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Itazura na Kiss - Love in Tokyo (2013)

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Based on the manga "Itazura na Kiss" by Kaoru Tada. At a high school entrance ceremony, high school student Kotoko Aihara, who isn't that smart, notices pretty boy Naoki Irie. She falls in love with him immediately. Kotoko initially doesn't express her feelings to him, but finally has a chance to tell him how she feels. Unfortunately, Naoki turns Kotoko down, saying "I don't like dumb women."
One day, Kotoko Aihara's house read moreis severely damaged by a meteorite. Until the house is rebuilt, Kotoko Aihara and her father decide to live with her father's friend. When Kotoko Aihara moves to her new temporary house, she is surprised to learn that Naoki Irie lives there as well.

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Aug 6, 2013
  • Overall 7.0
  • Story 7.0
  • Acting/Cast 8.0
  • Music 7.0
  • Rewatch Value 5.0
I was reluctant watching this. I didn't know if I should have of shouldn't have. I was afraid of wasting my time since I didn't enjoy the Korean version of this. BUT, I ended up liking this drama, surprisingly. This drama is no where near the ''BEST'', but it's still worth a watch.

STORY-7, I'm sure everybody already knows the story, so I won't bother summarizing it up. Basically it's about a read more girl who has a one-sided love for a this dude and somehow ended up in his house. To me, the story is kind of stupid and unrealistic. I mean, couldn't her father just rent or buy a new house/apartment? BUT, despite that, I still think that the story is cute. If she moved, then we wouldn't get to see a lot of moments between her and the Naoki. One other thing I liked about this version is that the lead actress didn't annoy me for some reason. I actually really like her. But in the Korean version, omg, the female lead annoyed me a LOT that I almost dropped the drama because of her. Anyways, I like this version better since it's quick paced and simple. Not slow and draggy like the other version.

ACTING/CAST-8, the acting was actually pretty good here. At first, I thought Naoki couldn't act, but that was probably just his character. Honoka Miki was really good as Kotoko. I can't believe she's only 16! I thought she would be around 19 or 20! Oh, and I love the guy who played Kin-chan! He made me like him so much that I wanted Kotoko to end up with him instead. This is the only version where I wanted Kotoko to end up with Kin-chan instead of Naoki!

REWATCH VALUE- 5,I love the chemistry between Yuki and Miki! They're so cute together. I've already seen so many versions of this though. The story is getting old watching it over and over again. So I most likely won't re-watch this!

OVERALL- 7, so overall, this is a good drama. Not very good, or even close to awesome, BUT it is worth a watch. One of the most popular of this year too. I recommend this to people who wants a cold guy ending up falling for a girl who he never once liked. But if you're a person who hates these types of story, then don't watch it.
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Jul 28, 2013
  • Overall 10
  • Story 8.0
  • Acting/Cast 10
  • Music 8.0
  • Rewatch Value 10
This is what i was waiting 4 ,they got me with the poster hahaha Xd

STORY :Okay it's not a new storyline , we all know it an love it!!

it's not new , but it's very fresh they finally made justice to this story in my opinion :P
sticks to the manga ?

CAST : this one has an amazing cast , the best of all the version YUKI and MIKI read more where the best choice to portraited irie and kotoko, they look good together , 4 god sake the have chemestry (not like certain kdrama , that i'm not gonna mention hahahahahhaXD)

Irie : they didn't made irie to cold or anything, actually it felt more human. I really liked that. yuki made a very very good job.
Kotoko: she wasn't annoying like in other version. miki made her very sweet and likeable.
Kin-chan was the best of all kin-chan thats all you need to know.

the music was very catchy really like it!!!

REWATCH VALUE :Go for ti , it's nice, funny, romantic,classic, good , and very cute

Overall. great adaptation , amazing cast,it has love, tears, Laug, and some very romantic scene of yiki and miki.

:3 u will love it every time !!!

give it a shot !!!?

In my own personal opinion
I didn't really like the old japanese version was kind of boring actually.

the taiwanese version It Started with a Kiss was so much better definetly,.

then the catastrophe of playful kiss,I enjoyed, buy it didn't feel like itazura na kiss.(love the kisses BTW)
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  • Reply
    nesrine 8 days ago

    with all respect i still prefer the korean version so far !!!!

  • Reply
    sakuraKhey Mar 5, 2015

    Stop comparing, please.
    Loved the drama, it's so so so cute! I felt as happy as Kotoko-chan whenever Irie made a move. <3 Watch and please DON'T compare, i think we had enough of this nonsense.

  • Reply
    Sara Feb 10, 2015

    I don't get why many hate the Korean version. Personally I find it better than this and the Taiwanese because the kdrama's acting is more realistic.

  • Reply
    angelica Nov 28, 2014

    Anything's better than the korean version tbh

  • Reply
    mejustcassie Nov 25, 2014

    Is there any difference between this and the original anime and playful kiss?

    • Reply
      Jeka-K Jan 5, 2015

      There sure are differences between the original anime adaptation and this drama, however, I wouldn't say they affected me while I was watching this drama (I had previously read the manga and watched the anime). Those are all just minor things - Kotoko and Noaki sharing a bus instead of going to school by walking, problems with Kotoko and Mr Aihara's new house etc.
      I'd say a similar thing for Playful Kiss-Itazura na Kiss differences, but Playful Kiss ended further away than this drama did as there were more happenings (don't want to spoil you if you haven't watched the drama yet).

    • Reply
      mejustcassie Jan 6, 2015

      Mmmm thank you =D

    • Reply
      Jeka-K Jan 7, 2015

      You're welcome. :)
      Hope I'm not too late to say all this though. ^^;

  • Reply
    xXxCo0ki3xXx Oct 29, 2014

    My favourite adaptation! I can't wait for the sequel!

  • Reply
    vanillasalt Oct 5, 2014

    Ok, i found the way she went after him at every chance she got kinda annoying and like clingy and i also thought he was such an a**hole and d-bag, but i say just stick through it till around ep 9-10 maybe? the progress is slow and she's kinda cringe but i promise you will end up falling for them towards the end. He becomes softer and not to mention Furukawa yuki is so hot literally could stare at him all day. lol

    also, despite being total opposites (bc every drama couple is tbh) they are really cute together and yuki's smile is th cutest thing

  • Reply
    MoonlightMiracle Sep 21, 2014

    Abandoned this after episode 5. Absolutely terrible. I can't stand how she is treated. She is so kind and considerate,

    • Reply
      Mo-chan Sep 24, 2014

      Don't ever watch the Tversion which is the worst out there

    • Reply
      Brookiebbz Nov 24, 2014

      Me too. I really struggled to see how it was entertaining. I thought ohh the guy is really horrible, then it became ohh she is really pathetic and i could not watch it again.

    • Reply
      Sheng Her Dec 11, 2014

      Can we be best friends?! I am not understanding how people are giving this drama a 10/10 when the storyline and characters were truly... annoying. He was mean and cold, I did not care for him one bit. She was needy, clingy and was basically stalking him. I cringed but kept watching this drama until the end because I believed it was going to change for the better, but it didn't! I was so mad I wasted my time watching this drama!

  • Reply
    MoonlightMiracle Sep 20, 2014
    Reveal Spoiler »
  • Reply
    twicky Aug 31, 2014

    I don't know how I ended up watching, but I'm glad that I did. Can't wait for the second sequel, hehe.

  • Reply
    KuronoAlien91 Aug 21, 2014

    i like this cant wait for the sequil

  • Reply
    Eve-Lee Aug 9, 2014

    I'm watching it with my daughter and it's very good.

  • Reply
    faroohaa Aug 3, 2014

    cutest ending eveer!! ^////^ im blushing~~~

  • Reply
    EtherSword Aug 1, 2014

    I think Irie-kun is too nice in this version but the girl is better at least.

  • Reply
    Esther Jun 28, 2014

    Do you guys recommend me to watch it? I find her a bit annoying and her lack of pride really bothers me, although she's cute...and he is so arrogant and mean to her...but in some way they are cute together...
    I watched the korean drama and didn't like it too much...but then I've read the manga and I think I like it....I don't know whether to watch this version or not (?)

    • Reply
      Darkiie Jun 28, 2014

      Personnally I liked each version but for me this version is the best, really better than the korean version, the girl is a lot less annoying and they are so adorable together. This version follow closely the manga so since you kinda liked it I would say, try the first 2-3 episode and see if you like it enough the watch more. Oh and a lot of people who hated the Korean version actually loved this one so I would said give it a chance and see.

    • Reply
      Esther Jun 29, 2014

      Thanks!! I think I'll give it a try ^^ It's good that the girl is less annoying haha


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