That would be awesome if indeed she was the butterfly. The story is now becoming clearer for everyone and I can feel a sad ending to goblin-reaper funny bromance. His drama is getting better and better, hope it won't be disappointing at the end.
@kristina that is an interesting theory ! I have a feeling that grim reaper is queen
If Deok Hwa really is the God, wow, that'd be a great twist. I mean, he met the God of birth in first episode, but then meeting her again? One time could be a coincidence, but two times...
I'm now even more curious about our lil Ducky.. KS says, how will DH find ET when even her dokkaebi groom cannot? lol & DH basically replies, "well, I have my ways.." - cut to, a BUTTERFLY SOARING OVER THE SNOWY SKI RESORT?!

Ummm.. & then the voiceover of DH telling KS the location. Wut? So does he have a direct line to the Big G or smth?? 

And the ring! I had been hoping it was a symbol of KS' love for the queen, & despite the revelation of them being siblings, it seems that could still be true (in a defiant, ~loyalty type way); as the king appeared angry to find it amongst her things! Hmmm..
@SimbiAni They pretty much implied that Deok Hwa is God or a diety. The mystery of the ring though...maybe we'll find in tonight's epi
But he's not a random stranger, he's already been proven part of the family / bloodline of KS' servants & is a confirmed "lookalike reincarnation" of the first grandson, who ages normally (so far; & he's about 6yrs older than ET). He is definitely special tho, he could have "connections" & might even have remembered his past life already. His chosen house password even has a double meaning of "angel", lol! 
I think Deok Hwa is the god since he's the butterfly. He's a god so he can incarnate whomever he wants and even grow up in that body.
The ring is a true mystery. There was this flashback scene with the king angrily asking the queen the meaning of the that point I thought Grim reaper was some secret lover (lol)...but I think he's the king so I dunno how to think the whole thing anymore...
DH actually *being* the butterfly is not confirmed as factual tho, not yet, as of ep10; just speculation based on tricksy editing, lol. 

Right no one can be ~sure WHAT he really is, but yeah, he's definitely special.. ^-^ 

As for the ring, was rather confused / disappointed it had zero effect on Shin, especially as ep01 made such a big deal about it, from Sun-shi's hand to Red's trinkets to ET's mom checking it out.. hmmm. Even the shaman lady gets vibes from it, lol & she never even seen it! ;P
Ok so I finally caught up to this drama today! This show is so good. I think the red scarf protects Eun Tak. The times she has been in danger she wasn't wearing her scarf. It must be the granny's protection I think. I can't wait to find out what Deok Hwa is. I liked the scene where he bumped into the lady in red and she said let's have a drink and he kind of acted up and told her to pay....I love Sunny and the grim reaper. I can't wait to get more scenes between them. I think Sunny will be the one to figure out he was the king.
So my theory is that GR was manipulated in the past and he repented. Ha had became a GR at some point to repent for his sins and he had drunk this tea to forget his past life... But now this creepy PJW reappeared so... I think GR and KS have to get together to kill PJW...
PJW that's the same guy who took advantage of the young king. I was waiting for that guy to show up. Grim Reaper and the Goblin has a score to settle with him.
I don't think Deok Hwa is God, because he passed out in episode 12 as if he's been possessed. Maybe God (or whoever is possessing him) has done it a couple of times. Like, remember the letter Eun Tak thought was a love letter? Deok Hwa read his mind and read his thoughts. He is a very mysterious character and I can't wait next week to see what his character is!
I just hope that the Goblin and the Grim Reaper can somehow come to terms and maybe joining forces to defeat PJW will help to improve their relationship. Actually, I'm curious about PJW too cause he seems more than a ghost~ even the Goblin's sword couldn't affect him... There are so many things to be explained and it just keeps building up the suspense... I hope they will manage to ended it properly!