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both are based off of mangas and give off similar feels when translated into live actions. Also, the general theme of a group of male students and one female student in high school
Recommended by LiteD - Jul 19, 2017
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The story of female student(s) in a mostly male dominant field of study and how they come together and learn from each other in order to grow and be better
Recommended by LiteD - Jul 17, 2017
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similar aspect of female lead getting to know/involved with a group of very popular male leads and the female lead consequently experiencing many firsts while becoming friends (and possibly more) with the male leads who in turn are also affected by the female lead.
Recommended by LiteD - Jul 15, 2017
...then you might like
Both shows are about high school teen-love and friendship. They both show the interconnected-ness of people.
Their main plots revolve around the struggle of everyday high school life for the characters.
The shows also follow a similar pace of events, with nothing occurring really that quickly or slowly--kind of the pace you would expect from a mellow/low-key high school drama.
There is also a slightly nostalgic feel to both of them.
Recommended by LiteD - Jul 9, 2015