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Planning to get things done today...who am I kidding

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-Criminal Minds

-Save Me

Recently finished : Tunnel, Whisper, Strong Woman DBS, Kleun Cheewit, Stranger

When life comes in the way of dramas 


though to be honest things are settling down so more drama time for me :)

Shows I have to get to someday:

Plan to watch list 

...there were too many to list and it keeps changing

But knowing me lists don't work so well, but I'll get to these and several more on my 'plan to watch' list eventually. What's next really just depends on my mood at the moment.

My story:

The first J-drama I saw and it convinced me to give Asian dramas a second chance.

 10-heart-gif-100.gifBloody Monday


Miura Haruma was totally awesome and really so was everyone in the cast, especially Sato Takeru ♥  

City Hunter was the start of my kdrama life, it should have come with a warning label. 


Seriously not kidding about the warning label. Don't even know how many times I have watched this show ♥ My favorite Lee Min Ho role, but Faith and Personal Taste were good too.

First Thai Drama and wow didn't know 

Full House could get this good


These two were just so adorable and I loved how natural their relationship felt. 

First Chinese Drama, never knew low EQ could be that adorable 


I would definitely recommend Love Me If You Dare, but fair warning it does get real serious and dark.

Doesn't Kmusic and Kdrama 

go hand in hand?











My scores might be a bit higher but that is because I rate heavily based on how much I enjoyed the show or if I get impressed by something. I add points for characters that stand out (characters I will remember a month after finishing the show). I only take out points for bad acting, bad dialogue and plot if it effects the enjoyment of the show. 

I never thought I would end up watching so many dramas, so at some point I plan to create a scale and rate the dramas according to that. 

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