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Ra Eun Ho is a cheerful student who is one of the low-rank students in her school. She has a talent for drawing webtoons and dreams of dating the college boy she has a crush on. One day, while trying to find inspiration for her comics, she somehow is caught in the wrong place at the wrong time and gets marked as a delinquent student. This is only the start of her troubles.

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5 days ago
  • Overall 10
  • Story 10
  • Acting/Cast 10
  • Music 9.0
  • Rewatch Value 10
So good. School 2017 exceeded my expectations. Seriously, I wasn't expecting a lot from it but as watched the series, I couldn't wait for the next episode! In my opinion this is a lot better than School 2015 when it comes to the story.

The story includes the typical bullies, rich students who can get away with anything, poor students who are having a hard time, people lying about who they really read more are, a horrible school with these ridiculous rules and the bigger issue: TRUST. However, you see certain people who are sick of the system and want to make a difference. It was great to see how people would get through certain situations and they would have each other to get through them. They did a good job at the twists as well. There are some things that you will see and didn't expect. I feel they did a great job at balancing the light and darkness throughout this show. It gets better and better with each episode. Also thought they did great at not dragging things out for too long.

Our main leads, Eun Ho and Tae Woon have amazing chemistry! They're so cute and can't wait for their next moment! They will always put a smile on your face(:

The cast did an amazing job especially Kim Se Jung with this being her first leading role.

I would rewatch this show a hundred times, I love it so much!

Defintely goes in my Top 10 Korean Dramas of 2017! As well as including Eun Ho and Tae Woon in my Top 10 Korean Drama Couples!
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I don't know why but I feel the same vibes. The main characters are pretty similar, she is a strong one. They are both school dramas, with good romance and bromance
Recommended by DiosaUnica96
School theme, friendship, youth and love. Different stories but you will definitely enjoy it.
The female leads do have alot in common
Recommended by Arkansas

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    suju5 23 hours ago - edited
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      SilentCartoon 22 hours ago

      Because the director asked her to. Blame the director >..<

    • Reply
      KatySarang_TGeyes 18 hours ago
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    • Reply
      Kawaitanee 16 hours ago

      I think KatySarang_TGeyes is right, or do you mean PD as filming director? I am confused.

  • Reply
    Maggy 1 day ago - edited

    Ep feelings went on a rollercoaster ride! Thank God we only have to wait until tomorrow!

  • Reply
    Maggy 2 days ago

    Only one day left - I can't wait!!!! =)

  • Reply
    Cristi 2 days ago

    It's Sunday, I know I'm late lmao but I'M SO PROUD OF BO RA!!!!

  • Reply
    KatySarang_TGeyes 3 days ago
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  • Reply
    94loveKdrama 3 days ago

    Waiting feels like forever! New episodes are coming! Omooooooo! Exoited! *Wiped tears*

  • Reply
    sara haghtalab 3 days ago - edited

    is it a good drama?is it worth it to try or not? i liked school 2013 and 2015 but i thought this one is not good enough.

    • Reply
      hae-soo 3 days ago

      i think this one is better and really worths. When I started it I had no expectations due to School 2015 which was really a masterpiece so nothing would have been better but actually School 2017 is. If you liked 2013 and 2015 you will definitely love this one! :)

    • Reply
      Eudrya 3 days ago

      I think it's worth trying out. I was also skeptical at first, but after I got through the first two eps, I started getting sucked in and now I'm hooked. :) The latest eps have been amazing, so even if you're not convinced by the first few eps, keep sticking around because it keeps getting better~

    • Reply
      busia11 3 days ago

      For me this part is the best <3

  • Reply
    namopanik 3 days ago - edited

    Woah, it's so good once you pass the cliches. I'm glad I gave it a second shot. I expected some OTT misplaced crime mystery, but it's a perfect amount of guesswork so far. They're using prefabricate types as a starting point and taking it in a very interesting place. I'm sold!
    /lol, did they just referenced The Wailing in ep 3?

  • Reply
    Niki 3 days ago

    I LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE THIS DRAMA SO MUCH! This drama is getting better and better each time I watch it and the romance between Tae won and Eun Ho is so freaking cute!

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    • Reply
      Leslie 3 days ago

      Excuuuuuuuse you. Even if that WAS a slight spoiler, she was not specific enough for anyone to know what she was talking about. Rather than go crap on her and call her names, might I suggest you stop being such a baby. I mean come on, was such language really needed for her slight spoiler? There have been loads of people on this page that have posted spoilers, or slight spoilers, and yet I don't see you calling them dipshits. Last time I checked you could've ya know, politely asked for her to use the spoiler button. This is not the fifth grade. Shoot. I baby sit fifth graders and they're not this immature. There is no need to be so rude when you could politely ask the person to use the spoiler button.

    • Reply
      ryubin 2 days ago

      a spoiler is a spoiler you dipshit

    • Reply

      What did I say that was a spoiler more than anyone else? Someone just above me said they were proud of Bo Ra, but are you calling them dipshits? When speaking of the ending of episode 8 hardly anyone put spoilers, yet that was a a spoiler. Someone said there was no love triangle, that's a spoiler. Yet y'all aren't calling them dipshits. Look. All I said is that after what Dae Hwi did to bo Ra he has no right to be mad at Tae Woon. Did I say WHAT he did to Bo Ra? NO. Just like the person who said they were proud of Bo Ra but didn't say WHY didn't put a spoiler, why would I put a spoiler? Yeesh people, I never said what he did just that he's hypocritical and have given no more spoiler than anyone else on this page. Please refrain for calling me a dipshit, and if you feel like asking me to put on the spoiler button, do so nicely. This isn't elementary school, so stop acting like it.

    • Reply
      ryubin 1 day ago
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      People typically don't like to be called dipshits, especially for something so petty as a spoiler. And I forgot I had mentioned that. Thank you for asking nicely, I will now put on the spoiler button.

  • Reply
    scarletlover1 5 days ago - edited

    Ship Tae Woon and Eun Ho so much! Just get together already!

  • Reply
    SawlynFacemanPeck 5 days ago

    This series is getting better and better, after watching this episode 10, I gave 10/10 rating.
    And fighting Bo Ra, after what you've been through, I'm sure you'll have a brilliant ending, you deserve it.

  • Reply
    Gee 5 days ago - edited

    wow i was gonna stop this drama at ep 8 bc i thought everything went too childish with the x thing. first few eps were so unrealistic to me.

    just bc i was really bored and had nothing to do, continued at ep 9, and wow. it has picked up its pace. side characters now have side stories. more ships to ship lol.

    • Reply
      KingLouie 5 days ago

      It was interesting for me from the beginning and i must say the latest episodes were really fascinating and interesting..

  • Reply
    ash k 5 days ago - edited

    my only drawback to watching this show is that i hate SLS i dont want to ever experience it again is there a triangle and does it affect the story a lot

    • Reply
      KatySarang_TGeyes 5 days ago

      Let me rest your fears. First. This show is amazing. Secondly, I also hate love triangles. There is none in this show. Every opportunity they have to make a love triangle, they fail to do so. All the characters have their own story and purpose and aren't just there to drive the plot. I would watch the first five episodes to see if you like it. By then the show has found its pacing, and all the main characters are delved out. It's a really good show, and I would highly highly recommend

    • Reply
      KingLouie 5 days ago

      There is no such thing as love triangle, though it seems so at some points, but no such common story is present..You should watch this right now, or the spoilers will ruin it for you..

  • Reply
    lovelydream 5 days ago - edited
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