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Based on the popular manga, Oh Ha Ni is a clumsy student who falls for the perfectionist, Baek Seung Jo. However, Seung Jo is indifferent towards her and rejects her love. When Ha Ni's house collapses, she and her father moves into his long-time friend's house. It turns out that Seung Jo is the friend's son and Ha Ni is given the opportunity to be near the guy she loves. Will she read morebe able to move Seung Jo's heart?

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Apr 7, 2011
  • Overall 3.0
  • Story 3.0
  • Acting/Cast 8.0
  • Music 7.0
  • Rewatch Value 3.0
As with Boys Over Flowers, I am almost afraid to review this for fear of flames. I did not like this drama. The reasons?

1) I do not like it when a woman blindly and stupidly follows a man that mostly could care less and treats her like crap on a regular basis.

2) I do not like it when a teenage girl is portrayed as completely without sense and is kind read more of a stalker.

3) Even worse when she is encouraged by said boy's mother! The mother helps her stalk her own son! I liked the actress, I did but that's just too much for me to wrap my mind around.

Maybe I am too old for this one. I did not like the message it sends. I am all for going with a story. I can forgive a lot because I have a ridiculous romantic side to me but this one left me wanting to yell at that girl and shake her out of her blind stupidity.

Here is what I did like: The boy kind of redeems himself toward the end and she wakes up at the last minute...kind of. ..but not enough.
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Apr 21, 2016
  • Overall 10
  • Story 9.0
  • Acting/Cast 10
  • Music 10
  • Rewatch Value 10

I hope some take a moment to read this. I am not the best writer. I haven't wrote a lot of reviews yet, but this one forced my hand. I hope it isn't a waste of your time. Also, I hope you give my perspective some consideration. This is a gem.

I have thought many times how I should start this read more review. However, I do not think I will be emphatic enough of how this Kdrama affected me no matter how much I try.
Oh well here we go...

Playful Kiss was pure, heartfelt joy for me. I am likely going to come at this in a somewhat unique angle. I have to immediately share that I have read much of the hate or criticisms of this drama...mostly about Oh Ha Ni's 'pathetic' puppy dog love and her incessant pursuit of Baek Seung Jo. Which I will deal with later...but a HUGE 'PFFT' – whatever. I see how it made her look dependent, stalker, etc. They even took exception with the mother encouraging this. It makes me wonder what they were watching, but I have my opinion and as I said, I will cover that later. I DO NOT really want to make this negative. This drama is purely about the positive.

A short preamble of sorts. I am relatively new to Kdrama's. I have around 20 under my belt as of writing this review. I think I have a fairly well rounded resume, you can peruse my list if you like, but I have never watched one like 'Playful Kiss'...apparently. Why 'apparently'? It left many of the sinister tropes behind. The overbearing parent, the evil in-law, the person at school or work or wherever that serves as the antagonist. The heal. The 'hated' one or several in some dramas. This was completely devoid of that!!!!!!! It blew me away. It was pure love, warmth, and heart. I do not believe I have watched ANYTHING like this in my life! I am American and our purity on TV left decades ago. The closest we get is shlock filled, syrupy, inane dramas on like ABC Family that are as deep as a puddle and as interesting as insurance forms. This drama had spunk and had loads of REAL laughs. Yes, mostly at the expense of Oh Ha Ni, but in the sweetest way imaginable.

I wrote in the forum part for this drama about how it completely compared to 'Bridget Jone's Diary'. I said, how 'Bridget Jone's Diary' would be an adult, 'R' rated version, while this would be the high school, family equivalent. Both had a hapless, hopeless romantic lead protagonist that went to great lengths and often made fools of themselves over a man. 'Bridget Jone's Diary' was a critical darling and 'Playful Kiss' has a descent rating on mydramalist, but way too many high brow people looking down their noses at Oh Ha Ni because she was too vulnerable and too often let a man define her...yada, yada, yada! First question I have, um, Bong Joon Gu was EVERY bit as clingy to Oh Ha Ni. He even continued after she was married. He told her that if Seung Jo is now her house, he would be her 'insurance'. Yes, the writers or director brought in Chris to turn Joon Gu's head at the end, but he was still clinging to Ha Ni. No one mentions him as exhibiting the same behavior. It was her character only. That to me is sexist. Once again you bring undue attention to the female doing something when a male was largely guilty of the same thing. She was every bit his 'knight in shining armour' and Joon Gu said so much! Ha Ni went through growth over the arch of the series just as Bridget did. She at the end was confident that Seung Jo was every bit taken with her as she was of him. She had matured and was working hard.

I have a theory as to why there are so many pointing out Ha Ni's supposed 'pathetic-ness'. At least from an American perspective, and likely a European perspective, is cynicism. We have gotten so 'empowered' that any show of selling oneself out for another is a show of weakness. I think a lot more relationships and marriages would go a lot further if BOTH individuals were to give up themselves completely for the other. It isn't PC, especially for a woman, to want to give themselves totally to the other. It's often worded 50/50. That's a hedge. Someone may cry semantics, but each giving 100% of themselves for the other is the way to be. I think that was reached in the end albeit Seung Jo was much more reserved in exhibiting his devotion, but he did. I do wish they had him coming to her defense more and stronger, but alas, they didn't. The beginning was about her devotion and lampooned it as such. It was admitted many times to being one sided, but her perseverance paid off. I just think that too many judged her unfairly. She did nothing sordid. She didn't do anything deserving reproach, she was just wide-eyed and too full of heart.

I am not sure I articulated my point well enough the above point, but I will move on.

Some complained and some LOVED Kim Hyun Joong. I am betting some of the devotees to Hyun Joong are nearly as starry eyed as Ha Ni because he is handsome. However, he seems to be a one note actor at the moment. I have only seen him in 'Boys Over Flowers' and this. I don't hate him. What the director wants from him, he has down to a science. Hyun Joong's performance was nearly an extension of Yoon Ji Hoo. However, for me, he was not what drove this movie, nor was he what touched my heart so much by this drama. He was merely a pawn. He was Ha Ni's carrot and that is about it. I will say this because of the way he plays his part through out, when his tone does change it hits you! The viewer feels it because most of the series he acts arrogant and is brooding all the time so when he does lower his guard and shows his love for Ha Ni the viewer always feels it. However, once again, the series acknowledges that!! He does. His friends do. His MOTHER does always. Even his little worshiping brother does near the end! They all acknowledge that he has personality issues. So to point it out seems rather silly BECAUSE EVERYONE knows it! LOL! It was his known flaw that would expose other flaws in his seemingly perfect demeanor. Ha Ni wears her flaws on her sleeve. They are there for everyone to see...and every one freely talks about them too.

Here's my heart felt feeling in the end, this drama was nothing but love. It permeated the entire series. It's warmth never wavered. I would love to live in a cocoon such as Ha Ni's. In spite her flaws, she brought warmth to everyone she touched and everyone surrounding her brought the love to her too. Her friends, her father, Seung Jo's parents, Joon Gu, her senior homeroom teacher, even Yoon Ha Rae was won over!! Jung So Min was radiant! She played this part as well as you could hope. The way she stumbled. The way she bit her lip. The way she shrunk when she knew she screwed up. I get teary eyed just thinking how special she was in this role...and the hate for her character -UGH! I DO NOT get it. She was a bit naïve sure, but she was so pure in every action how could you not cheer for her. When Seung Jo's mother, Geum Hee, came to her defense and pointed out the heart she brought to their lives it was awe inspiring.

I would love to flesh out more about each of these examples in her friends, Seung Jo's family, etc, but I will only touch on them a little. It was ALL of them that lead to my captivation with this series. I could only imagine having friends such as Ha Ni's and that includes Joon Gu. Her father was so gentle and worked so hard and gave his all for his daughter. However, for me the ones that filled my heart most was Seung Jo's parents. Yes, at first the mother, Geum Hee, seemed off. She seemed to have a screw loose and was weird, but that, at least for me, faded quickly. Her character was explained deeper. She became second only Ha Ni as my most beloved, but that only seems right since they were meant to be VERY similar, if not mirrors of one another. Their out pouring of support and uncompromising support for Ha Ni and her dad was profound. It brought buckets of tears from me.

Speaking of tears, I sobbed so many times during this series. From tears of joy, to tears of sharing their heartache, but it was always a pure heartache never a malicious heartache. The type that just comes with life. People come and go. We say good bye, and if you have a heart, most good byes are misty eyed. I tell my boys the most painful things in life are good byes.

So to maybe conclude, the cynicism this series has garnered from some is truly baffling. It's charming from start to finish. Having a happy ending with everyone finding love is unrealistic. People are right, life is mired in pain, suffering, hatred, bigotry, gossiping, backstabbing, greed, and so many other morose happenings. And thank God above this series doesn't have them. This is bliss start to finish, with just the mild bumps along the way. I'll tell you what, there are plenty of dramas that explore those ugly parts of life. Once in a while, isn't it nice to experience a story where people are good and helpful to each other. Doesn't that sound glorious? We live atrocity, why then would we want to ONLY champion that and watch series about that? Why wouldn't we want to escape for a while in a gentle, sweet world that largely doesn't exist in the real world, but wouldn't it be nice if it did? I'm 44. I had a marriage of 22 years end with lies, a wife committing adultery, a broken family through divorce etc. I'm tired of all that. It was a breath of fresh air to live in this drama for a little while. I ordered it on DVD and bought the soundtrack. Now I will not just seek out dramas like this. I will still watch and love the dramas with all the usually Kdrama tropes and expect story devices, but when life has me shaking my head, I will lose myself in this series for a moment and realize how people should treat each other.
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Recommended by jia
Both dramas have the same silly, sweet and funny feel with a charming female lead.
Also, Kim Hyun Joong (Yoon Ji Hoo in Boys Over Flowers) is the male lead in Playful Kiss. His character (Baek Seung Jo) is different yet somehow still similar to Yoon Ji Hoo. So, if you liked him in Boys Over Flowers, you'll probably like him in Playful Kiss as well!
Recommended by grace

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    jesy 2 days ago

    Don't expect things to go right the first time.Everything comes to those who wait. the female lead has so much perseverance that she looks even she so stupid... but how can we blame her..she's inlove eh.

  • Reply
    falcon 4 days ago

    I had to drop this drama half way coz idk how many times I curse to both main leads and 2nd male lead. The girl is too stupid, stalker, no self-respect. And the male lead is he a robot or what. I don't like the way he embarrassed that girl.
    I find that Thai version is better than this since the girl does not bluntly follow him around and not that stupid.The main lead in Thai ver. is better in expressing his feeling and more caring.

  • Reply
    lea Jul 22, 2017 - edited

    I came across this drama again and wondered how the heck I ever finished it in the first place. Guess I thought oh ha ni would eventually have self respect or a little sense. But nope, she was consistent alll through with stupidly blind obsession purely due to looks nothing more. Main lead guy also almost never changing the face expression it eventually became boring to look at through all those episodes. It's ok to like someone cz they're good looking but the scale that this drama took it to was beyond ridiculous.

    • Reply
      DREAMY Jul 22, 2017

      I am totally feeling the same .this drama was a big waste of time.I regret every single wasted second .

  • Reply
    marygracierO Jul 16, 2017
    Reveal Spoiler »
  • Reply
    real_Mokona Jul 8, 2017

    The female main characters are so stupid, that I even started to dislike the actress and nearly never watch a Drama, when she is part of it...I'm sorry, Oh Ha Ni :,-(

  • Reply
    Fiona Jul 4, 2017
    Reveal Spoiler »
  • Reply
    Alex May 24, 2017

    I'm rewatching this drama for the third time, I think, it was one of the firsts so it's full of nice memories to me.
    I still find it extremely cute, but like in the past I can't help but wonder WHY Ha Ni has this huge crush for Seung Jo.
    It's a drama and I can pretend everything's normal but come on... how can you fall for someone like him, with his personality? He's not acting sassy for some dramatic shit happened to him when he was younger, like in so many other kdramas, that's how he is... rude, full of himself, bored most of the time.
    Emotionless. You don't like her? Fine, but who gives you the rights to treat her in such a way? To make her feel she's not worthy?
    I admire Ha Ni but on the other side I don't think I would have tried so hard, and it makes me furious when girls wast their time chasing men not interested in them.
    Yeah, Joon Gu remains my favorite, with his pure and warm heart he definitely deserved more attention.

  • Reply
    Dani May 22, 2017

    This holds a special place in my heart because it was my first drama, years ago <3 Hearing the music brings me back to those days! No matter how flawed it is, I loved it.

  • Reply
    aimperato Apr 9, 2017 - edited

    It's quite amusing how there are so many remakes of the same show in different counties.. just pick your favorite language and go with the flow. haha Also this was my least favorite remake. Don't know how it is many peoples favorite version. But for me it was terrible. lolll I hated the acting and the romance was small in comparison to alternate versions. And that is coming from someone who's preference is kdramas. Best one was It Started with a Kiss (Taiwanese) The second one by Taiwan that came out last year and ended recently was terrible.

    Also if you can accept the language difference, you all should check out Kiss Me, the thai version. It is my second favorite~~ Now I look forward to seeing China's version.

  • Reply
    Fran Mar 24, 2017 - edited

    One of the worst dramas I've ever seen, I'm terrified of this couple: the protagonist is an idiot, and the girl a dumb without self-love. The actor is simply terrible acting, completely inexpressive

    • Reply
      aimperato Apr 9, 2017

      Yes I was really disappointed because he's done a much better job in Boys Over Flowers and Dream High... This one he was stiff and emotionless and I have so many more things to say but the list wouldn't end. XD Anyway this was his worst acting..

  • Reply
    cherry Mar 1, 2017 - edited

    If it weren't for my favourite actor I wouldn't have liked the drama so much..........The guy was so cold hearted throughout the drama I mean he was really very mean except for the last 10 mins of the drama and even after the confessing their love the guy acted like a jerk! and the girl acted in VERY stupid manner and kinda had no self respect......

  • Reply
    XiaoZhanoppa Mar 1, 2017

    my faveeeee recommend this

  • Reply
    Kimtan1999 Feb 14, 2017 - edited

    Why 7.4 ??? It's beautiful and one of my favorite

    • Reply
      Mustangace Mar 25, 2017

      Playful Kiss is my favorite version, and is very high on my list of romantic comedies. I've already watched this 10 time or more; I like it THAT much. Jung So Min became my favorite Korean actress as a direct result of this romantic comedy. From some comments here, I see a lack of understanding about the characters and how they develop over the course of the story. Reactions are easily. Understanding can take some thought.

  • Reply
    Sara Jan 29, 2017 - edited

    This is my favourite drama of ALL time
    I've watched it like 5 times now (no joke)
    I love the actors, drama, music
    Hope they will make a similar drama to this this
    Oppa we are witing for you com back from the army soon❤️❤️

    • Reply
      Mustangace Mar 25, 2017

      Mine too! Watched it so many times that I've lost count.

    • Reply
      Kitty20345 May 10, 2017

      We can know that you love Playful kiss judging by your profile photo with Seungjo and Hani sleeping. Lol. But i don't see playful kiss on your list...

    • Reply
      Sara May 11, 2017

      Yeah haha I thought that scene was soo cute

    • Reply
      JohnGilbert 15 days ago

      One of my very favorites too.

  • Reply
    Anagi-sama Jan 21, 2017 - edited

    I don't know why but it was the worst drama i've ever watched. I skipped in each episode most of the scenes, because I couldn't watch this. I'm the only one i guess.

    • Reply
      Sara Jan 29, 2017

      Weel then you have terrible taste in dramas
      Playful kiss is the beat drama ever

    • Reply
      Anagi-sama Jan 29, 2017 - edited

      I'm not sure. Best drama with silly and not knowing what it wants girl?
      I think you have terrible taste in dramas, but to each his own, right? :)

    • Reply
      Fran Mar 24, 2017

      You're not the only one, I've seen it still in the broadcast year and it's still among the worst dramas I've ever seen. The problem is not you and your taste for dramas is not terrible. :)

    • Reply
      Fiona Jul 4, 2017

      Same, this drama was terrible a delusional girl, somehow I managed to finish. Many people in YouTube Comments just gave up after 3-6 episodes.

    • Reply
      Mustangace Jul 18, 2017

      Each of us have our own mindset, and that dictates what we like and don't like in romantic comedies and dramas... just as it does for our appreciation of beauty. No right or wrong answers... Personally, I found a lot to like about Playful Kiss, even if the story is not too likely as a real life situation. Most dramas aren't about real life anyway - they're about how the characters interact with each other - their behaviors. And in Playful Kiss, when one watches with an open mind and listens to the characters - what they say - we sometimes learn things we didn't know before. Playful Kiss has a lot to say, but only those listening will know that. It appears not to be a drama that's easy for you to hear, but there might be others that you understand well and I do get.


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