Not really a music news, but I guess most of you have already seen this two news about Arashi as hosts of this years NTV's 24hrs show : - Ohno, indeed, designed the official T-Shirt, in partnership with Kusama Yayoi (i'm so amazed by only that fact!). The T-Shirt is pretty nice, imo. - Ohno will play the main role in the drama special that will aired during the operation. i'm wondering if he will be able to do it, but I guess I must be reassured with his perf in Kagheya... What do you think about it? Will you watch it? Will you by the T-Shirt or anything else? (and where?) That was a really good news for me today!
Living legends. I'm super in love with Arashi, I've been for 7 years, and I'm pretty sure nothing can stop me. They are my religion <3
I love Arashi! I am currently watching all of their Japanese dramas and discovering all of their music. I have been a fan since like 09 but didn't pay as much attention to them until I introduced Hana Yori Dango to my mom recently.
I just started listening to Arashi recently after watching a few dramas with their members and fell in love with them! :D

Hello mina-san!

Many of you probably saw the news already, but today Arashi members send a video message and held a press conference, explaining they will go on hiatus after 2020, December 31st. They will stop their group activities and go for solo activities only. 

From what I've understood (but I don't speak japanese so I've missed a lot of things), Ohno wanted to take a break, and they have been discussing for quite a while now (June 2017).  They have decided to stop the group activities and not to continue as four or less members, which is quite consistent as they always said Arashi was the five of them, and without the five of them, it's not Arashi. 

No need to say I'm shocked, maybe more than I was expecting, because honestly, I was expecting it to happen, even if I was happy to see them continue until their XXth anniversary. I had some personnal reasons to be touchy on sad matters, but this shock just proved me how attached I am to the group, even if I can't say I'm a longtime and hardcore fan. I know them for seven years only, and I became  incredibly fond of the five of them. I've already explained on my profile why I love them so much, I don't want to repeat muyself.  I like them as a group, and in some kind fo ways, I'm relieved to see them stop as a group. I say stop, because despite them saying they go on hiatus, I don't see them coming back as a band in the next years. They will be in their 40es, and they will be busy with professionnal and private life. And honestly, who would think they still could dance like they did in their 20es? I think we are reaching the limits of idol groups made from scratch with people who doesn't plan to work together at first. Do not misunderstand me, I fully enjoy the relationship they were able to build thoughout the years, but it was probably not an easy task with so different personnalities. That they managed to keep things well balanced for all this time, that they were able to make a decision after deliberating after such a long time makes me "proud" (it can't be the right word, but I don't knwo which one to use) of them. At least I'm quite happy to see them being able to choose when to stop as a group, maybe before things become too sour, at least not because any scandal that would tarnish the group (hope the follwing days and months won't make me wrong on that matter). They have said many times they are wanting to do what they want as a group, this decision is also what they want, even if not at first.

I'm incredbily sad at the moment, but I can understand Ohno's will to live freely and do what he really wants to do, without the agency's obstacles. I guess other members too feel the need to live their life as they want, after having given so much to their fans. I'm wishing them to be able to do what they want after that. 

I've discovered them as a group thanks to dramas, to me they are intertwined with japanese dramas, I'm always anticipating watching them, even if they are not the best actors ever. I'll still be able to do so, but for sure the feeling will be different. Even if the first one I watched was  Matsumoto in HYD, the one that lead me to the band was Sakurai, thanks to his perf in Nazotoki, dinner no ato de. He made me curious about him, and no need to say I was surprised to see in an idol group. I was not a fan of boys-band as a teen, but I shamelessly became one as a grown up (and remained while aging). I've liked them to the point where I've spent many years listening only to them, that was how important they were in my life.  If I'm able to put more distance with the group lately (first of all because there was no new album last fall), I cannot imagine how things will turn out in the follwing months and years. I was feeling at ease because I knew that if something went bad, I could still watch one of their dramas or TV shows, still play any concert's DVD on my computer, because I was feeling like they would always be there as five. But they will still be there, even if not as five, even if probably not the five.

I feel like it's the end of an era, and this kind of change always makes me sad. Maybe it's because we are of the same age, but more probably it's because the announcment of their decision is coming at a moment where I've decided to change things in my life,, and the last time I did so was when I discovered them. I'm quite happy they have "been there", as the background music of my life, this past seven years. I cannot thank them enough for that, even if they will never know.  

Sorry for the long and messy post, it's the mirror of my messy mind at the moment.

What about you guys? Were you expecting this? What are your feelings regarding this matter?  And most of all, why do you like Arashi (because I'm assuming if you come to comment on this thread, you're at leas interested in them)?

There's a lot of rumors behind the hiatus..and I'm starting to believe them. Anyways, we have been 'stormed' for 20 years already, I guess it's time for them to settle down.