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                              Hello everyone! <3                 


Hi! I'm a girl from Finland! And I love kdramas sooooo much <3 <3 I have been watching them for almost two years ^^ I wonder how koreans are so good at making dramas...? Like wow! But anyway, I love books, music, nature and food! And of course k-pop! My favorite k-pop groups are EXO and Sistar. My favorites from EXO are D.O, Baekhyun and Sehun <33 

giphy.gif 4616f1187891621f6d0bc016a9a62bc683d26025 tumblr_n60ex6Xtv51qedle6o1_500.gif  

Pure love <333 

Oh and I love writing! My dream is to be a writer! But anyway I'm looking for new friends and I love other cultures so it would be awesome if I would get friend requests ^^ And seriously I need people to talk to because most of my friends don't like kdramas or anything that's related to Asia... (*crying)                

First japanese drama I watched: Paradise kiss
First kdrama: Wild romance
First chinese drama: My amazing boyfriend
Favorite kdrama: Moonlight drawn by clouds
Favorite japanese drama: Hana kimi
Favorite chinese drama: Bromance                
My favorite genres are romance/comedy/historical and gender bender! <33       
It was really fun to do my profile and i got excited so... well it's now pretty long xD You are a champion if you survive through it! xD

                                            Let's begin, shall we...?                                   



  My favorite male actors:


I LOVE THEM. So so so so much! <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3  
1. Song joong ki 
2. Park bo gum 
3. Lee min ho  

                                                  My queens <3

                                      VLQlvyG1_aa8b94_f.jpg     jLl7kyP1_f64dbd_f.jpg

                                      Ha Ji Won                          Park Min Young                                      

         D3m8qaRL_90a973_f.jpg   W477X8v4_c40d31_f.jpg   PLpGokn1_075347_f.jpg         

         Kim Hee Sun                               Kim Seul Gi                    Kim Yoo Jung       

                                                   Favorite characters    

             -Goblin-korean-dramas-40090250-268-159.g     3992905.gif    

             Grim reaper (Goblin)                          Gu Yong Ha (Sungkyunkwan scandal)

     tumblr_odkaaofGFe1rybwjko1_500.gif  Kim_Seul_Gi_evil.gif         

     Wang Eun (Moon lovers)                                     Manager (Flower boy next door)

                     tumblr_nk4xvzX4vI1snsg9go1_400.gif         5ac24d9e-716c-444c-a2f4-1e21aaaaeb2f.gif

                 Ahn Yo Na (Kill me heal me)                Kang Joo Eun (Oh my venus)              

               tumblr_ohut8onQcK1qfqs50o3_250.gif           18-1479567878562.gif   

       Shim Chung (Legend of the blue sea)       Kim Bok Joo (Weightlifting fairy kim bok joo)


                tumblr_inline_o7o4olHYL31qelu2x_500.gif             7dfd7bf0b40e8f9d8a447320abf9e72b.jpg       

               Gong Shim (Beautiful gong shim)            Joo Jang Mi (Marriage not dating)


                                           Favorite bromances

              tumblr_oibal1hEFr1v1vsi5o7_400.gif  tumblr_inline_oidqr4f4am1sajfoz_500.gif 

                                                        Goblin and Grim reaper


         Yoo Shi Jin and Dae Young

   baomoi-me.gif?w=550&h=308   Song%2Bjoong%2BKi%2BJin%2BGoo%2BBromance



                                            My top 8 couples <3

     tumblr_ocpphhkSEe1r5c02zo1_500.gif       dobongsoon_carry2.gif

        1. Lee Yeong x Hong Ra On                    2. Bong Soon x Min hyuk              

         a405bba353a3af87a1b03e4e734885a3d98f7b7d   kiss1.gif

          3. Kim Bok Joo x Jung Joon Hyung             4. Joon Jae x Shim Chung

       bc61ee5236d69ba90a8371ca3ed48e40.gif      d2d05d67306bf76898cc1f53c03b02083e6fa118                

        5.Kim Young Ho x Kang Joo Eun                  6. Jung Hoo x Young Shin           

       Descendants%2Bof%2Bthe%2BSun%2BTruck%2BK     tumblr_nafib7Gckt1rt84qeo4_250.gif                

        7. Shi Jin x Mo Yeon                                          8. Jang Mi x Ki Tae                                          

                                                                                   Favorite dramas

                                                     Moonlight drawn by clouds   

kPFJlN7.gif  mLnnoBQL_f49421_f.jpg  roly1.gif  

 tumblr_oc4q006dNm1qmeijao5_400.gif fff93924b5c950a8648dd3811385d98a013e2b1b download.jsp?FileID=37102909


  tumblr_static_filename_640_v2.gif   P4Y7am9L_e2a680_f.jpg     tumblr_oich6xPWkc1qk7bkio3_540.gif

tumblr_oisrxbrgmB1tmjt2ko8_400.gif tumblr_ohlk6gKReQ1qcagtxo1_400.gif   rhS4pGbxJdS3toScWydqZkKJHYQL9jV_VhX38F-l

                                                     Strong woman Do Bong Soon                                                    

      tumblr_ondte4F9d21r1fzv0o6_400.gif   jLl96jP3_b1118d_f.jpg  tumblr_on3t5vaFRV1uvnv8xo9_400.gif

giphy.gif&key=84b9b3697d81312850891e5a59  10db43306c4e87d26940661fb9b17d358d4b1617  dobongsoon_chopsticks.gif

                                                              Legend of the blue sea

  The-Legend-of-The-Blue-Sea-korean-dramas p1RNZ0w1_195be5_f.jpg tumblr_ogroxzjRw11v0kjkmo8_r1_400.gif

 The-Legend-of-The-Blue-Sea-lee-min-ho-39 1421_3143_Legend_-_Jun_ji_hyun_-_Ly_tieu The-Legend-of-The-Blue-Sea-lee-min-ho-39

                                                                 Oh my venus     

 144454748_5.gif?type=w430_q70  P4Y7apXL_48cb40_f.jpg  tumblr_nzv03k9tmK1r5c02zo1_500.gif

    tumblr_nxwrkuJcAm1qij3qwo8_400.gif tumblr_inline_o0f59gQn1F1tgeuj2_500.gif d31b6b4a5ccc41793bb960cda55860172535a0e3  

                                                    Weightlifting fairy kim bok joo   

  tumblr_ojellfL5Ss1r5c02zo1_400.gif  VLQldWz1_774487_f.jpg  tumblr_oi84buH8Ol1swuhreo4_r1_400.gif

  5ad327ed005acc829705df3c4a06731f72100516 tumblr_oio2m3KdNe1rpyw6wo4_540.gif 31f9a2045144b69a9de5dec751e61e132d5dfdc7                                                             Descendants of the sun             

             f4b7c05ede5fd593fb290940ec08def1.gif    91M7R2r3_bc0171_f.jpg     c4d01d9636dd3d5053b46755f7071613a71f83f4

         mCFz-fxsexua5824777.gif  e5253fed13e985aaabc3c3f0f6c169435345431e  descendants-of-the-sun-toy-guns.gif

                                                        Sungkyunkwan scandal

 7f1a4628ea292ff9a6af5bf7efab9d47.gif  W3rydjAL_69356e_f.jpg 469937aabdf903d54d3d416268f823c828b4e291

 15yhtmv.jpg  263h8h2.gif  Yoo-Ah-In-and-Park-Min-Young-Sungkyunkwa 

                                                            Marriage not dating

                tumblr_narnofJZ3w1qbxx00o2_r1_250.gif   l4jWkAY1_6ca85a_f.jpg  tumblr_n8ahmb2Oib1qbxx00o1_250.gif                              257685-marriage-not-dating-marriage-not-  tumblr_inline_nb9upaOjko1skaist.gif  tumblr_naeqm1xJjT1sm6bmao5_250.gif         

   2b73bf9f109f09d852317e3b243752b6.gif       tumblr_nvtkry1yRx1sh2dkro1_400.gif

Me when I'm watching a horror movie               Me when my favorite character dies

    cd82815ff1b17bbc29b7ed4d5b06511c6c7b47bf               tumblr_inline_oi4cqkHDCU1qelu2x_500.gif

Me when I hear there will be no season 2               Me watching my otp

tumblr_ni9nprxy711r5c02zo1_400.gif  kiss%2B3.gif  6.gif

Here are just some gifs I want to share :D <3

29f712c91e9c5014068c7c82f2d09c5340b3913d 81eb3a22a131035274a92a382f86d38907b44391 11f173fc1bb2d8c6bb45a48945adce50.jpg

             tumblr_nk2iehKCjT1r54tyro2_250.gif  b3a58e77cf3da0026e2a6aadc2dd937857d18b90  tumblr_njmwc51QSa1rpyw6wo5_250.gif   

I love Kim Bok Joo so much xD

d4ee6410b9aa03b34464809427ca7685ffbe7de6 tumblr_oguiwzIgFa1veoszbo8_250.gif  tumblr_oh8b6qwn4h1qhk0wlo1_400.gif 612f21e2c33ae0b732173a937a60594a.gif



  Thanks for reading my profile! Bye! ^^


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