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The Princess Wei Young (2016)

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The Northern Wei Dynasty was obliterated one night leaving behind the kindhearted Princess Feng Xin Er as an orphan. Although she escapes death, she accidentally enters her enemy's territory and she assumes the identity of Li Wei Young, the daughter of the Prime Minister. She suffers many hardships but eventually utilizes her wisdom and sense of justice to become a powerful woman as well as gaining a beautiful romance.

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    The Princess Weiyoung; Jin Xiu Wei Yang

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Dec 6, 2016
  • Overall 9.0
  • Story 8.5
  • Acting/Cast 10
  • Music 7.5
  • Rewatch Value 9.0
You know how, when you stumble on something so exciting and amazing that you just can’t help but tell your friends about it, even if it means going off on a tangent? This is that time, you guys.
Basically, it doesn’t matter if you don’t usually watch dramas from China, or if you don’t usually watch period dramas, or if you don’t usually watch long dramas. This drama is, objectively speaking, so read more splendid and magnificent that if you don’t check it out, you’d be missing out. Big Time.
Not even exaggerating, by the way.

1. The polish : Everything is carefully, lovingly, beautifully shot, costume and background music, everything is precisely, just-so perfect

2. The acting :The cast is a sprawling one, as befits the scale of the story, and from the principal characters to the secondary characters, to even the small, incidental characters, every single one is well-acted with his/her unique character, character development and plot twists adds a lot to the story and each character

3. The Romance : THE BEST, Great chemistry between the two main leads, with UH-Mazing cute scenes.

4. sisterhood and motherhood : this close palpable relations between main leads and secondary characters are so breath taking.

5. The villains : with their acting forced to hate them more and more with every passing episode.. they did great job

What a breathless, breathtaking journey. Equal parts brilliant and satisfying, and executed with such meticulous, fine care, The Princess Wei Young is definitely a drama for the record books.
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Dec 9, 2016
  • Overall 7.0
  • Story 6.0
  • Acting/Cast 7.5
  • Music 7.5
  • Rewatch Value 6.0
What a journey for Weiyoung. Though the latter half of the drama fell from grace somewhat, certain elements stuck through and made it overall an enjoyable watch. But it did not deserve 54 episodes of repetition that got seriously old past the halfway mark.

Story (6/10): For those who read the novel and are curious about the drama version, it would be wrong to even call it an adaptation for it is read more nothing like it. "Inspired by" is far more fitting and is to be used loosely here. In a nutshell, the drama version of Princess Wei Young is about a Liang princess who tries to avenge her fallen kingdom by taking up the identity of a forgotten, illegitimate daughter of a Prime Minister in the enemy state of Wei and along the way meets those who either want her dead or love her for her wits, character and bravery. Of course, the drama is littered with people who want her dead because how else will we know she is the heroine?

The premise is exciting enough, though nothing entirely original. But it did deliver in terms of entertainment for the first half and had everything you would want in a drama: good pacing, decent story, romance, action, a likable and brainy female lead who isn't afraid to punish her enemies seeing as this is a revenge drama. Then up until halfway, the story soon became draggy and repetitive with similar conflicts in different guises, lack of development/depth in characters who even seems to have gone through reverse development all of a sudden. Even Weiyoung who was supposed to be resourceful yet showed signs of being a damsel-in-distress in the presence of her Prince Charming (aka. Tuoba Jun), completed the transformation into a full on Mary Sue and in my opinion, stopped being everything we loved her for in the beginning. It no longer became a tale of retribution or justice, but pure laziness on the writers' part.

I blame the production for dragging the series out to 54 episodes, when it could have - and should have- wrapped up by 30-40 episodes.

Acting (7.5/10):

All I can say is if there is anything worth watching here, it's the chemistry between the leads Luo Jin and Tiffany Tang. The type to give you butterflies from the way they look at each other. Luo Jin is such a wonderfully talented and natural actor, he never overacts and his crying scenes are so well done. Not usually impressed by Tiffany Tang, but she did well here and I think a lot of it has to do with her chemistry with Luo Jin (4th collaboration and reel to real relationship!)
Didn't think much about the rest of the cast in terms of acting, but a few grew into their characters as the show went on. Vanness there is something awkwardly charming about the way he portrays his character - it grows on you even though his character becomes gradually more despicable. His dubber deserves a star.

Rewatch: For the romance maybe, and especially strong beginning up until episode 30 or so. Could skip the rest until the end. But sadly no, won't be rewatching this personally.

I almost feel like the drama deserves two ratings, one for the beginning up until episode 33 then for the rest.
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Both female leads are very smart and strategic
Both about princesses, however one is one seeking revenge while one does not know her true heritage
Recommended by coming_dreams
- It shows the same thing about a girl who survive in the cruel world by herself.
- The power of woman who are smart person.
- Fun to watch.
Recommended by Chan Buntith

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  • Reply
    zza 2 hours ago

    the number of times she is blamed for all sorts of things is ridiculous

  • Reply
    jinnborn 8 days ago - edited

    I had to put it on- hold, because I think there is no balance in this drama, like you don't see one of main lead for almost 4 episode, or at some episode, I saw the main leads for 2 min and then the whole episode was about side character, Also there is no balance between romance and all those scheming.

  • Reply
    KianaRose 14 days ago

    I actually prefer this to empress Ki (I know shock) I just find it easier to watch as empress Ki was mostly depressing moments the whole way through. Obviously not cinematically better (is that a word). Note I'm only half way through but super addicted right now!

  • Reply
    Carolina 19 days ago

    the ending was tragic and bittersweet but the storyline is really nice. the director did a great job on this.

  • Reply
    jinnborn 23 days ago

    I'm on episode 16 and I think we should give the prime minister a prize for the most stupid guy in whole world,he is supposed to be prime minister,he should be smart and strong, but he is so stupid and weak.

  • Reply
    KMR Jul 19, 2017 - edited

    Can you imagine a couple made of Wei Young (WY in the novel not the drama) and Lin Shu (of Lang Ya Bang) ???!!!!! They would rule the world.

    • Reply
      boby yang Jul 19, 2017

      so trueeee. I think tang yan+hu ge is pretty good considering the drama they starred together. But luo jin steals the spot:)

  • Reply
    blingelingeling Jul 19, 2017

    this drama is not really my cup of tea, there was just too much plotting and around the middle I started to feel really frustrated and pondered over not finishing this drama. I wouldn't recommend it.

  • Reply
    Juliana Carvalho Jul 18, 2017

    Boa noite! Não consigo assistir os episódios pelo computador, alguém poderia me ajudar por favor?

  • Reply
    zey Jul 15, 2017 - edited

    does touba jun ever learn that weiyoung is actually xin er?

  • Reply
    tncdel Jul 8, 2017

    Since posting my previous comment, I figured out who it was that Li Xinai reminds me of. Compare her pics to that of the deceased former comedian GILDA RADNER. And you will see a strong resemblance. Li Xinai has comedian type looks suited for making people laugh. But it makes me laugh how they MIS-CAST her supposedly to play the role of a great beauty in this drama.

  • Reply
    Barbara Goss Jul 8, 2017 - edited
    Reveal Spoiler »
    • Reply
      YukiTsubaki Jul 9, 2017

      Exactly what I'm thinking. Not only that but when she took over Wei Young's life and entered the manor there was one thing that annoyed me right away. Wasn't she a Princess from the Northern Wei Dynasty? I get that she has a tomboy personality but does she really not know any etiquettes at all? They didn't teach her at all? Anyways, I felt pretty exhausted watching this.

  • Reply
    tncdel Jul 8, 2017

    It was a bit ironic that many of the females who played the roles of palace maids were actually more beautiful than either Tiffany Tang, who played the leading role of Princess Wei Young, or Li Xinai, who played the role of Li Changle [supposedly the most beautiful woman in the whole kingdom].

  • Reply
    May Jun 22, 2017 - edited

    Someone should count how many times Wei Young was framed and how many times people tried to kill her. It happened in almost every episode lol

    • Reply
      moondust Jun 30, 2017

      If it was a drinking game, we'd all be wasted by now

  • Reply
    Antonin Jun 16, 2017 - edited
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  • Reply
    junj Jun 14, 2017
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