hi :) what's your first kpop group that made you going crazy about kpop world and what was the song for me it was super junior that made me notice this wonderful world the song was sorry sorry
for me it's super junior too hehehe
It all started with a Japanese gum commercial...which somehow led me to Super Junior performing Gee. My life was never the same...
Let's see. My first song ever was 2ne1's "clap your hands" but I didn't really like it. The first song that sparked my interest in Kpop was dbsk(2)'s "Keep your head down" and the first song that made be crazy about kpop was GD&TOP's "High High" and although I love all groups previously mentioned, my first "bias" group who I still love with all my heart (I have every song and love them all) is SHINee.
My first song was Big Bang's Lalala. I really liked it so I searched for more Big Bang's songs, then I discovered Super Junior's U and that's it. Now I listen to kpop daily.
My first k-pop band was Super Junior, but at that time they were quite new in the k-pop industry. I think it was year 2006 or early 2007 when I first found them and they had only released their debut album: SuperJunior05 (Twins).

I also remember that their subgroup Super Junior K.R.Y was formed and they released their first song "The One I Love", which I loved! I think I already listened to Super Junior when their trot-group Super Junior T was formed and at first I didn't really like their song Rokugo, but then it became one of my favorites somehow. I also watched almost every episode of their reality show Super Junior Full House and some other early reality shows with them.

Gee.. now feel all nostalgic, haha! xD

Nowadays I barely listen to Super Junior anymore, but I cherish the years I spent loving them.
me too i no longer listen to them a lot but they still occupy a special place in my heart as thanks to them I discovered this wonderful world Now i'm become very much interested about exo they are so cute i love their songs ( mama and growl) :))
FTIsland thanks to Hong Ki and You're Beautiful :D
my absolute first kpop song was Oh! by SNSD but the ones who really dragged me in for real was 2NE1 ^^ that was when I actually got INTERESTED and not just liked "some songs". The song by 2NE1 was Clap Your Hands ^^
My first kpop song I ever heard was Nobody by Wonder Girls, but that was time when I didn't even know I was listening Korean. But first time I became addicted to kpop was with You're Beautiful OST.
My first song was Mirotic from DBSK and I was like woah, this totally awesome!
My first song was Super Junior's Bonamana, but I really didn't care for the song. Then I heard No Other and loved it. The funny thing is, Bonamana is probably one of my favorite songs now. It's funny how things work that way.
My first song was Wedding Dress by Taeyang, then i found out about BIGBANG and have been a fan of them since listening to Haru Haru. The only Kpop group I listened to was BIGBANG for a long time and then eventually i started to listen to other k-pop groups.
Wonder Girls - Nobody