Actor Spotlight: Lee Dong Wook
Known for his strong leading male roles, the attractive Lee Dong Wook's latest role is in the South Korean Drama, Goblin. He plays the role of Wang Yeo, an Angel of Death...
The Most Successful Asian Films of 2015
Check out the list of the highest-grossing/most popular Asian films in 2015!
5 Family Dramas That Will Put You In The Holiday Mood!
Christmas is almost here, and these 5 dramas will put you in the holiday spirit!
5 Reasons to watch: Best Lover
2016 Chinese Romantic Comedy drama! Best Lover is a cute contract marriage between two Top Stars that have to work out their differences and not fall in love!
Currently Watching: Weightlifting Fairy Kim Bok Joo
Find out why you should be watching MBC's latest drama, starring Lee Sung Kyung (in her first lead role!) and Nam Joo Hyuk!
Actor Spotlight: Lee Ki Kwang
Idol, actor, dancer, and song writer. The spotlight is on the multi-talented Li Ki Kwang.
Real life Asian News Stories: That would make beautiful and funny Dramas
Some of these real life News stories from Asia would make some AMAZING dramas!
[Nominations - closed] Best of Korea 2016
2016 is coming to an end, and it's now time to nominate your favorite Korean Dramas/Movies/Actors and more!
9 Couples That Were Fated To Be In Love Since Childhood
Here are 9 couples that prove if you met as children, you're absolutely meant to be!
MDL Makes its First Move to Instagram
Back to Ancient Times when we started Facebook...then, to the Current Era, where we're adding Instagram to our list.
Winners of the Korea Drama Awards 2016
Find out who won big at the Korea Drama Festival this year! Did your favorite Kdramas make the cut?
[Nominations - Closed] Best of Japan 2016
2016 is coming to an end, and it's now time to nominate your favorite Japanese Dramas/Movies/Actors and more!
5 More Kdramas That Would Make Awesome Video Games
Here are 5 more Kdramas that have the potential to be mindblowing video games!
Currently Watching: Jimi ni Sugoi! Koetsu Garu Kono Etsuko
Who would've thought that a drama about proofreading would be so fun!
The 90th Television Drama Academy Awards Winners
Check out the winners of the 90th Television Drama Academy Awards, held quarterly every year by the Japanese magazine 'The Television'!

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