Heard it Through the Grapevine

Heard it Through the Grapevine (2015)

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Han Jeong Ho and Choi Yeon Hee are a wealthy couple from a prestigious family. Their reputation is suddenly turned upside down because their teenage son, Han In Sang, impregnates his girlfriend from an ordinary family, Seo Bom. Bom is determined to endure being isolated from her own family and humiliation from her in-laws for the sake of her child's future, while In Sang struggles between his love for Bom and his read morefamily's high expectations.

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    풍문으로 들었소
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    I Heard it Through the Grapevine; I Heard It As A Rumor; Poongmooneuro Deuleotso; I Heard Some Rumor;

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Jun 3, 2015
  • Overall 8.5
  • Story 7.0
  • Acting/Cast 9.0
  • Music 8.0
  • Rewatch Value 1.0
HITTG is a very interesting drama. The story line isn't special, but the way the story is approached is unique. There is this underlying humor throughout that made me laugh and laugh. There are some sad moments also, but nothing overly melodramatic. It is a simple story while touching on principles of right conduct and/or ethics. For one thing, being right all the time won't always make you happy. Sometimes you end read more up alone and sad. Another thing is that money can't buy happiness. Also, tradition can become antiquated and it isn't always something that should continue. I don't know if it is a drama for everyone, but I enjoyed it.

I haven't seen Yoo Joon Sang an anything else that I can think of, but he is pretty spectacular as Han Jeong Ho. His expressions are excellent. I also haven't seen Yoo Jo Jeong in anything. She was ok as Choi Yeon Hee, but I really didn't feel for her character and I thought that I would eventually feel sorry for her. Lee Joon gets better with each role. I like him as boy/man Han In Sang. He portrayed his struggle really well. Where did Go Ah Sung come from? She did Seo Bom proud with strength and dignity. I enjoyed the other actors as well.

The music is pretty good. It doesn't get on my nerves, but nothing stands out.

I won't rewatch this.

I recommend this drama, but it isn't action packed or overly exciting. If you like dramas that make you think then this is for you.
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Jun 4, 2015
  • Overall 9.5
  • Story 9.0
  • Acting/Cast 10
  • Music 10
  • Rewatch Value 9.0
Having finished this, I must say this is one of the more realistic depictions of this common drama theme/plot - the poor girl w/the rich son. The humor - dark satire - had me rolling :D The acting/ensemble cast, the writing, the look of this drama all were superb.
This is not a light, fluffy romcom, nor a makjang melodrama. It's a dark satire that pokes holes in a cliched plotline, while read more focusing on the toll corruption takes on families and people, from the lowliest to the upper echelon. I enjoyed watching this very much and am sorry to see it go, and wish they hadn't cut 2 episodes.
This fully deserved the Baeksang Award :D
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  • Reply
    Mary28 13 days ago

    I liked it, it was a fun ride and it was very meaningful.

  • Reply
    lea Oct 21, 2016

    Awesome drama ended up eating up most of my spare time whyyyy! It was pretty addictive but that good though I am glad I came across it. It's so well written and riveting if you like dramas that are not ridiculous you'll love this one.

    I didn't find anybody's storyline boring they were all relevant the drama wouldn't have been as good as it was if any had been missing. I liked the ending too leaves a little room to think a little more of what can happen next instead of an excessively unrealistic one which once again wouldn't have made the drama what it was.

  • Reply
    iamsarah Jul 22, 2016

    I am so glad I watched this. It was intriguing, interesting and I love my Seo Bom Insang couple. That ending was perfect and well deserved.

  • Reply
    Marooya May 9, 2016

    Good drama, I recommend it for those who are willing to let go of the usual fairytale and romance in K drama and watch this for what it really has to offer. This is about the high class society and what happens when someone doesn't really belong there suddenly becomes part of it. I absolutely LOVED Lee Joon's performance!! Even the kiss scenes were realistic they weren't drama made make believe and perfection. They were plain and real. I mentioned this because I was impressed by that.

  • Reply
    AmastrisDratwka May 1, 2016

    I ended up dropping this show half way through. I had watched 2 episodes at the time it came out and put it on hold... Now I tried to come back to it but just couldn't do it. Maybe it's because of GSY and having watched her on WGM. I don't know why... but I just couldn't find the plot, any portion, be it the parents, the kids, the couple, the employees, the co-workers, the money... none of the storyline really got me going. I mean, I kinda understood where they were going with this, but the way they went about it just didn't entertain me.

    I would liken this show's concept kind of similar to Misaeng, however, Misaeng approached it in such a way that even without romance I was captivated by the relationships, good & bad, between all the players... Even if they seemed insignificant.... HITTG just couldn't pull that off. I wasn't interested in any one person's story in particular... Maybe it was the overt naivety where, at certain points it didn't make sense to me. I don't know, can't put my finger on it really... I just go way to uninterested in it all to bother finishing it up.

  • Reply
    Madara Oct 21, 2015

    advisable to watch this drama . not the usual drama you watch good story some parts kind of boring but you will know until the end how much pride affect us

  • Reply
    KMR Oct 8, 2015

    Awful parents wow. But they got the ending they deserved.

  • Reply
    meganjoy12 Sep 10, 2015 - edited

    So objectively this is an easy 10 ...

    Acting - 10
    Directing - 10
    Concept, idea, story - 10
    Writing - 10 ....

    But I ended up dropping my score to a 9 because I found some of the story lines boring. I either didn't like or didn't care about a lot of the characters (in sang's maids and butlers, the employees at in sang's dad's office, bom's sister, in sang's friends etc etc), so while I know this really is an amazing show worth a 10 I just couldn't bring myself to giving it that.

    Oh also I loved the end. I don't get why I've read negative feedback on it, I felt like it fit perfect.

    • Reply
      mali Sep 15, 2015

      It wasn't that it was horrible...It almost felt like it should have been longer. Maybe?

  • Reply
    mali Aug 3, 2015 - edited

    Oh nooo...30 episodes for a mediocre ending. I am having one of those what the heck just happened moments=(

    • Reply
      XoXo Sep 16, 2015

      Is it a sad ending?

    • Reply
      mali Sep 16, 2015

      Read above. Some people liked the ending. ...soooo..no

    • Reply
      XoXo Sep 17, 2015

      Oh okay. Thank you so much for your reply. I am not a big fan of sad endings so I was giving it second thoughts but since it isn't I'll definitely watch it

  • Reply
    Kalahara Jul 6, 2015

    Lee Joon is a actor I'm watching he really blows you away no matter the material he's doing. I hope to see him in a Rom/Com soon as lead. Come on Hong sister's give him a drama!~

  • Reply
    green_tokki Jun 23, 2015 - edited

    This drama is good but not for everybody to like though. First four episodes I wanted to blow my head off because it was so boring and slow but after that the story became interesting to me. If you get passed episodes 1-4 most probably you will come to appreciate this drama as well.

  • Reply
    chebu Jun 7, 2015

    Just finished last episode. That is the best k-drama I saw. Wish it was longer :-(

  • Reply
    ShinSungSung Jun 5, 2015

    ok finished and yeah such a normal ending.In my opinion it is ok drama :)

  • Reply
    dore430 Jun 4, 2015 - edited

    Absolutely great drama! The actors portrayed their characters superbly! I only wished they had kept 32 episodes so that we could have seen the ending of the lawsuit, the passing of law school, etc., etc... So many things left up to our imagination. This could definitely use a second season!! Doubtful we'll get it, though... Still loved it all!!! Recommend it highly ;)

    • Reply
      TeenMom Jun 7, 2015

      i totally agree, a second season would be amazing. we could imagine seo bom and in sang becoming lawyer, facing hardship again, in sang's mother would be thinking about a separation and what she wants to change in her life and a third season where in sang's father would like tobe forgiven... lool so easy, is'nt it? i would love it

    • Reply
      dore430 Jun 8, 2015

      It really would be great!! It would even be nice to have them play the intro music!!! Love your ideas for story line plots... ;)

  • Reply
    Misti Jun 4, 2015

    I ended up loving this drama. I was so glad it would be on another week and then it got cut by two episodes...so sad! However, the final episode, although it had to cover a lot of ground quickly, wrapped everything up nicely.


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