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Mainly watch ROMANCE dramas with MELODRAMA aspect. Fantasy too.

Occasionally a romcom for lighter mood, however prefer deep, meaningful works over just light-hearted fun.

My ultimate OTP:    SHIP / ANGST!     

Mostly bored by happy / innocent puppy dog love (unless written extremely well),  prefer deeper passionate love, with sad undertones.   Addicted to emotional pain and sad stories.

Other genres I like:  Tragedy, Revenge,  Makjang(when done right), Psychological, Mystery,Life, Friendship,   TragiCom, Biography, Psychological thriller and gothic aspects. (But I generally dislike full on horror. While my tolerance for melancholy is unlimited, the tolerance for fear is very low.)

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I prefer Korean dramas, but also like Japanese and Taiwanese doramas, meanwhile I found most Chinese dramas UNWATCHABLE. They are CHEESY, SOULLESS and something about the culture/athmosphere is lacking, Korean dramas have more of a SENSUALITY/EMOTIONALITY/VULNERABILITY, not to mention the language is very beautiful, I find chinese/mandarin not beautiful at all in comparison.

Haven't really watched Thai Lakorns nor Hong Kong dramas yet, so can't comment yet on those.

VARIETY SHOWS watching list:

-Running Man   ep  5 / 300+ ... (ongoing)  +also watched  LDW eps 133,134,136  +JCW eps  +SNSD eps 

-We Got Married:  s2 YongSeo couple  Ep 11 / 51

-King of Masked Singer. Ep. 4 / ? 

-Immortal Songs 2.   Nro of eps watched.   3/ ?    (seeking  husky,raspy,unique korean artists/voices )

                xep 106 (Jo Deok Bae -folk legend.  MBLAQ (Mir!), The Position), 107 (Park Namjung -korean MichealJackson.  HotSechgodRG, SechsKies: Eun Jiwon,  god: Danny,  Teen Top's Niel and 100%, Flower), 108 (2013.7.30 aired. Sul Woondo -trot legend.  Park Hyun Bin -trot prince,  Ash Gray,  B1A4,  JK Kim Donguk).   

FAVE ARTISTS from the show (so far)+others I've heard of:  Jo Deokbae (folk),  Sul Woondo (trot), Park Hyun Bin (trot), Ash Gray.      MBLAQ, B1A4.    + Shin Sung Woo 

-Fantastic Duo.  Ep 0 ./ ?    Plan to watch 

-Singderella. Ep 0 / ?     Plan to watch 

-Infinity Challenge.  Ep  1 / ?

-Strong Heart  Eps 125 onward (LDW MC) ep 130 / 166

-Roommate  Season 1   ep  7 / 20

-Hello Counselour     A few random eps watched.

-Trick and True.    Ep 0 / ?    Plan to watch.  (Magic trick or science experiment?)


images?q=tbn:ANd9GcTG5V0Vu39G4eMzJzv2yOC  Hello Counselor 


FAVEORITE Variety Shows:   Running Man,  Hello Counselor, King of Masked Singer 

Favorite non-Asian music:  Within Temptation,  Dead Can Dance,  Renaissance,  The Alan Parsons Project,  Mystery,  Dark Sanctuary, Bonnie Tyler, Depeche Mode, Enigma, Echo & the Bunnymen 

Gothic/Folk/Melodic/neo-classical darkwave/new age music/native-american,tribal,shamanic,world 

Asian films not found on MDL watching list:

-Fukai Kawa Deep River (1995 Japan)    Plan to watch 

-The Cycle of Love (2010 Malaysia)        Plan to watch 

Me watching korean dramas:

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