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Bring It On, Ghost (2016)

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A cohabitation comedy about a ghost of a high school girl who has been dead for 5 years and an exorcist college boy with the ability to see and hear ghosts. What he’s discovered over the years is that he can touch them and fight them off, so when he’s in need of a part-time job and can’t find one that pays well enough, he starts putting ads online as an exorcist read morefor hire. His ad: “Will face off with your ghosts. Chances of winning: virgin ghosts 80%, bachelor ghosts 40%, child ghosts 97%, the rest 50%.” One night he goes out on the job and faces off with a schoolgirl ghost, and during the fight, they accidentally kiss and sparks fly.

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    Let's Fight, Ghost; Hey Ghost, Let's Fight;

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Aug 30, 2016
  • Overall 9.5
  • Story 9.0
  • Acting/Cast 10
  • Music 8.0
  • Rewatch Value 9.0
Not all ghost stories are scary. Some are cute and some are funny. And this drama is nothing short of being cute, funny and scary. Watching with a friend is highly recommended plus a thick blanket to cover up :)

STORY - While this contains the usual Kdrama cliches (don't we love cliches?), the overload of cuteness, funny moments and its consistent lightness separates it from the rest of the dramas under read more the same genre. It has a certain pull to make you smile all through out. Each episode contains a subplot to keep you from getting bored while the main plot was just there, peeking from time to time but not revealing anything. It has some serious moments towards the end but unlike other dramas it didn't feel like a drag. I just love how the main plot was subtly shown in each episode and did not ruin the overall feel of the drama. If you're a scaredy-cat, be sure to watch it with a friend because some ghosts were really scary.

CHARACTERS - This is the first time that I've seen Taecyeon act and boy, isn't he good? Acting as a character that is a lot younger than your real age is quite a challenge but he nailed it! II am now a fan! Kim So Hyun on the other hand did a good job being so adorable. She's so cute I wanted to put her inside my pocket and bring her home :). These 2 actors, regardless of their age gap, created a beautiful romantic spark. From the beginning until the end, they were able to keep that wonderful chemistry that sent butterflies to its viewers.

Also, I have to commend Lee David and Kang Ki Young for bringing so much fun in this drama. They had me rolling on the floor laughing. FOR REAL! :) And let's not forget about Kwon Yool. Who would have thought that a handsome face like that was a villain? I certainly didn't!

MUSIC - This is the only disappointment in this drama. Usually, there's at least one song that sticks in my head but this one doesn't have.

REWATCH VALUE - This drama doesn't contains micro details that deserves a rewatch. However, I would definitely watch it again in times that I'm down and would like to feel good.

OVERALL - This goes on top of my list under RomCom genre for this year. I have a serious withdrawal syndrome that I think would last for weeks. I just feel sad not that it has ended :(
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19 people found this review helpful
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Aug 31, 2016
  • Overall 8.5
  • Story 8.5
  • Acting/Cast 8.5
  • Music 7.0
  • Rewatch Value 3.0
While watching this it always reminded me of "Oh My Ghost" and "The Master's Sun". But don't worry, it's not meant in a bad way. It just has the same vibe. Also, so far tvn's dramas have never disappointed me yet. So, neither has this one.

The story evolves around this guy that can see ghosts and even touch them - therefore also fight them as they continue to bother him through read more his daily life. There then he meets this female student ghost who gets on bad terms with him, but in the end ends up fighting other ghosts together with him.

Most times the story is held lighthearted, although the ghosts appear to be really scary sometimes - remember the movie "The Grudge"? You'll certainly encounter some of those while watching the drama. But in the end every one of their unique stories seem rather pitiable or just sad than frightening and sometimes have a deeper meaning to it.

The acting was solid, convincing and also charming at some points. The fights were really good, enjoyable and even funny. They did a pretty good job on those. Also, CGI effects thumbs up. Quite the sight here. So, when it came to those dramatic scenes, they pulled those off really well.

When it comes to the final, be prepared. Suspense, intensity, thrill... you'll get everything. The whole story isn't stalling one bit but has a smooth flow and the way the mystery surrounding the leads is unraveling only bit by bit, keeps the tension.

So, like I said in the beginning: Recommended if you look for something like "The Master's Sun" or "Oh My Ghost". Have fun watching it if you haven't done it already ;)
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    thaic 23 days ago

    this drama was so fun! The romance was cute, the plot was fun, the ghost stories were interesting. It has some Master's Sun vibes, and for me it just made everything better. I'd rewatch at anytime.

  • Reply
    MrBanana Mar 21, 2017

    For kids.

  • Reply
    jxsilicon9 Mar 12, 2017

    Good drama. Ending wasn't that good.

  • Reply
    voodoomoocow Mar 6, 2017

    Oh man, the ghost girl is so annoying. I hate everything about her. Dropped at episode 10. Might come back to it at another time for background fodder.

  • Reply
    AnicsiRoscoe Mar 5, 2017

    I don't understand those high ratings. It started out strong but then it got hopelessly predictable and boring. Dropped at episode 10. Rated 6.5/10, maybe that's too generous.

  • Reply
    MysticLullaby Mar 2, 2017 - edited
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    Liang-Ying Feb 26, 2017 - edited
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    XiaoZhanoppa Feb 20, 2017

    It's a big YES for me. I loved to see that it's unique. (i mean the ghost story outline)..... I thought the professor is the rival of Park Bong Pal. And Kim So Hyun is such a cutie. Especially as a ghost and when she wears her uniform. Love this! Recommended K-DRAMA! 10/10 :))

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    neaa Feb 19, 2017 - edited

    Surprisingly a perfect drama. Like many others, the age gap bothered me. So Hyun is 17. But she has won me over. I feel she is better than most actresses I have seen. Taec and Kwon Hoon. Actually the entire cast. Great acting. And lots of cute moments.

  • Reply
    Dia Feb 10, 2017

    Taecyeon's face when those two were singing Heartbeat in front of them. ㅋㅋㅋ

  • Reply
    Sookie Feb 10, 2017

    I love this drama.
    The chemistry between Sohyun and Taec WAS SO GOOD that I didn't care about the age gap at all. Like it's totes not noticeable when they're bickering together, or acting lovey dovey to one another.
    I love the serious topics that the drama addresses for example (pressure of school, netizens who writes mean comments, abuse etc). Made me cry a few times with the side stories ; ;
    All in all WATCH THIS DRAMA. You won't regret it :)

  • Reply
    Annalisse Feb 7, 2017
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  • Reply
    Hanah Jan 16, 2017 - edited

    Wahh, I really liked this. I wasn't sure about this one cos I didn't like age gap. If everyone was bit older, I woudn't care so much (i.e. 19 and 29), but 17 was a bit much. And he looks much older than her in that poster above. However, these 2 things made it worth watching:

    1. Kim So Hyun: if an actress can make me like a character despite not liking their character type (the kind that uses a lot of aegyo to get their way), then she must be good. Let's just say, if it wasn't Kim So Hyun, I might have dropped it.

    2: the pairing: not only were they super cute (I completely forgot about the age gap once they were on screen together), I felt like they were on equal ground. I really liked how she was just as good as him when it came to fighting the ghosts and figuring stuff out. I dunno, I feel like in most dramas where, once any non-romance plot starts moving, the male lead starts to take over. It irritates me to no end, so the fact that this drama didn't go down that path made it really stand out from the rest for me.

    Go for it, you won't be disapointed.

    • Reply
      princessofsummer Jan 26, 2017

      That's what I felt too when I finished the drama: that none of them is ahead of each other, no sense of superiority in their differing status. I'm glad it didn't made anyone a savior of sorts.

  • Reply
    RodJun828 Jan 12, 2017

    A Solid 10 from me for the enjoyment this drama provided. And the cuteness, it's overloaded.

  • Reply
    Kairi Jan 9, 2017 - edited

    Is this scary?

    • Reply
      Renhye Jan 15, 2017

      Not at all

    • Reply
      Nicolas Feb 1, 2017 - edited

      Yes/No. For me it isn't scary, but I am quite certain that it is for a lot of people. You are fine, if you can handle a bit of dark atmosphere, ghosts with blood on them making some weird noises and movements. But i can hold you in the worst case. ;)

    • Reply
      MrBanana 21 days ago

      If you are 3 years old.


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