Lee Beom-soo is a South Korean actor. Lee enrolled in the Department of Theater at Chung-ang University in Seoul in 1988. He made his acting debut in the 1990 film Kurae, Kakkumun Hanulul Boja (Yes, Let's Look Up At the Sky Now and Again). Following his debut, he appeared in films including The Ginkgo Bed, City of the Rising Sun, The Anarchists, Jungle Juice and Wet Dreams, but it was the 2003 film Singles that elevated him into the first rank among movie stars. The Korean press has dubbed him "The Little Giant of Chungmuro" (Korean equivalent of Hollywood). In 2003, he married Park who was companion of his university. They divorced just four months later. (Wikipiedia)

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[add roles]Dramas

Year Title # of Epis. Role Rating
2014 Triangle 24 Main Role Jang Dong Soo 8.00
2013 Prime Minister and I 17 Main Role Kwon Yul 7.39
2013 IRIS 2 20 Main Role Yoo Joong Won 7.29
2012 Time Slip Dr. Jin 22 Main Role Lee Ha Eung 6.49
2012 History of the Salaryman 22 Main Role Oh Yoo Bang 8.37
2010 Giant 60 Main Role Lee Kang-mo 8.45
2008 On Air 21 Main Role Jang Ki Joon 7.26
2007 Perhaps Love 4 Guest Role 7.11
2007 Surgeon Bong Dal Hee 18 Main Role Ahn Jong Geun 7.59
1999 Message 2 Supporting Role 10.00

[add roles]Films

Year Title Role Rating
2014 God's One Move Unknown Role Sal-Soo N/A
2012 Over My Dead Body Main Role Baek Hyun Chul 7.34
2009 Descendants of Hong Gil Dong Main Role Hong Mu hyeok 7.91
2009 Jeong Seung Pil Mystery Main Role JOng Seung Pil 6.83
2009 Lifting King Kong Main Role Lee Ji Bong 8.08
2009 More Than Blue Main Role Cha Ju Hwan 8.19
2008 Death Bell Main Role Hwang Chang Ok 7.30
2007 Project Makeover Main Role Oh Tae Hoon 7.06
2006 My Wife Is A Gangster 3 Main Role Ki Chul 7.32
2006 200 Pounds Beauty Guest Role Hit motorist 7.59
2006 Mission Sex Control Main Role Byeon Suk-Gu 6.89
2006 The City Of Violence Main Role Pil Ho 6.69
2006 Forbidden Quest Main Role Lee Gwang Heon (Captain of Guards, Illustrator) 6.56
2005 Lee Dae-ro Can't Die Main Role 7.17
2005 She's on Duty Guest Role Detective 7.46
2004 Superstar Gam Sa-Yong Main Role Gam Sa-yong 7.80
2004 Au Revoir UFO Main Role Sang Hyeon 7.07
2003 Please Teach Me English Guest Role Subway passenger 6.76
2003 Oh! Brothers Main Role Oh Bong Goo 6.17
2003 Singles Main Role Jeong-joon 6.35
2002 The Romantic President Supporting Role Bum in subway station 6.93
2002 Wet Dreams Main Role Byung Chul 6.41
2002 Make It Big Supporting Role Ji Hyeong 6.70
2002 Jungle Juice Main Role Cheol Su 6.80
2001 Bungee Jumping of their Own Supporting Role Lee Dae Guen 7.07
2000 Just Do It! Main Role Won Kwang Tae 6.50
2000 The Anarchists Main Role Dol Seok 6.00
1999 Love Supporting Role Gyeong Cheol 6.50
1998 City of the Rising Sun Supporting Role Byeong Guk 6.33
1998 If The Sun Rises In The West Unknown Role driver for Ji Min 6.22
1996 Ghost Mamma Supporting Role N/A

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  • kreps Mar 14, 2014
    Hilarious even when serious.
  • Stasiamae Feb 18, 2014
    He's a very good actor, and I like the way he portrayed Kwon Yul. Him and Yoona had pretty good chemistry, despite their age differences. At first, the age that showed on his face bothered me, but now, I've come to like it and see the good in it. I was happy to see that an older male in the drama world was given a chance at playing the lead role. Despite the age difference like I said before, I liked it, and I hope this inspires to Korea to have more dramas like that. I liked the idea of a father, who helps run a country, and raises his kids on his own, find it in himself to love another and give himself a chance at happiness again. Everyone deserves the chance at love, and everyone deserves happiness. The past is in the past. ^3^ c:
    2 ❤
  • TheraTD Jan 22, 2014
    I liked his previous picture =/
    5 ❤
    • TheTranquilKnight Jan 23, 2014
      That was cool picture, without doubt! ^^
      At least he won't get those 'ugly' comments. This pic has regular young male vibe that young girls like; not the cool ahjussi like previous pic. Now no one can say he's ugly.
      3 ❤
    • Sandrose Feb 6, 2014
      Isn't this a trend on this site these days though? Practically all actor photos these days are replaced with similar-looking, almost generic headshots that take away a little of the old flavour.

      I totally get there is a need to make faces as visible as possible (especially on profile pages) and these changes are good for many reasons but I don't know, I guess I find it kind of generic. It's hard getting used to new photos at times. Though I admit his smile here is very inviting :-)

      Great job on making those changes though. Thanks for your hard work, MDLers.

  • TheTranquilKnight Jan 20, 2014
    Finally! Little Giant got a nice pic :D
    2 ❤
  • bluemoon_onna Jan 10, 2014
    I still remember you in 200 lbs beauty -one of the funny moments there. :)
    1 ❤
  • Aggnes Jan 3, 2014
    Happy birthday, hot ahjussi!
    1 ❤
  • xCassiex Jan 3, 2014
    Happy Birthday :)
  • dramafan1 Jan 3, 2014
    Happy Birthday
  • maryamrazaei Jan 3, 2014
    Happy Birthday!!!
  • LovePurple234 Jan 3, 2014
    Happy Birthday
  • Chrisstina Jan 3, 2014
    Happy birthday :D
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    happy birthday :D
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    Happy birthday prime minister!
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Lee Bum Soo

Lee Bum Soo


  • Name: Lee Bum Soo
  • Native name: 이범수
  • Also Known as: Lee Beom Su ; Lee Bum Su

Personal Details

  • Gender: Male
  • Birthday: January 3, 1970
  • Age: 44
  • Nationality: Korean