This drama tell the story of a veterinarian in the Joseon Period as he goes through various obstacles and become a royal physician. Baek Gwang Hyun will be the aspiring Royal Physician. Lee Sung Ha will be his rival. Kang Ji Nyeong would be the female physician involved in the love triangle. Jang In Joo is a talented acupuncturist interested in Gwang Hyun.

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  • Mar 27, 2013 50 of 50 episodes seen
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    • Overall  8
    • Story  8
    • Acting/Cast  9
    • Music  9
    • Rewatch Value  6
    Overall, I still liked the drama. There were times when the story seemed to be repetitive and the constant persecution and denial of Baek Kwanghyun's ability as a physician grated on my nerves. The medical procedures were interesting to watch and I suggest never to be caught eating during some episodes; however, the major focus was on the political intrigue which detracted from the story greatly. When the focus was on medicine, it was great; when it was on the machinations of the nobles and ministers, it could get downright boring. Would I recommend? Only for the hardcore medical saguek drama watchers.
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  • both are about vet's although hores doctoer does start to treatt people latter on and both show cool surgery scencs with animels
    reportRecommended by DramaLover78
  • Both drama about the story of a doctor and Problems with Enemies in the Palace .
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  1. 1800 characters remaining Spoiler?
  • KissMeNaNa 7 days ago
    I always wondered... why "horse" doctor?
  • MinaVIP 17 days ago
    I'm not really sure about the plot but since Jo Seung Woo is playing the main role I guess I'll have to give it a chance xD I hope it's good! >_<
    5 ❤
  • kestrel Mar 21, 2014
    This is the longest drama I've seen...
    Now I want to rewatch this drama in a movie. Watch the story again in 2 hours - not 50! :D
    3 ❤
  • aceparan Jul 1, 2013
    3 ❤
  • fuyushita_risou May 23, 2013
    50 episodes can be summed up in 6 sentences:
    Someone gets ill. Kwanghyun finds a way to safe him. Then he needs to bet on his life that he will be successful. Some complications arise. Kwanghyun succeeds and will be hyped. And there is the princess.
    If you aren't in medical dramas, horse doctor will drain you.
    5 ❤
  • Sarah87 Mar 30, 2013
    With this drama, the screenwriter has proved her incompetence once again.
    You can't fill the episodes with a lot of flashbacks and useless and repetitive scenes with useless and stupid characters just because you're not able to make the story interesting. I feel like she has made a fool of the viewers all the time.
    This drama had a lot of potential and a lot of elements to be a masterpiece, if only the screenwriter knew how to do her job. It's really a pity.

    In spite of everything, I enjoyed watching it because of Jo Seung Woo and his portrait of Gwang Hyeon's character, I just couldn't take my eyes off him. I liked the OST, So Hyang's song is so beautiful, love at first listen. The instrumental pieces are heartwarming.
    5 ❤
    • Sandrose Mar 31, 2013
      ohhh so well said! I agree some things didn;t click but you can get used to it and you can enjoy the story at the same time. I really liked the main character and I got used to Lee Yo won's character, although I think she is better suited to play characters like Deokman. Even despite everything, I liked the interactions between Kwanghyong and Jiyong. The "villain: was weak, though. It's certainly not the best drama ever, but I thought it was a pleasant saeguk. I also liked Master Saam. I actually liked Yi San more..I think she is just a very uneven writer, Yi san made an impact even though it had perhaps too much of repeating the same things in the middle and yet Yi san had more of an impact on me, maybe because I really loved the title character and she made me love him because he was just a very good person. The horse doctor was also a very good person.
      1 ❤
    • Sandrose Mar 31, 2013
      I guess I have a weakness for such characters and moreover both Lee Seo Jin and Cho Seung Woo are very good in their respective roles. well too bad she didn't manage to make more out of it, but I wouldn't call it a bad story. I managed to really like it once I got used to it, but I just felt that this saeguk doeans;t really manage to stand out. So for me, Yi San was endearing, this was pleasant, but Dong Yi I hated the most. But still, I don't feel like my time was wasted on Horse Doctor. The idea was interesting and well-cast, it had some fun moments as well.
      1 ❤
    • Sarah87 Mar 31, 2013
      I liked Ji Nyeon's character too and she and Gwang Hyeon were cute together, in fact I wanted more scenes with them. The screenwriter could make better use of Ji Nyeon's character, though. Lee Yo Won has done a good job, even if, like you said, she is better suited to play characters like Deokman.
      I didn't really like Yi San, maybe I had too high expectations. I liked Yi San's character and Lee Seo Jin's performance was great, but the drama itself was pretty boring and didn't catch my attention. I couldn't help but skip a lot of parts while watching. (It was the same with Dong Yi)
      Horse Doctor is not a bad story, there are things that made me angry but, overall, it's still a heart-warming drama with a loving main character. Surely not a waste of time :)
      2 ❤
    • Sandrose Mar 31, 2013
      Oh true to that, their banter enlivened the series. Also the middle arc in China was nice since he did a lot of good and interactions with master saam and the girl were also fun. It was fun to follow. Songha could have been better used as well, I felt like he was a little lifeless in all this, I liked him but..he just didn't stand out enough. Well, I would say there was a lot of repetition in Yi San. Dong Yi annoyed me because of silly characters-the king was utterly stupid and annoying, for instance. maybe i was too harsh on it, though, but tbh I feel Ji Jin Hee was much better used in Jewel of the Palace.
      1 ❤
    • Sarah87 Apr 1, 2013
      Yes, Master Saam and the tomboy were funny, I like the way she calls the physicians: idiot 1, 2 and 3 X°D Seong Ha is such a bland character! I totally agree with you, another wasted character. The King in Dong Yi was excessively stupid, at first he was funny but then becames annoying.
      I want to watch Heo Jun from the same screenwriter that made Jumong, it's similar to Jewel in the Palace, hope it's good :)
      1 ❤
    • Sandrose Apr 1, 2013
      very much so, I was honestly wishing Bae Su bin would get the girl in Dong Yi- he was much more of a man for me than the King. oh, I didn't realise it's from the same writer as Jumong! Now that drama has got my full attention, and you just made me look forward to it with great anticipation, but I still have the original hur joon to watch so I"ll start with that first, i haven;t had a chance to get round to it so far.
      1 ❤
    • Sarah87 Apr 1, 2013
      I was referring to the original version :) I didn't watch it yet and I don't know why lol XD The remake has to be good, I'm reading a lot of good comments :) But I'll start with the original version first, too
      1 ❤
  • myt124 Mar 28, 2013
    this actually became one of my favorite sageuk dramas! love the ending! 50 episodes went by too fast! ost still playing in my head =)
    5 ❤
  • Dark_Howler Mar 27, 2013
    Coolest ending ever.
    3 ❤
  • _Rosie Mar 25, 2013
    I think its just 50 episodes not 51
  • Zounder Mar 14, 2013
    who knows who plays Song Ha's friend "Tae shik" ? i like his character :)
  • fuyushita_risou Mar 12, 2013
    yaaaay~ just two episodes left. I think I can start to watch it now, I believe I could never have gone through it, while it aired XD
    1 ❤
    • Sarah87 Mar 13, 2013
      Ep 48 has already aired in Korea but it's not available yet :(
      I want to watch it so badly but If I start now, I will probably devour all the episodes available in 1 week and then I'll have to wait for the last episodes and subs T_T I hate waiting!XD
    • fuyushita_risou Mar 13, 2013
      you can do this in one week? It must be a really good drama. I could pull that off with queen seon duk, but I believe I won't be able to do it with horse doctor. But if you really couldn't take it to wait for the last episode, schedule that drama for next week ^^
    • Sarah87 Mar 15, 2013
      If I like the drama very much, time permitting, I can marathon all episodes in 1 week. I'm so curious abouth this one, I like the story, the cast and the director, I just don't like the screenwriter (I would have preferred Queen Seon Deok and Dae Jang Geum's screenwriter, I didn't really like Dong Yi and Yi San).
      I just started another drama so I'll start this one next week. ^^ Hope it's good and it won't disappoint me!
  • RandNoel Feb 19, 2013
    I'm susch a Lee yo Won fan already, what's not to like. but am so far very impressed with Cho Seung Woo's TV acting, he deserved the award for sure. (I hear he hasn't done much TV) you couldn't prove it by me. The story's a trip Usual K-Drama/Sageuk pattern but like always got me watching every episode wondering what's next
    1 ❤
  • _Rosie Feb 11, 2013
    I cannot access Forums so leaving comment here for the admins.

    The wrong Joo Jin Mo is listed in the cast its this one thats in Horse DOctor....
  • Dark_Howler Jan 30, 2013
    Cho Seung Woo gives off fluffy feeling when he's acting as Baek Gwanghyun.


Horse Doctor

Horse Doctor


  • Main Title: Horse Doctor
  • Native title: 마의
  • Also Known as: The Horse Healer

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  • CountrySouth Korea
  • Aired: October 1, 2012 to March 25, 2013
  • Airs On: Monday, Tuesday
  • # of Episodes 50
    Average Duration 1 hr. 5 min. per episode
  • Genres: Historical, Medical, Romance


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