Main Leads DO NOT End Together... but not because of DEATH.

Hi guys!

I am looking for a drama/ movie where main leads in the end dont get together but not because of death or any other tragedy but because they just realize it is not worth being together despite liking/loving each other. Perhaps they go through life-changing romance together, overcome obstacles, experience awesome adventure... but in the end they come to the conclusion that they will not work well together in the long shot.

I've watched so many dramas where people from two different worlds meet, fall in love, overcome obstacles and live happy ever after... but despite this all I, as a viewer, still don't believe they belong together forever just because they love each other. Sometimes, love is not everything to have a happy life.

So I would like to watch a drama where they split up... and stay that way.

The only examples that come to my mind is anime Paradise Kiss (the original ending where Caroline and George don't end together, not the one in live-action movie) and animated movie 5 Centimetres per Second. Out of live actions, the only movie that comes to my mind is The Werewolf Boy but this one doesnt really fit my other criterion which is:

I want my main leads to be both humans - no robots, aliens or any other species. You can rec it anyways but primarily, I am looking for dramas with humans.

Is there any (good!) drama/movie(/anime) like this? I hope it is!
Thank you all in advance for your recommendations!

Big spoiler but Moon Lovers Scarlet Heart Ryeo then..

Love til the end of summer

Feast of the Gods

Baker TakGoo

Lovers in Paris

200 pound Beauty

Architecture 101

this is basically a spoiler thread lol. didnt even read all the replies and scrolled fast here 

@Aisha yeah! I actually watched (and loved) Moon Lovers but I completelly forgot it fits my criteria. I guess it's all that those deaths that happened throughout the story :D. Thank you

@Kataomoi thank you! those movies look great, it's exactly what I was looking for!

@Czakhareina these are some long dramas, lol. Anyways, I wanted to check Love til the end of summer when it came out but then I forgot about it completely. Thanks :D!

@iambulletproof well... not to sound salty rude or something but... what else did you expect? the title of the thread says it all. If you dont want to know in which dramas main leads dont end together then maybe dont check out thread that asks for such dramas? Half of threads in recommendation forum could be titled as spoiler threads. I am aware of the fact that I am 'robbing' myself of suprising/plot twist ending... but how else am I supposed to find dramas/movies that would fit what i want, though?

Arguably Dream High, but it's because she falls for the second male lead in the very end.

Also Queen for Seven Days - they agree that his rule is more important then them being together and they only reunite in their old age when he's on his death bed. Although I wouldn't say they make their choice in order to have a happy life. It's presented as life-long tragic separation for the greater good, in a way that I personally didn't find satisfying

Sore demo ikite yuku

Kuzu no Honkai

Love song


@AH oh! I've been thinking of watching Queen for Seven Days. Thank you!

@fanitha wow, these dramas look really interesting! thank you!