7 Quirky Movies You May Not Know
Check out these seven light-hearted movies you may have never heard of – and get two dramas for free!
Maki Horikita Retires From The Entertainment Industry!
The famous Japanese actress has released an official statement announcing her retirement!
The Most Successful Asian Films of 2016
Check out the list of the highest-grossing/most popular Asian films in 2016!
Currently Watching: Tomorrow With You
Shin Min Ah, the Queen of Rom-Com, meets Lee Je Hoon, the Time Traveler expert.
Adventures in Kdrama Censorship
Censorship in Kdramas can get a little ridiculous sometimes.
Chef: Mitsuboshi no Kyushoku
The perfect drama to marathon on the weekend and be happy.
5 (More) Things We Hate Seeing In Dramas!
Check out these 5 things that we wish we didn't ever have to see in a drama again!
The Art Of The Idol Drama
Highlighting the difference between an idol drama, and a drama with an idol in it, along with the good and bad that come with idol dramas/movies.
Weekend Movie Recommendations: Sweet Love Story Edition
Click and find out which love stories deserve your time this weekend!
Amyy's Top Ten Korean Rom-Coms Of All Time!
See which romance comedies made this MDL'ers top list!
7 K-Drama Castings to be Excited for in 2017!
Here are 7 K-drama castings to be excited for in 2017!
Top 5 Drama Couples Whose Chemistry Were Undeniable!
Although there are many good dramas out there, these five couples showed some of the best chemistry! They have aced their Chemistry classes in dramaland for sure!
A Stalker's Guide To Park Min Young
A brief guide to past and future works of beautiful and gorgeous SK actress Park Min Young.
The Time I Fell in Love with a Story
Today is Valentine Day and the best way to celebrate it is watching dramas that are made for this day! So here are some versions of the same story that I enjoyed watching!
5 Perfect Drama Boyfriends
Check out these five male leads who would make the perfect boyfriend!

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