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I am a 30-something fangirl woman on my way to becoming a high school teacher.

I have been watching Asian dramas since 2013. The reason I started watching j-drama was because of the language. I was studying it (only a beginner class) and I thought watching some TV shows would be helpful. Little did I know that I was going to become a drama addict and then find myself on this lovely site along with all the other addicts! But I regret nothing! :D

My first drama was Rich Man, Poor Woman. Although I certainly didn’t find it flawless I fell in love with it. (I have not changed my rating since I added it to my list, and I don’t rewatch so I have no idea how I would like it now with more “experience”.) Once I had completed it, I wanted to watch something else but I had no idea where to begin. Then it occurred to me that that guy from RMPW was pretty easy on the eyes and I wouldn’t mind seeing more of him… and yes, I'm talking about Iura Arata. He was my first Dramaland crush (don’t you agree that he’s amazing?!) and that’s how it started, this addiction. Somewhere early on, perhaps it was my fifth drama, I watched Hana Yori Dango like an obsessed fool (seriously I think it must’ve been my guiltiest pleasure ever) and since then there really was no turning back.


At first I only watched j-dramas. I still do, but I have slowly started to watch dramas from other Asian countries as well. I’ve found that there are some k-dramas that I really love, like Beethoven Virus (love!!) and Nine Times Time Travel

Kang Mae...


My first Chinese drama was Sound of the Desert. My favourite of the two male leads is Jiu Ye, played by Hu Ge! My #1 c-drama crush! I watched him for the second time in Nirvana in Fire, the BEST drama in 2015, or perhaps even the best ever! (It caused me to actually go through my completed list and downrate lots of titles - except some of my first drama loves - because I'm just not the same person anymore, I think...) 


I like food dramas, family/friendship, feelgood, slice of life. And why not add a bit of romance to that! I don’t mind other genres, actually the only things I won’t watch would be horror and gore, or something that is only action. If I don’t like a drama, I drop it. 

Currently I'm watching Eternal Love/Ten Miles of Peach Blossoms. I don't like it very much except for some parts of it (the reason why I haven't dropped it). I like it even less than Journey of Flower which was filled with silliness but at least entertaining and with some awesome characters. It's a shame because I really want to like Chinese fantasy dramas because they look so gorgeous!! Maybe there are some good ones that I don't know about? Anyway the best part of Eternal Love is any scenes with Dong Hua and Feng Jiu. He's one of my types of male leads: intelligent, powerful, cool, strict and with an unattainable air, but also very kind, caring and attentive even though he doesn't want to show it much. (He is not arrogant, mean, controlling or wrist-grabbing!) 


A few words about my ratings (the same applies to movies). With time, as I have watched more dramas, I have gotten more spoiled with really great ones, and more restrictive with my ratings. Five is in the middle, and if middle means “average”, then I should rate my dramas according to this standard.

10: A drama that makes me feel like I can NEVER watch a drama again, because this one has spoiled me from ever loving another one. (Luckily, that’s not true, but I will always remember that the drama gave me this feeling.) 

9:  I loved it! I would not forget this drama, and would definitely recommend it.

8: A very good drama that I enjoyed a lot, but with some flaws. I may have liked it with my head more than with my heart, OR the other way around. I would recommend this drama.

7: It was a good drama and I enjoyed it. The flaws were minor and forgivable (I’m not too strict!). I would recommend it to someone who likes the genre.

6: This drama was good enough to keep watching, even though it was far from perfect. It had a few flaws and clichés and I was bored and/or annoyed at times, but I don’t regret watching it. I would recommend it to people who are biased towards the theme or the main leads.

5: It was mostly okay but nothing special at all. It was probably boring or had too many flaws to deserve a higher rating.

4: This drama had me more annoyed than pleased with it, it had too many things I don’t like (most likely an abundance of noble idiocy, crazy obsessive second leads, too many draggy parts, characters or scenes that didn’t make a lot of sense…). Or I simply didn’t like the style and/or genre and I was mostly bored before I was halfway through. I wouldn’t recommend it unless you have a deep and stalkerish love for the main leads. Overall I didn’t find it quite worth my time, but I don’t hate it. I could see why some people may enjoy it a lot more than I did.

3: I should have dropped this drama. It had something that kept me from dropping it, maybe a desire to see “what happens next” and/or I watched it for one or more actors. This is my lowest rating, for now, because if it gets any worse than this I drop the drama, and I don’t think it’s fair to rate dramas that I haven’t completed.

The .5 points are either an indication of how close the drama is to the next rating, OR a bonus for great acting despite the flaws of the story.

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A Stalker's Guide to Iura Arata <-- my #1 bias!! <3 :D :D :D



Takenouchi Yutaka is SO attractive!


Jiang Xin...


It looks like my taste is all over the place, right?! I know... And yes, there are women, because although you wouldn't guess it from my deep and stalkerish love for Iura Arata and Fujiki Naohito, I do like women in *that* way, and chances are you might see me being all fangirly about a lady from time to time. (I know, a few of these aren't Asian... but just to give you an idea of what I like.)


I liked EVERYTHING about the magnificent Nirvana in Fire; the cast was brilliant and all the characters a great joy to follow, but my guilty pleasure, I have to admit, was to ogle General Meng whenever he was on screen. 


Last but not least, the absolutely irresistible Fujiki Naohito!

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