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I'm looking for reincarnation kdramas with the main focus on romance. Where two people knew and loved each other in the past life and on their meeting in the present one(or both) of them recognizes the other and wants to be together again.

The closest drama example I can think of is Legend of the Blue Sea. However there is also an ad by Northcape with Ha Ji Won and Ji Chang Wook that has the exact feel of what I'd love to watch.

I also wouldn't mind something where the male lead is immortal and had a tragic love story where his beloved died in the past, then she(female lead) is reborn  and he instantly recognizes her upon meeting.

I'd appreciate any recommendations!

Thank you :-)

You can try Chicago Typewriter ;) 

That's hard...I think there are very few dramas about reincarnation. I second Chicago Typewriter and I would add Goblin.

this is kinda offtopic (and if you are interested in this theme in general you have probably seen this movie) but really have to mention in this thread (american) movie Cloud Atlas. It follows love of two people though several lives and it has absolutely wonderful cinematography

Definitely Chicago Typewriter! :)

I second Rooftop Prince

Try scarlet heart 2. Its the sequel of bu bu jingxin or scarleg heart chinese version.

Also maybe korean drama thousand year love...

You From Another Star, sorta...Splish Splash Love definitely...and there's an element of that in Gu Family Book, though I can't in all good conscience recommend that trainwreck. Otherwise, like the others said: Rooftop Prince, Chicago Typewriter, and Goblin!

I can't recommend Rooftop Prince without wanting some kind of divine punishment for myself, but it essentially fits your description. Three Lives Three Loves Ten Miles of Peach Blossoms, while not a kdrama, is lovely & maintains that theme all throughout (but be warned, there is no modern day).

Thank you that is very helpful!

Splash Splash Love I've watched, it's lovely ,but wish it was longer. 

Hmmm Thousand Years of Love, I have tried watching a few months back, because the storyline is very intriguing to me, however some of the acting makes me want to break a wall with my head from frustration, I might give it another chance though. 

Goblin has been recommended to me several times on another recommendation thread as well as here, so I should probably put it into my priority watchlist. 

Rooftop Prince or Chicago Typewriter are new to my "plan to watch" list,  both look very interesting!

Cloud Atlas sounds vaguely familiar, but apart from Star Wars I'm so clueless about most movies that have been made in the west in the last few years, it's sort of scary considering that I live in Europe lol. I might give it a try ;-)

Eternal Love I've been watching on and off for the last few months, I'm not always in the mood for Cdramas, the story is extremely good I agree and it's visually stunning!

Just as a side note, but I'm really surprised about how few reincarnation stories there are in Kdramas, expected there to be more, I mean I know the country has a few religions, but Buddhism seem to be quite prominent along with Christianity.  

New here so go easy on me if I miss your point but of the 5 drama's I have watched start to finish. The first was The Heirs, Dr. Stranger was in there somewhere along with The Time We Were Not In Love, Remember and Tree with Deep Roots I managed to catch the first episode of Please, Come Back Alive Mister and was instantly hooked because it made me laugh out loud, starred lead actors and actresses I had not seen yet, and dealt with reincarnation which fascinates me. I fell head over heels in love with Lee, Min-jung (Da'hye). Rain was the lead actoMyungr and made me laugh a lot. Hope that helps. I am Scott nice to meet u

Nice to meet you Scott, I'm Meg! ;-)

Thank you. It's the first time I read about this drama, I'll check it out, especially since I really like Lee Min-Jung too! I think she is very charming and one of the best looking actresses out there.

I know this is not a KDrama, but I think thai drama might fit.  There are few chinese dramas also with the same plot, I believe.

The only K Drama I've seen that deals with reincarnation is Rebirth-Next (2005).