Any dramas where the FL maybe has a terminal illness, or is blind or something?

Can be just a vulnerable situation too like Goblin and The Crown Princess, where she's constantly threatened to get killed.

Can be any country and any genre.

Please only FL not ML, and no movies only dramas.

I've already seen:

Angel Eyes

That Winter, The Wind Blows, 

1 Litre Of Tears

14 sai No Haha (She had a dangerous pregnancy that works too)


Yi San

Golden Pouch- the FL was born with a heart condition

You are my Destiny- the FL was blind but gets a transplant. The drama's not that great and is 178 episodes.

Faith- the FL is constantly in danger and needs the ML to save her.

The Masked Lover- the FL has to pretend to be her twin who is a mafia boss, so she's in constant danger.

Khun Mae Suam Roy- FL's twin sister is disabled and in a wheelchair, FL pretends to be her so she can find out who tried to kill her sister. The person who tried to kill her sister might be trying to kill her too.

  • Scent of a woman - cancer
  • A thousand days promise - juvenile amnesia
  •  Silence - mute 
  • Beautiful Life (Jdrama) - weak and physically bound to a wheelchair
  • Sad love story - Blind
  • Autumn in My Heart - leukemia
  • Taiyou No uta - xeroderma pigmentosum
  • last Romance - terminal illness
  • My spring day of my life - heart defect
  • 15 years of migratory birds - ternminal illness
  • My rosy life - terminal illness
  • Mama: nothing to fear - terminal illness 
  • Fake terminal cancer/leads thought they had terminal illness
    • Twenty again
    • Radiant office
    • Love Now


Bring it on ghost

Just between lovers (not  a physical condition, but anxiety and depression)

Scarlet heart ryeo

  • +1 Marriage Contract
  • +1 The Masked Lover
  • About Time - limited time left to live
  • Page Turner - blind
  • The Princess Wei Young - the FL's life is constantly in danger (escaping the politically-motivated murder of her family, fire, deadly poison, multiple death sentences, being held hostage, withstanding a military siege, etc. --- some of these are just bad luck, the rest are risks that come up due to her hidden identity / efforts to seek revenge, political intrigue, romantic rivals, and spurned romantic interests)
  • Mr. Sunshine - the FL is a secret rebel agent and her life is constantly in danger
  • Hi! School - Love On - constantly in danger of being erased from existence
  • Orange Days
  • Marriage Contract
  • Taiyou no Kisetsu
  • Summer Snow
  • A Korean Odyssey | she is prophecised to save the world, but pay the price with her life.
  • Bring it on, Ghost | FL is in a comma and walking around as a ghost. 
  • Mirror of the Witch | FL has a curse placed upon her. Anyone who loves her and whom she loves will die. 
  • Oh My Ghostess | FL is a ghost. 
  • Thirty but Seventeen | FL was in a coma since she was 17 and wakes up when she's thirty having lost so much of her youth. 

Crying out Love in the center of the world

Snow Queen

Uncontrollably fond: I highly recommend but the male lead is sick

Autumn in my heart

Stairway to heaven

A thousand days promise

A love to kill

49 days - FL in a coma