Love Me if You Dare

Love Me if You Dare (2015)

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Getting inside the head of a violent criminal is not easy. But Simon, Bo Jinyan, a brilliant criminal psychologist, has the ability to get into the minds of even the most mysterious and violent criminals. He’s a professor at The University of Maryland and works as an analyst and advisor on the police department’s most violent or difficult cases. With the help of his young assistant, Jenny Jian Yao, Simon delves into read morethe thoughts and intentions of the criminal mind. As the daughter of a veteran police investigator with a deep sense of justice, can Jenny help Simon open up emotionally as they work together to solve crimes? ~~ It is based on the novel “Close Your Eyes, Stay Close to Me” by Ding Mo.

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    他来了, 请闭眼
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    He Has Arrived, Please Close Your Eyes;

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Jan 5, 2016
  • Overall 9.5
  • Story 9.5
  • Acting/Cast 10
  • Music 8.0
  • Rewatch Value 9.0
This drama was bindblowing, literally! I was 100% concentrated while I was watching it and it made me guess things all the time. I can guarantee this is must-watch for every crime drama fan!

So, Bo Jin Yan is criminal psychologist who solves difficult cases with help of his newly hired assistant, Jian Yao. At first like almost in every drama they concentrate on seperate cases. And like in most of crime read more dramas, there was something bigger in the background but I still say this is one of the most unique crime dramas ever.

Very professional, high-quality writing. Just as you have decided you have conclusion how a scene is going to end writers make a turn and will make you go like 'whaaaaaaat?!' I enjoyed the emotional rollercoaster of being surprised and not knowing what happens next. I'm sucker for good mystery/crime drama and this is the best I have watched for a long time! Ending episode threw me off the course and I was staring my computer screen mouth open :D

Leads had great chemistry and I enjoyed every awkward moment they had because of Jin Yan's serious character. I'm always drooling for handsome lone wolfs and it was adorable that IQ genius was struggling with romance.
Side roles were important and well written into plotline but I wish they would have had more depth into Zi Yu's character. He was the only side role I was excitedly waiting for to appear in every scene.

I liked how this drama didn't totally evolve to concentrate on romance element because most of dramas make that mistake. Instead they concentrated on Jin Yan's character and especially how he sees things inside his mind analysing criminal's mind.

Music was actually pretty good! I'm not a fan of chinese music, especially ballads but I fell in love with ending song~

So if you enjoy crime dramas with mysterious and exciting cases, adorable characters and little bit of romance, this is totally made for you!
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57 people found this review helpful
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Dec 23, 2015
  • Overall 10
  • Story 10
  • Acting/Cast 10
  • Music 9.0
  • Rewatch Value 9.0
Amazing performance. My first Wallace Huo drama! Wow, this drama seriously impressed me. I have high expectations for mystery/crime dramas since I watch a lot of American mystery/crime shows, like NCIS, which is super famous in the States. The style in this drama is different- more high-tech, gory, and psychological. I loved it!

Wallace lives and breathes his role as Bo Jin Yan. He's adorably awkward when it comes to romance, and read more level-headed when it comes to his job as a criminal psychologist. Wallace also plays his 'split personality'; very well, showing that he's a versatile actor. I think Sandra was the perfect cast actually. She's pretty, and yet she gives off a girl next door vibe, complementing Bo Jin Yan (Wallace) fabulously. In a way, their relationship reminds me of Edward and Bella from Twilight- cool, seemingly emotionless male lead and sensitive yet observant female lead that brings the warmth out of the male lead. In my opinion, they have great chemistry and Bo Jin Yan's cheesy lines were hilarious. I can't forget Jin Yan's love for fish. He loves to eat fish so much that it was part of the storyline-kind of cute. I actually didn't guess the ultimate Big Bad so I was shocked when the twist came out. In that respect, this drama did a great job because it kept me on my toes.

The cinematography was gorgeous as well, the fish eye lenses were a cool touch, and I loved the car, Andy. So high-tech, and hilarious-Andy's like part of the cast! The cases were interesting and not too predictable. Every case was drastically different so it didn't get boring. I especially liked it when Jin Yan does his criminal analysis because it's so interesting to listen to. The cases flowed well together and connected with one another, each case spanning around four episodes, and led up to the Big Bad storyline. Though it seemed like each case was separate, they were all ultimately connected to the Big Bad, and the drama explores the deepest aspects of human desire through the cases. All the leads had a backstory as well, lending more depth to the story, making the drama come more to life. It was a little graphic but not too intense/gory either.

I loved Zi Yu (Andrew Yin), he is the ultimate best friend. Their bromance was fun to watch and a good comedic relief from the serious tone of the crime investigations. Xun Ran (Wang Kai) was a good second lead but the drama never really gave him a chance to be a serious romantic threat to Bo Jin Yan. Nevertheless, I admired his dedication and willpower as a cop- his acting was also spot on. The beginning was a bit slow but it was needed to set up the story. It starts rapidly speeding up after around three episodes. This drama didn't drag that much; rather, it went by quickly in 24 episodes.

The music kept me barely breathing in lots of suspenseful moments so it definitely did its job! There was a lot of orchestral music which was a nice change from usual dramas.

Re-watch? YES! I will most definitely re-watch this and so far this is my favorite Chinese drama! I recommend this drama if you're into suspense, crime scene investigations, and lots of romance. I wouldn't recommend this if you don't like romance intertwined with crime scene investigations. That said, this drama was fantastic in all respects so I recommend it to everyone. (10/9.75)
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- Both have a serial killer on the loose that takes an interest in the main male lead.

- Both are set in the world of crime.

- Both possess the genres of romance and comedy (and are clearly showing it).

- Both have a romance where the main male lead is above the main girl (careerwise) --> In Suspicious partner she's his employee and in Love me if you dare she's his secretary/assistant.

- Both male leads have an interesting personality and are smart.

- Both male leads have high positions (careerwise).

- Both excel in their field of work (one as a profiler and one as a prosecutor/lawyer).

- Both male leads have experienced trauma in their past and are still suffering from it in the present.

- Both female leads have an interesting personality and are also smart.

- Both deeply engages in a complicated investigation of the serial killer that goes beyond a few episodes.

- Both have complex characters with their own internal battles.

- Both have multiple cases, regarding criminal investigations that have nothing to do with the serial killer but are separate cases.

- One is set in the world of the police while the other is set in the world of lawyers.

- One is produced in China while the other in South Korea.

- Suspicious Partner has 40 episodes while Love me if you dare only has 24 episodes.
Recommended by HealerDoge
> Male lead is extremely talented in his field of work.
> Both male lead's are related to the crime and investigation side of world fields.
> Both female leads are also in this field of work.
> Both female leads are assistants/ partners of the main leads.
> Both male leads have the main plot revolve around them, with a deadly past of their own.
> Both dramas have a happy ending.
Recommended by Soju

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  • Reply
    hmfacial 2 days ago

    This series is awesome so far. I'm only on episode 6, but am looking forward to binge-watching the whole series. I love the chemistry between the two leads and Huo Wallace is very nice to look at.

  • Reply
    Gulsen 5 days ago

    Is it just me or the first episode really loose? I was expecting a better start :/

  • Reply
    Meli 9 days ago

    what's memory lost parent story means?
    should i watch the parent story first or is there some corelation

  • Reply
    Antonin 17 days ago

    Love that this is undubbed. Helps me appreciate the Main Girl's voice. So soft and hushed!

  • Reply
    soojungstrash Jun 20, 2017 - edited

    im enjoying this, very nice story i like their acting the most Wallace is cool / episode 11 now

  • Reply
    Soju Jun 11, 2017 - edited
    Reveal Spoiler »
    • Reply
      abee Jun 17, 2017

      i thought i was the only one who was bothered by her crying lol

    • Reply
      Soju Jun 17, 2017

      Na girl, welcome me into the boat as well -.-

  • Reply
    Vegmeh Jun 5, 2017

    The best. 10/10 from me!
    Is there a season 2 coming?

  • Reply
    HAVA-RAVA May 23, 2017 - edited

    I liked it a lot. But there were some parts that seemed too awkward such as the conversations between English speaking characters and Chinese speaking characters. Every time it happens in dramas it's a huge turnoff. I think that the beginning of the drama was much stronger and the last 4-6 episodes were quite messy and seemed rushed. Nevertheless I still liked it and gave it 9.

    • Reply
      HAVA-RAVA Jun 4, 2017
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    • Reply
      Jaylan Jun 4, 2017
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    • Reply
      HAVA-RAVA Jun 5, 2017
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    • Reply
      Alex Black 7 days ago
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    • Reply
      HAVA-RAVA 6 days ago
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  • Reply
    Marlee Diroy May 8, 2017 - edited

    Highly recommended... Nice drama..every episode is breath taking...

    • Reply
      Soju Jun 11, 2017
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    • Reply
      Jaylan Jun 11, 2017

      @ٍSoju thank u so ^_^

    • Reply
      Alex Black 7 days ago
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    • Reply
      Jaylan 6 days ago
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    • Reply
      Soju 6 days ago - edited
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  • Reply
    Benedict Apr 24, 2017

    The series was alright until the "reveal" at the end. Which I have read is a change from the novel it was adapted from. I actually liked the novel's ending far better and I felt like it was done in this adaptation just to extend the series. And it did extend it, but it dragged heavily for me. Was 10/10 from me until the drag at the end.

  • Reply
    Michelle Apr 22, 2017 - edited

    is it a happy or sad ending?

  • Reply
    abee Apr 16, 2017 - edited

    does everyone from the FBI know how to speak in Mandarin.......

    • Reply
      Soju Jun 11, 2017

      Tell me about it .-.

  • Reply
    Alekwang Mar 25, 2017

    Ok i'm crazy in love with this! I started it because i was bored but omg this is exactly the type of crime/romance drama that i was looking for!

  • Reply
    Fran Mar 21, 2017

    I loved it so much. A masterpiece! <3

  • Reply
    Mighty_Brosia Mar 12, 2017 - edited

    I'm shifting into Chinese drama coz this is amazing!!!

    • Reply
      Gaijin77 Mar 13, 2017 - edited

      well after this one watch evil minds both seasons and then When A Snail Falls In Love

    • Reply
      Mighty_Brosia Mar 13, 2017

      Thanks for the recommendation. What about battle of Changsha?


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