The Eccentric Daughter-in-Law

The Eccentric Daughter-in-Law (2015)

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Oh In Yeong is a former idol group singer. She belonged to a popular 4 member girl group, but, now, she isn't very popular anymore. In order to boost her flagging popularity, In Yeong agrees to appear in a television reality show that pairs up fake mothers- and daughters-in-law. While filming for the TV show, she meets her scripted mother-in-law Yang Chun Ja, a matriarch of a long-standing traditional clan. They end read moreup hating each other on the show, but as fate would have it, the two later end up becoming mother and daughter-in-law for real.

  • Native title:

    별난 며느리
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    Shieomeoni Gildeuligi; The Virtual Bride; The Eccentric Daughter in Law; Byeolnan Myeoneuri; 시어머니 길들이기; Taming Mother-in-Law;

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Sep 27, 2015
  • Overall 7.5
  • Story 7.5
  • Acting/Cast 7.0
  • Music 8.0
  • Rewatch Value 3.0
If you need a break from intense, serious dramas, I recommend this one. It's cute, funny, and has the potential to melt your heart. Families from polar opposite backgrounds intertwine, giving the viewer a superficial perspective of a Korean traditional family and an urban Korean family.
Our main couple is adorable! I love how they started with almost hating each other. This is my first drama with actress/singer,Kim Da Sum. Honestly, I read more liked her in this and I think she is a great actress.

When I found out Ryu Soo Young (I first saw him in Ojakgyo Brothers) was going to be in this I was happy. He did an awesome job of portraying the slightly introverted, genius, Cha Myeong Suk.
Our main ladies: The two mother-in-laws, played by Go Doo Shim and Kim Bo Yun respectfully, embody so many flaws that you find yourself hating them at first. However, Yang Chun Ja shows character development that I rarely see for a mother-in-law in a traditional family. One thing I love about this character is her forgiving heart.
The second mother-in-law, Jang Mi Hee, is clingy, selfish, and stubborn. In fact, I sympathize with her daughter-in-law for dealing with her. Her character has no development whatsoever, except maybe halfway through the last episode where she gains some redemption points.

Speaking of her daughter-in-law, Cha Yeong Ha, her overall character annoyed me more than I'd like to admit. Cha Yeong Ha has a really good heart, but she is way too naive. Her husband,Ki Tae Young, is a two-faced character - acts all tough in the workplace but can't even say no to his mom, although he knows she is crossing boundaries. However, "justification" for his behavior is revealed in the end when he finally confronts his mother about her negative behavior. Was it enough?
Kim Se Mi, on the other hand, is too prideful and because of that I see the value of the plot twist she goes through in the drama. Her husband, Cha Dong Seok, is a childish, comic relief who stands out because of his undying optimism. Se Mi and her husband are my favorite side couple, mostly because they aren't a "traditional" family living in a traditional house-hold (an explanatory summary why they got on Yang Chun Ja's nerves 90% of the time).
That is all I'm saying for the characters.

Honestly, I was surprised that this drama was only 12 episodes since a typical family drama can be a min. of 20 episodes till a 100+ episodes. Watching it now, I'm glad they didn't extend it that far. It would have dragged on and become unbearable. Maybe one more episode just to nicely space out the resolutions that piled up in episodes 11 and 12.
Overall, I liked this drama but not enough to watch it again in the near future.

I love the music in this. I can't help but dance whenever I hear the theme song.
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5 people found this review helpful
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Oct 4, 2015
  • Overall 7.0
  • Story 6.0
  • Acting/Cast 6.0
  • Music 7.0
  • Rewatch Value 1.0
The Eccentric Daugther-in-Law is a very basic kdrama that will deliver some laughs and romance in a very condensed package. Sometimes it feels a bit crass and sloppy, but it's okay if you are looking for a short burst of romance, without investing a lot of time.

Nothing special here. It is a story we've seen many times before. The pacing works from start to finish, but as in all family read more dramas there are some side character story arcs that you might not be interested in.

I personally like the male lead, Ryo Soo Young, but in this drama I felt like he was the expensive sashimi placed on a plate of cheap fish sticks. The female lead, Kim Da Som, was a refreshing change from the classic kdrama female. She seems like a normal person and that fit her character quite well. The mother-in-law was played by Go Doo Shim who is practically a staple of kdramas. She does an awesome job in this drama as well. There were some side characters who dampen things a bit... making the overall experience a bit cheap.

I can't remember a single song although I finished the drama yesterday. That means that the music is not going to bother you, but it's not going to deliver any FEELS eiter.

Rewatch Value:
It's so short and basic that I can't see myself ever watching this again.

In the end I definitely do not regret watching this drama. There are so many better dramas out there, but I was craving for a bucket of cheesy romance and this drama delivers that. If you are after a few romantic scenes and cheesiness then this is for you. If you instead crave a complicated, challenging plot and high production values stay away.

I need to point out that before watching this I had just watched some pretty damn bad dramas, so my review might be a bit lenient. Just watch the first episode, if you hate it then you will hate the entire series.
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    Melisa Dec 27, 2015
    Reveal Spoiler »
  • Reply
    xrinaa Nov 27, 2015

    Should I watch this? Suggestions please!

  • Reply
    AmastrisDratwka Nov 7, 2015 - edited

    I really was surprised at how bad Ki Tae Young acted in this series. I read that Eugene's current drama coupling doesn't have chemistry either. I think her co-actor looks similar to Tae Young, so that doesn't help. They seem to have lost the ability to get into character after the birth of their child. Anyway, Da Som & Soo Young were probably the best actors in this, the rest did such a poor job getting into character that they felt like actors acting instead. It felt like an old drama from 2006-07 instead of one produced in 2015. Go watch an old drama then watch the ep1-2 of this and you'll understand my drift. I ffwd'ed through 70% of it. Glad I waited until it was completed so I could do that.

    • Reply
      Mikhal Nov 11, 2015

      I totally agree with what you've said about Ki Tae Young. It was my first drama with him and I saw he couldn't act at all and I looked up and saw that the name of the actor is Eugene's husband and I know he has been working for years now so I just assumed that it was me who was making the wrong judgement.. Thanks for proving me right though :))

    • Reply
      AmastrisDratwka Nov 12, 2015

      You should watch Creating Destiny. He could act back in the day, but now he's just saying lines. His acting hasn't matured.

    • Reply
      Marooya Dec 7, 2015

      I found this drama rather funny, not the best but it was really funny one (and I'm someone who doesn't really laugh easily) I was surprised that Kim Da Som is actually an idol! She certainly can act that was my surprise (usually idols can't act).
      I watched Ki Tae Young in creating destiny, never saw him as good or bad actor just an average one, it came to my surprise that he would take in such a minor role. Eugene never failed me though she is one of the actresses that I appreciate and would watch a 50 eps long drama for her.

  • Reply
    kimnana_ Nov 5, 2015

    At the beginning I like it so far, but after ep 6 I think it get worse ;/
    anyway, I think kim da som acts very well *^^*

  • Reply
    Inessa974 Sep 29, 2015 - edited

    Too bad, I didn't like this one. :-( It seems that I'm not a huge fan of mothers/daughters-in-law stories. The main couple was good but all the other characters were so annoying. And the mothers-in-law... I simply couldn't bear them. This drama is not worth the time wasted.

  • Reply
    Valeria Sep 26, 2015

    only is time wasted

  • Reply
    Valier Sep 25, 2015

    Such a pitty. The drama started great. The first half was a nice sweet summer watch.
    But then it went downhill, especially the last 2-3 episodes.
    It clearly showed that the drama was cut short. I guess the drama wasn't very successful in Korea?! With the original 16 episodes everything could have developed nicely, but with suddenly only 12 they cramped in as much as they could. Such a waste of a good story.
    Feels like "Big" all over again - promising beginning, crappy ending :(

  • Reply
    Keren Sep 25, 2015 - edited

    The second half especially the last three episodes became too cliched. I don't understand what happened. It was nice in the first half. Watch it only if you can't find something else to watch, but I'm 100% sure you'll be able to find something better.

    P.S. Da Som acting was pretty good. I hope to see her in more dramas.

  • Reply
    LuvK Sep 24, 2015

    Only like the first half of the drama then last two episodes felt draggy and rushed. i really like the main couple, what happen????

  • Reply
    Winter_ Sep 24, 2015 - edited

    .... eh!. what a waste of my time -_-

  • Reply
    gottcha78 Sep 23, 2015 - edited
    Reveal Spoiler »
  • Reply
    ELF4ever Sep 22, 2015 - edited

    I honestly don't know whether or not I should watch this. Some of the comments say it's horrible but others also say it's really cute. The clips I've seen so far seem pretty cute but idk if it's worth watching. Please help.

    • Reply
      Ace Sep 23, 2015 - edited

      It not the best, I didn't like the last few eps and the ending felt super rushed imo. It's the kind of drama I'll easily forget. But you should watch the first ep and see if it's your thing. There's a lot of cliches and I also found it too cheesy lol.

    • Reply
      ELF4ever Sep 23, 2015

      Ok. Thanks for your suggestion. I'll probably get around to it eventually and I'll just focus on the other shows I'm watching for now. I'm not so much in the mood for super cliched plots but I'll be sure to try this one first when I am in that mood.

  • Reply
    green_tokki Sep 22, 2015 - edited

    6.5/10 - Sadly I regretted investing time on this drama.

  • Reply
    Maisweetlove Sep 22, 2015 - edited

    It's like they took all the worst drama cliches, packaged them with bad acting, and created a twelve-episode disaster. And it had such good potential. I skipped to the end just because I wanted to know what will happen with the CEO and Cha Yeong Ah. I basically skipped 7 episodes and I still understood everything that happened.

    • Reply
      Ace Sep 22, 2015

      Completely agree about the cliches, especially in the last 2 eps. It's like they tried to do a 16 ep drama in 2 episodes. Couldn't stand that Mother in Law who was so clingy with her son.

    • Reply
      Maisweetlove Sep 23, 2015

      First time ever I REALLY wanted to punch a character in the face. With a chair. ^^

  • Reply
    green_tokki Sep 16, 2015 - edited

    Damn writer! From good to borderline bad due to lovesickness crap in ep10. Ugh.


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    Aug 17, 2015 to Sep 22, 2015
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