@Johnson-Shampoo .... Netizens in S.Korea can be very vicious ....They have ruined the careers of a few stars, and often, it all starts w/ false rumors...They don't need a legitimate reason or facts.
They have a lot of influence and can sway public opinion, which in turn can sway production companies.

They are just hypocritical ,  judgmental,  immature , shallow jealous people who have nothing better to do.!!!
The reason they make such a huge deal out of 4th's scar, and why it is mentioned more than once in SH:Ryeo that : "Unless you are not good-looking you will  not be treated well"  is b/c it is a fact in their contemporary, plastic-surgery obsessed society..... That's how shallow these K-netizens can be, ripping apart stars for the smallest flaw or misstep.
Thank you for these information
thank you so much Hessa! i was so confused but your posts helped me alot. i'm watching all the scenes you mentioned in both versions. it's a great help:)
Thanks! Very helpful info. :D
Help!!! where i can find the subs for the SBS version of the episode 7?
@Nat .... Thank you for article.... I normally don't care about celebrity gossip, but I saw a comment saying the "Naming the Tree" scene in Ep 7 is a reference to IU's zeze scandal.

I applaud IU's courage for trying to take on  the hypocrisy of the industry....
The article is very enlightening .... It implies that IU is very smart and manipulating her image to gain fame and to strike back ..... The Zeze song is sarcastic and subtle ..... I like his comparison to Madonna, whereas Madonna manipulated her image in order to gain fame, IU is certainly doing it for more than that.... 

She may have promoted her own Lolita image, but she is fighting back against the ones who take advantage of such young girls.  Most of the K-pop girls' groups dress and dance very provocatively, and if a large part of their fanbase is Ahjussis, no wonder she is provoking controversy.

I really think she's a bit of a hero in the k-pop world.  She's super clever about her image she plays up her youth etc because that's what she has to do to make it in that industry at that time, but if you're a fan who wants this from her, she's gonna make it clear what she thinks of you.  
Wow! ... even more gutsy ! ... I din't think much of her before, but after this info, I like her!
Please don't ask for links in this thread. All links are in the comment section.
Where can I watch the unedited original versions? I've been dying to watch it for some time now!
As I said, Please don't ask for links in this thread. All links are in the comment section.
Just go back to page 4 in the comment section.
@Hessa: Thanks for the FAQ, Hessa.

@rainruma: The toxic anti-fan culture in South Korea is really something that I find difficult to comprehend. I mean, even if you don't like a celebrity for whatever it is that they choose to do--unless it's criminal or something really serious--why would you waste your time bashing or smearing their name, and constantly, at that?
EDIT: @kura2ninja- Beyond my comprehension also .... But what is more perplexing is how much influence they have, whether rumors are true or not ...ughhh!!

Sorry I used wrong name before.

You know guys, from this thread I could understand some part that Moon Lovers is being cynical and critical towards south korea society. The fact about how much So being abandoned because of his scar, the fact about IU controversy too. Maybe that's one of the reason they weren't doing so well in south korea? You know, because people hate critics. Okay I'm ridiculous, ignore me.

Also, I've watched the youku version of ep 6. It is loooot waaaaaay better than the edited version. I wonder what happen behind the production.

@Nat I've read the article. This is the first time I read about zeze controversy. And one certain things that strike my mind is: IU is incredibly clever. just like rainruma said, she's playing her own image and beyond. And she knew, she'll never lost her fame this way, because, even knetz recognize her for her talent (and of course because she is, once, a "nation's little sister")

@Hessa thank you so much for your effort and explanation! It is difficult for me to read historical fact because the main source usually use korean language. And I'm sorry if I did happen to spoil you because of that fact.
LOL! I saw that and I was like "What is she talking about?".

It's okay, I don't mind it.