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Things I've learned Episode 13
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Jul 18, 2013

Things I've learned

As an avid pupil of whatever might turn useful in my life, I have once again learned a few valuable lessons from this lovely episode:

1. Never trust a hot kid when he says he can't read your mind. He usually can.

2. Because of the above, never think when he's around. Go "la la la la, frts gòosahf nuocw" in your mind. "Kim su an mu, gobuki wa turumi etc" may do too.

3. When glimpsing a cockroach, jump on the guy's back. Even if you just imagined the bug, jump anyway, but keep in mind he's 187 cm.

4. Always have a pen mark on your face. If you can't get one unconsciously, fish out a pocket mirror and draw.

5. Never put a ventilator under your feet when wearing a judge robe. :P

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Feb 5, 2013

What are you doing to me!!!!! :D

Ok... This is crazy. Its too much for my poor heart! I was high, my cheaks were burning and my heart was pounding like crazy. JUST BECAUSE HE TOUCHED HER HEAD!
What am I gonna do next episode? EXPLODE? Get a heart attack?? :D

Yeah my friends. The chemistry between Dok Mi and Enrique is running higher and higher. Romance is in the air this episode (i mean like... more then before!) And we got some new unexpected pairing in sight (you will know when you get to them :D).

Ok... so this episode was really good. Like... better then usuall. Like... I would give it 11 from 10, if I could :D
YET the preview for next episode will rank it much much much higher. Why? Just watch the preview ^_^

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This is the first time that felt I would not change anything about the ending of a drama. The Hong Sisters gave ALL of us the happy ending we were looking for without any loose ends.

We got to see the story of the "Can Ahjussi Ghost" & it was heartwarming how JJ took care of the family & they wrapped up Woo Jin's story pretty nicely too. Also Coffee Boy, it was surprising to know that he was just like GS that he got to go back to his body to live the life he was meant to.

I cannot help for love the ending for KW & TYR. She was so cute following KW everywhere until she got her man. KW looked happy to be with her at the end.

The surprise at the end for JJ's aunt & uncle was unexpected & how GS helped the aunt overcome her fears about having a baby @ her age was really touching.

GS's sister & Blabbermouth were so funny that I am glad they end up together. Also, how Mr. Kim stayed by JJs side & helped him, it was just like a father doing the most for a son.

NOW, JJs & GSs chemistry on this final episode was AMAZING! I loved the way they kept teasing each other, how he stuck to her like glue & kept asking for what he wanted in an outright & honest manner, how she knew what she wanted to do in order to come to him free of any guilt & on her own terms without been ashamed of how she is. I loved his face expression when she finally said I Love You! We even got quite a few kisses full of passion. The romance was off the chart! I AM SO GLAD I GOT TO SEE THEM BE TOGETHER IN THE END SINCE THEY WERE BORN TO BE EACH OTHER'S PARTNERS IN LIFE! Hong Sisters, this drama is my #1 drama. I will be re-watching this one over & over & over! Thank you & I will miss it.

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CAR CRAAAAASH!!! <3 Episode 10
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Feb 6, 2013


So a car crash is needed for Enrique to realize his love for dok mi!!! ~kyaaaaaaaaaaaaa!!!! I'm soooo happy!!!!XD

p.s. preview of episode 11??? I FELT LIKE MY HEART WAS BEEN HIT BY A CAR!!!!!! If you knoooow what I mean!!:>
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I'm probably... Episode 16
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Jul 24, 2012

I'm probably...

...going to get skinned alive by fangirls for this review. Episode 16 was the biggest letdown of the whole series. Seriously, the Hong Sisters should just take a break and not write a drama for awhile (maybe 10-20 years?).

At the beginning of the episode, I thought we might be headed somewhere, but no...all this build up to the switch, then all we get is Mari's text about it. All this build up to Da Ran meeting Kyung Joon, and all we get is Kyung Joon in Yeon Jae's shell. So...what the heck happened to Yeon Jae? Is he now inhabiting Kyung Joon's body? Or am I just confused about what happened?

Poor Choong-shik! Still having cute parts within all the trash. Now if somebody could write a show about him and the dumpling shop, I'm in. Also, poor Shin Won Ho, who never really got the chance to shine at all, even in the end.

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Memories back! Episode 12
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Jul 12, 2013

Memories back!

This episode was seriously intense. I'll never get enough of this drama, it's truly amazing. But the truth behind those memories is sad... (and makes MJK a bit more humane...)
Anyway, Soo Ha is back to his old self and I love it, even though he was so cute when he acted innocent. And the ending scene... You can't deny that they look sooooooo good together!
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Jun 25, 2013

Best episode so far!!!

Ok, so...
First thing: THAT BED SCENE WAS SO DAMN HOT! Like really amazing and cool. I just love the romance line in here. Its so unpredictable and new. Perfect!
Second: great chase in the zoo
Third: Last scene - BIGEST WTF moment ever!
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Jun 7, 2012

Total satisfaction ^_^

Aaah~~ I love this drama SO MUCH!!! MUCH MORE that Rooftop Prince! The ending is more satisfying for me!!

First of all, everybody?s saying ?his phone was alive a whole year?? people, it wasn?t alive, it was DEAD all the time, how do you imagine a phone working in Joseon??? Remember when he suddenly disappeared in the 15th episode??? He tried to make a call, but the phone wouldn?t turn on! So basically if it would have to be turned on, its battery would be in full action? ^^

Then I read about the nonsensical ?the-phone-became-the-talisman? ending? Hey, guys, remember? We were watching a fantasy drama (the key word being FANTASY)? and it left me with my imagination to deal with it, here is what I came up with? the thing is, it was not about the paper that was holding the power to BoongDu?s travels, but YoonWol?s love and respect for him?so when she died, the power died with her? the same with the phone, as HeeJin remembered him and felt for him again, the power returned, and it doesn?t matter to what object, it could be the necktie, lol?

Everyone can have their theories? as the ending was not as clearly explained as all the drama was?hell with it, I would be happy with a mussier ending? as long as they ended up together?I made my own theory? and I am happy with the ending, I?m gonna rate this drama 9/10!

P.S. What about Ji Hyun Woo confessing to Yoo In Na at the press conference? hehe~ I?m so curious what happened there, so romantic, he has BoongDu air around him ^^

I'll come back with the review of the drama tmrw ^^
I'm gonna miss smarty BoongDu SO MUCH, and HeeJin too... the ONLY heroine who could explain EVERYTHING's meaning by a kiss... Smart girl!

P.P.S I'm sure I'm gonna giggle every time I see a tie on a guy from now on...

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WTH!!!! Episode 10
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Jun 26, 2013


There is no way Safari is an undercover cop and if he is than all the higher ups in the police need to have a serious conversation. Now with that out of the way "holy mother of mary that bed scene was freaking hot!!!" and yes we get proper kissing and not frozen lips open eye syndrome. This has completely solidified my adoration for Jung Kyung Ho that man is sexy as i don't know what. I'm also really proud of Nam Gyuri so far she has done a really good job in playing this character and i hope she continues. I can't wait for next week's episode
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Comedic chemistry Episode 2
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Aug 9, 2013

Comedic chemistry

I swear So Ji Sub and Gong Hyo Jin were trying to keep their laughter in while they deliver their lines to each other. Their eyes and their grins give you the hint.~~Ahahaha!

The way Gong Sil is clingy to CEO Joo even if she'd just met him is so natural--it doesn't seem forced to make them a pair. He mistakes it for attraction but then she just wants to be with him so she can literally sleep. Haha! GHJ so adorable.

High school ghost picture solved. Screaming for more~!
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"Fairies only exist in my games. The person right in front of you is just a man in love."

Haaaa! Telepathic conversations between Que-Geum and our "ahjumma" started again.
The whole "Men-In-Black" scene was hilarious!
Honestly, Jin-Rak saying:"I want to poo, I want to poo" in spanish instead of "to go" HAHAHA!!
Seul-Gi and Dong-Hoon are an excellent duo, nice to watch!
Ouaah, another clash between Dok-Mi and Do-Hwi? I thought their problems were solved though...

I wonder if Dok-Mi will succeed in letting Que-Geum go?

Ps: I enjoyed the advertising touch for Samsung Galaxy when there was the power cut "The light is gone? No problem, you can also use your super Samsung Galaxy as a flashlight",
haha love KDramas ^^
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Very good drama... Episode 9
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Feb 23, 2014

Very good drama...

Soo... I am really starting to sincerelly love this drama. I liked it before, but this love is developing into something more. It became my sweet weekly addiction.
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Oct 31, 2013

This drama is awesome :D

I cant believe that they can actually make it better with every episode :D

Sooo... there was one big question for those, who watched episode 11. Will they.... or not? Of course, im not gonna tel you guys... you have to see for yourself :D

But aside that, I love how the relationship between YJ and MH is growing. He is so in love with her ^^ I love how he was smiling so much through this episode (mostly thanks to YJ). And he finally confirmed some important thigs, so Im happy for that too.
As for Kwang soo... he had some really sweet moments this episode :D
DH and SY are just two idiots who dont know what they want, so im not really paying attention to them at all :D

AND THE ENDING!!!! OMG!!! I wish I could tell you, but you really need to feel it yourself... I almost cryed when i saw it! It was so... just... wau... :D and then so.... sweet and... ARGHHH I WANT TO TELL YOU! :D

Just go and watch it right now, so that we can talk abou it! :D

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Rivers of tears T^T perpare yourself to cry !

Just when i thought they can be finally together they are so happy and all !! ahh i can't get over the ending of this ep !! i don't want to talk about the episode just the way it ended is so sad / the only ghost taeyang doesn't want to see is joogoni ghost T^T but it happened !! hopefully it is just a coma just like the swimming pool lady ghost T^T i can't wait next week this drama is torture ='(
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I just finished watching episode 10 & it was so full of surprises I do not know what to do. The way he keeps finding himself doing the complete opposite of what he says, the way he looks at her, the way he gets jealous, the way he keeps finding reasons to touch her or help her it keeps amazing me. It is not overdone but made with such subtlety & so naturally. I also like the fact that Gong Shil has or is developing a backbone. She is not about to let him tell her what to do. I love the fact that she is not clingy, she knows how she feels & will act upon it as she sees fit damn anyone else's opinions. I love how Secretary KIm is manipulating Joo Joong in such a manner that even if it is obvious to him that he is being manipulated he still falls into Secretary Kim's trap. AND that love confession, it was cute & I cannot wait to see what Gong Shil is going to do next week. Next Wednesday & Thursday cannot come fast enough!

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