Well first of all, I started watching Drama back in...maybe 2008-2009? I don't remember exactly but it was generally around that time.

My rating really depends on my mood and the genre of the drama. A lot of stuff I've rated are in the 6~10 range.

Mostly, I admit, I lean towards Japanese dramas a lot more than I do Korean or Taiwan dramas (it's rare I watch China dramas) so that's my main focus. A lot of what I watch just depends on the kind of mood I'm in and what kind of genre I'm interested in, or if a drama really catches my interest.

I'm not a *huge* fan of melodrama and it has to keep my interest before I get bored. I am a speed watcher sometimes if things don't keep my interest, no regrets.

Typically I will decline a friend request if I see nothing on your profile, nothing on your feeds expect people saying thank you for the friend request, and nothing else in general.

Favorite Actors

1. Sato Takeru

He's adorable and I love his acting in pretty much every drama I've seen him in, he's one of the few actors I've loved throughout the years!


2. Kwang Soo

He's definitely one of my favorite Korean actors and he's my favorite person on Running Man. He always make me laugh and he does so well in his acting roles.


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