I hope this hasn't been adressed already! I didn't see something posted! Suddenly many movies/shows/dramas I checked don't have a rating. I can still see the rating if  I go to stats but it shows 0.0 in the main page!It's not a problem for me at the moment but I thought it was worth mentioning. Also is it that way only for me or to others as well? An example is the movie A Hard Day!

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I see some too.  A lot, actually.  Like Awl, A Man's Story, Babysitter, Chuno, Set Me Free, Sweet Bean.

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Unfortunately, the problem is unsolved.

or wrong rating, e.g. https://mydramalist.com/28848-one-cut-of-the-dead (rating from only 3 users)

on many pages

Those just do not have ratings! People haven't rated them!


Those just do not have ratings! People haven't rated them!

i've rated them a long time ago, just the rating is not showing XD

if you check the statistics page you'll see the ratings

Hmm.... you're right! I'm sorry :)


Hmm.... you're right! I'm sorry :)

no problem, i know these shows are not that famous... even i wouldn't have known about the absence of the rating, if i weren't one of the people that rated them :D

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Thank you, we will look into it. If you have any other titles like that please let me know so I can have more samples to look at.

What is the wrong rating? My guess is they both didn't get updated.

UPDATE: Seems like most of them are movies?

E. g., the film Shoplifters has ratings from 32 users on the main page, while it's completed and rated by more then 1000 watchers

thanks Ji-N ~


this one has the same "wrong" rating, more than 300 people rated it but the main page says 6 users (and the average score should be wrong to, if i'm not mistaken...)