. So its more of the subtle and gentle ones that really get me.

Japanese: KOIZORA - the movie

Korean: Scent of a Woman & Thank You

Chinese - Scarlet Heart 

Thailand - Pee Mak from laughing so hard!
I usually don't cry at dramas or movies but two did make me cry. 1 Litre if Tears and the ending of Reply 1988.
49 days
Battle of Changsha
Hwang Jin Yi
1 liter of tears
goddess of fire
scarlet heart
jewel in the palace
boss & Me (but not because of the story, I just cried because of how badly the main male lead killed the drama for me.)
1 Litre of Tears and Dae Jang Geum/Jewel in the Palace. I also cried a lot for The Queen's Classroom (jdrama). Those three dramas hit my soul in a way no others have.