Please do recommend me Thai larkons with a good story, happy ending, & male leads who are absolutely obsessed with the females

I know Thai Larkons have a lot of dramas with these feature so I'm really looking forward to some good recommendations. 

I don't really care for crazy sideline characters (I'm talking about the crazy female characters who're ready to pour acid of the female leads for the main male lead) if the male leads don't really pay them too much importance and they don't have too much of an influence over the main couple. 

I'm not a fan of TOO MUCH angst but if something horrible does happen and resolve within the next episode, I'm game.

I've recently just gotten into the serious side of Larkons, and these are the ones that I've watched with possessive male leads. 

1. Kiss Me
2. Full House
3. Le Ratre
4. Pope Rak
5. Once Upon a time... in my heart.
6. Morasoom Sawat

Please help a girl out :D

I have 2 dramas I am currently watching , but tbh I don't know what is the ending but it has was u asked :

Wong Wien Hua Jai

Mai Sin Rai Fai Sawart

Haha, when you say "good story", this is immediately highly subjective and a 'good story' for one person may not necessarily be a 'good story' for another. In any case, plenty of Thai lakorns, especially their revenge slap/kiss ones, feature obsessive male leads so you only need to click on the 'Slap/Kiss' tag and find a whole list of what you're looking for. 

For what it's worth, I'll drop some recommendations of those which seem to be very popular, as well as those which I've personally enjoyed, for your consideration:-

'Sawan Biang' (2008) - this is one of the rare lakorns that have the blessed trifecta of strong acting, strong directing and strong & tight story/ plot. However, this is also one of the most intense and emotionally-provoking revenge slap/kiss lakorns around so if you're sensitive to violence and rape scenes, you will probably end up too emotionally disturbed to really appreciate this lakorn. While it is my personal favourite amongst the plethora of lakorns floating out there, this is not a show for everyone, so tread carefully here. 

'Jai Rao' (2008) - this is a melodrama so there is quite a lot of internal angst and weepy scenes but the main male lead is obsessive possessive right from the first 15 minutes of episode 1 when his childhood love comes back into his life after 8 years of disappearance. There is no rape in here, but there is a lot of revenge-bullying, and the female lead's tight-lipped-ness about the reason for her disappearance can be rather frustrating for both the viewer and the male lead until the last one third of the show. But it's a compelling watch and the male lead's acting is first class. 

'Khun Chai Ronapee' (2012) - featuring the fifth and last brother of the 'Gentleman of Juthathep' series (each of the 5 brothers have their own individual romance drama), this is heavily romance-centric with the male lead falling in love with the female lead at first sight and then pursuing her with great determination throughout. It helps that he is a Royal Air Force pilot and so looks very hot in his combat garb, and there is also a nice helping of fighting and rescuing scenes to enjoy. If you liked 'Once Upon A Time... In My Heart', you will also love this.

'Duang Jai Akkanee' (2010) - a romantic comedy with a Romeo-Juliet style plot premise. Male lead and female lead both on opposite sides of a family feud, and I believe the male lead eventually develops to be pretty possessive once he starts falling in love with the female lead. Lots of childish and playground-type bickering but many people love this show and this couple.

'Game Rai Game Rak' (2011) - a slap/kiss lakorn with rape scene but many people find the male lead's obsessiveness and possessiveness over the female lead to be very attractive. I personally have not seen it for myself but it seems to come very highly recommended and well-liked by many. 

'Roy Ruk Hak Liam Tawan' and 'Roy Fun Tawan Duerd' (2014) - both are part of the Rising Sun series and feature mafia-based plot premise similar to 'Once Upon A Time... In My Heart'. Both feature mafioso heads who fall in love and having to both pursue the female lead as well as navigate through gang politics and rivals. Both are obsessive possessive about their girls. 

There, plenty for you to check out and to start off with. And there are lots more out there too, which I'm sure you'll find as you look around. 

Mussaya - 2017 . 

THANKS GUYS! <3so much love coming your way from me!

Musical veggies.  Love the detailed list. Thanks