Mischievous Kiss The Movie: High School

Mischievous Kiss The Movie: High School (2016)

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A love between high school students Naoki and Kotoko. Naoki is handsome, good at sports and smart. Even though Kotoko is not very smart, she has a bright personality and strong will.

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Mar 25, 2017
  • Overall 10
  • Story 10
  • Acting/Cast 10
  • Music 9.0
  • Rewatch Value 10
With a super long wait for the english subtitles, I still couldn't find this movie with translations, so I gave it my best shot to watch it in the original, Japanese language. I've watched a ton of anime so understanding Japanese is quite simple actually. Speaking of anime, Itazura na Kiss was one of the first romance anime that I head over heels fell in love with. It is that good of read more a story that I've re-watched it about 5 times, read the manga and watched the Thai and Japanese drama adaptations. Seeing the trailer for this movie and hearing about its' release seriously made my year so much better!

First of all, let's just appreciate the fact that they're making 2 more movies with the same director and actors. The story was actually never finished due to the author of the manga passing away while writing it. That's why there is an opportunity of the directors and writers to add their own little twist to the story. I loved that this movie was actually very close to the anime, all of the principal parts were kept in and squeezed into a one great film.

Second, what I adored the most were the actors and how wisely they were chosen. I mean, the actors of Irie and Kotoko looked like they were taken straight out of the manga, their resemblance is uncanny. The acting was spot on as well. The mom's character got me just like in every other adaptation, she'll forever be my true spirit animal of shipping couples :D

Overall, this movie is definitely worth a watch for the biggest and true fans of Mischievous Kiss and for those, who are looking for a sweet and typical Japanese rom-com movie. Can't wait for the upcoming sequels! Let's hope they'll be subbed faster!
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May 11, 2017
  • Overall 9.0
  • Story 9.0
  • Acting/Cast 9.0
  • Music 10
  • Rewatch Value 9.0
A nice and cute romantic comedy.
A love between high school students Naoki (Kanta Sato) and Kotoko (Reina Visa). Naoki is handsome, good at sports and smart. Even though Kotoko is not very smart, she has bright personality and willpower.
Following closely to the anime and the manga with very little adaptation, "Itazura na Kiss" as it is better known, did very well, Minoru Mizoguchi was able to find the balance. I read more hope it stays that way for the other two live to come later this year.
In general I liked it, a very pleasant live to watch, cast and soundtrack are good, simple story, but the height, for being very well executed! Highly recommend!
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This is the first movie and it's a must-watch! The beautiful love story and how it started!
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They are both based of the same manga Itazura Na Kiss. Each version has it's own personal touch.
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    Maya 5 days ago

    after watching the first 45 mins of the movie, i put it on hold for quite awhile but yesterday i decided to finish it and wow, i actually enjoyed the latter half of the movie.. i am now looking forward to the next 2 parts of this adaptation.. seems interesting..

  • Reply
    RosieAllen Jun 22, 2017

    Better than japanese drama version

  • Reply
    Marie Jun 10, 2017

    this movie wasn't all that bad!!! surrprinsingly, I enjoyed watching it! The kissing scene was very interesting and made my heart skip a beat. I thought it was just like in the anime and it was beautifully shot and acted, with Kotoko wondering at the end if she dreamed the whole thing!! I also enjoyed the scenes with them at the Sports events!!! And I like the actor who plays Naoki, even though the movie was fast-paced... I mean, the whole point of this story is Naoki's slow evolution of feelings and this movie didn't make time to show that very much.
    But the actor brings something else to the character.

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    babysmurf Jun 7, 2017 - edited

    This story doesn't fit for a movie format at all. The best part of Itazura Na Kiss is the slow burn of Naoki realizing his feelings, but the pace here is too fast. There's no time to breathe and enjoy any moments or have the characters BE characters. I don't understand why they made this. Especially since there's two additional movies, it might as well be a short drama then? I like the actor that plays Naoki, the actress that plays his mom, and the soundtrack songs but that's it.

  • Reply
    lov_lymj May 28, 2017 - edited

    Unlike a lot of comments I actually really enjoyed this one a lot. The new Naoki musters a few expressions, doesn't treat her like complete shit and he even managed to make my heart race and laugh a little when he carried her and threw Kotoko's line back at Kinchan. He's definitely interesting despite being a cardboard copy of his previous versions. As for Kotoko, she is great, not that I disliked the other one's, but she managed to get into the TOP 100 (I don't remember if the other's did sry), is good at sport and speaks up for herself. Sure she still isn't smart, doesn't kick his ass and it's not a big change, but it's refreshing. She isn't completely useless and she doesn't take all the shit that gets thrown at her, no she stands up for herself and has some type of pride. It's a new setting. And the best part is Kotoko screams less, is more bearable and less embaressing and overreacts less - probably due it only being a movie, but it's a nice change and felt good. I enjoyed it. As for the story, what to say? It's the same plot we've all known with some changes (sport festival (?)), but progresses faster and therefor feels less stretched with unnecessary back and forth drama and more fluid. I also like the idea of F Class actually being good at something even if it's just sport, it was a nice change and hived them above the one's that usually look down on them.

  • Reply
    Sueperstar May 8, 2017 - edited

    It's a not bad adaptation. One of the better Naoki cos (Sato Kanta) emotes better and shows that emotion, ever so discreetly. I cannot stand Kotoko (Reina Visa) in here. Very cringey. Bring back my pretty and comical Honoka Miki! LOL!

  • Reply
    Grace Apr 29, 2017

    I quite liked this one! I agree with a lot of people, because it's a movie the pacing is a lot faster... they weren't able to stretch it out and show Irie's feelings progress surely but shortly.
    I found the fall down the stairs HILARIOUS (and I don't entirely know if it was supposed to be comical?). Yes, it's a little boring because there's no surprise and it covers all the well-known bits in the story that we love... but that's why I like it because it's the story I fell in love with? The actors did it well, just I wish we had more time to fall in love with them instead of get plunged in with only a one hour and a bit movie.

    On a side note... I actually LOVED the taiwanese reboot! I've seen a lot of negative comments about it but, I really liked it! Zhi Shu was a little rusty at first but like I said, the more you got to watch of him... he was perfect and by the end of it I was so invested! I really hope you all give it a chance! :)

  • Reply
    displacedmoon Apr 26, 2017 - edited

    Talk about beating a dead horse. Was ANOTHER one really necessary after the slew of remakes in the past few years? To be honest this version wasn't that bad, but for viewers who have watched most of the other versions, it's repetitive, and the actors contribute little to making this stand out above the others. I wish writers would be more creative and consider adaptations -- ie, using the basic bones of the story, but putting a different spin on the events, rather than remaking near exact copies of the original story. I had to fast forward through a bit of the movie because I was bored to tears knowing what was going to happen next. Is China the only country who hasn't jumped on the band wagon yet?

    • Reply
      Marie Jun 10, 2017

      Have you tried the Thai version of this story? the title is Kiss Me With an amazing couple and the story is definitely different from the other versions!!! I loved this adaptation and the chemistry between the leads was sizzling, Noaki's Mother in this one is awesome, my favourite Mom of them all! The scenes with her son were incredible! And Kinchan's character was also a total improvement! But the best thing is definitely the improvement and the changes with the two leads!!! and the kisses!!! wow steamy!!!
      Watch it!! You'll be hooked! With the same actors, you also need to watch Full House, the Thai version!!! They're awesome together in this one!!! Mike + Aom Am forever!!! =Tenten + Taliw!!!

    • Reply
      displacedmoon Jun 10, 2017

      i watched the thai adaptation and hands down it's one of my favorite versions of itazura na kiss. i also watched the thai version of full house, and enjoyed that just as much. i agree that those two actors have incredible chemistry! i hope they'll collaberate on another project. this current movie version isn't that bad, it's just repetitive with little to make it stand above the others, unlike the thai version, which at least put more effort into adding refreshing elements so that it wouldn't be an exact copy of the original.

    • Reply
      Marie Jun 11, 2017

      Yeah, I agree! Nothing really original in this jap movie, compared to the others...But I think it's still even better than the new tw remake, Miss In Kiss§ I've just seen videos of the three main tw leads, and that's enough for me! I definitely don't want to see that adaptation! What interests me the most in the original story (manga and all the other adaptations) is the character of Naoki (his personality, the cold jerk and how thanks to the presence of Kotoko, he starts to change, to be a better man and especially how despite himself, he starts having feelings for Kotoko!
      That's what I love about the whole story. The more mysterious and reserved he is at the beginning and the more he slowly opens up and reacts to Kotoko's actions, the more I love it!!!
      But straight away, I could see just through videos on YT that the new TW Naoki
      was a "no no" for me. Totally miscast as Naoki! His face and the way he acts don't match Naoki's description in my book!! His face looks too "cheerful" for the part!
      At least in this jap movie, the actor looks the part! I just wished they could have shown his feelings a little bit more. Not enough time to show Naoki's unconcious jealousy... That was so well done in the old TW version (my favourite), the 2013-2014 Japanese version (with Yuki, it was very subtle but definitely there, when he suddenly breaks into a smile in season 1) and also the Thai version (also a favourite with Mike who was all mysterious as Tenten!!)

    • Reply
      displacedmoon Jun 11, 2017

      i watched the first ep of the tw remake and dropped it. it didn't have the naoki/kotoko chemistry that is integral for any itazura na kiss remake. i think the anime version will always be my favorite (probably because its the first version i ever watched). with the thai and korean versions as close seconds. lol.

  • Reply
    joannesmith Apr 25, 2017

    The guy is a handsome young actor but the execution of this story is still just as awful as the drama I previously saw awhile ago (taiwan 2005). The acting is nothing to take note of..Not worth time watching since the plot is obvious.

  • Reply
    Nana8 Apr 24, 2017 - edited

    I have to say that, Sato Kanta is the one that resembles the most at the anime/manga character Naoki haha he did a really good job! Reina Visa didn't convince me that much but it wasn't bad. I can't imagine how hard must have been to squish all first season in to one movie and I think they did a good job and included all the important details haha. I always get so excited like I'm watching the story for the first time XD


    The only thing I felt was weak is the "kiss scene" it wasn't as exciting as the other remakes >.<

  • Reply
    tinnybo Apr 23, 2017

    I rated it high just because the guy is cute.

  • Reply
    Basia Apr 23, 2017

    I really dislike this remake. The actors are pretty annoying,almost no one of them can play his role nice. It's just boring and it can't be compared to Love in Tokyo. The only persons I've liked were their fathers and Irie's mother, and Yuki.

  • Reply
    Sarahs Apr 21, 2017

    I honestly liked it, the story is always the same but it never fails to be enjoable especially if you're a fan.
    I also very much like the casting for the leads, they are imo the ones who resemble the most the original manga/anime characters.

    Looking forward part 2 and part 3.

  • Reply
    iXiumin Apr 20, 2017

    It's pretty much like the others, they should stop making so much remakes it's getting so boring to watch. And please to do not criticize me saying if I don't like then I shouldn't watch it. I want to give it a try and see if it was any different and I was just hit with a major disappointment. If you've watched the other remakes, you're going to pretty much watch the same thing but different actors and different backgrounds but the rest is pretty much the same.

  • Reply
    Hozrien Apr 19, 2017

    her voice gave me a headache.


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