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Hello, I am Tammy. I am from Singapore :)

Welcome to my page!

I have a Letterboxd too! You can check me out there too: 

Some facts about me :

  • My drama journey probably started because of my mother. I have fond memories watching many Hong Kong dramas with her and as I got older, I started expanding to dramas from other countries. 
  • Around 2010 to 2011, I discovered Kpop! One of my first groups was Girls' Generation. Until now, I am still a hardcore Sone <3
  • I travelled to Malaysia, Indonesia, Japan, South Korea and Taiwan before.
  • My dream destination is New York City.


-In progress-

My favourite Hong Kong dramas
My favourite Korean dramas

 Moonlight Resonance

The Hippocratic Crush 

The Mysteries of Love 

The Gentle Crackdown II  

 No Regrets 

 Oh My Ghostess 


Full House


Her Private Life 

My favourite Chinese dramasMy favourite Taiwanese dramas

The Fierce Wife

You're My Destiny 

It Started with a Kiss



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