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Hi everyone!
I had a discussion about asian dramas with a friend recently and she asked me how popular asian dramas are with non-asians. It got me thinking so...I know of a few non-asian friends who love kdramas. But I was thinking of perhaps doing this as a small survey here on MDL.
Who else is not asian here on MDL? xD as in, have no asian relatives or ancestors. I know hobbies and love for dramas have nothing to do with etnicity, and I'm not trying to state anything like that since I myself love asian Culture and dramas and I'm totally not asian XD
I'm just curious xD
I'm not asian. I'm european.
I'm not asian. I'm european.
Asian here! But currently living in Europe :)
South East Asian mix XD
I'm East Asian (Chinese)
I am Asian although lived in US a long, long time.  I have a neighbor who is over 80 and Non-asian and she watches Korean dramas, but only what's currently airing on one of the Korean channels here in So. Cal.