Top 7 Kdrama OSTs of 2017 - Part 1
A short list of some of my favorite Korean drama OSTs from the first half of 2017!
Currently Watching: The Bride of Habaek
Wondering what to watch next that has equal parts fantasy, romance and humor? Wanting something after Goblin, with hopefully less tears? I know I do, and so I’m watching: The Bride of Habaek.
Summer 2017 Japanese Dramas Preview
Rainy days keeping you indoors this summer? Spend your time with these Jdramas!
Song Joong Ki and Song Hye Kyo Will Get Married in October!
Popular Korean stars Song Joong Ki and Song Hye Kyo will get married in October!
Circle (It's More Like a Pretzel)
CharlieBishop's review of the recently completed KDrama, "Circle".
Currently Watching: Suspicious Partner
Here's why you need to be watching SBS's latest romcom, Suspicious Partner!
Real Korean Criminal Cases That Inspired The Drama Signal
Here are a few criminal cases that inspired the Korean drama ''Signal''
Currently Watching: Hit the Top
MisbehavingCub explains why she likes this drama and why you should check it out!
A Guide to South Korean CENSORSHIP
We've all seen it. We've all thought "Why? Just why? - This is ridiculous!" I'm talking about the blurred areas that occur almost every time you're just trying to enjoy a scene. Why are they ruining it with the blurred objects? – Here’s why.
An Ode to 4 Remarkable Lead Ladies
These 4 lead ladies are confident, especially talented or funny, kick-ass or resourceful. Are your favorites on the list?
Currently Watching: Queen for Seven Days
Looking for a sageuk drama that will keep you hooked? Queen for Seven Days may just be the drama for you, with its stories of bloody rivalry and tragic love.
Japanese Rom-Coms and Why You Should Give Them a Chance
Here are 5 dramas that can kick start your J-dorama romance marathons. C'mon, J-rom coms need some love, too!
Supernatural Dramas & Films with a Twist
Isn’t it always the “monster” that draws us in and has us questioning everything from their life, their love interest (if any or many!) and why they look so good? In the mood for a drama or movie that questions just this? Then go no further!
Find out who won in the MDL/Bokksu giveaway!
Find out who won in this months giveaway!
Currently Watching: Love 'til the End of Summer
Summer’s here! Catch this 2017 Chinese school drama featuring beautiful cinematography and a storyline with the tropes of first love, changing friendships, rivals and the emotional roller coaster of youth!

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