It hasn't been long since i was introduced into the world of K-Dramas, so i have not seen much, but from what i have seen there are alot of great stories to watch.

So far out of all the series i have seen also with a combination of looking at guests starring on variety shows some of my favourite actors are the ones stated on my page, with my favourite probably being Lee Seung Gi for my male star and Ha Ji Won for my female star and not just because both of these people are in King 2 Hearts although that was a great factor in that statement. 

Judging by my profile picture you can also see that i am a huge fan of Yoo Jae Suk so all variety shows starring him i have either watched or currently watching such as Happy Together, Family Outing, Running Man, Infinity Challenge, X-man, Come to Play.

Not just him but nearly all MC's i watch i seem to become addicted with XD

I also watch Japanese anime and Read manga as well as Japanese Dramas but prefer K-drama's instead.

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