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Both dramas focus on bullying and the darker aspects of high school in Korea.
Recommended by Kanra
While Angry Mom and God's Gift - 14 Days don't sound similar in synopsis, the feel of these dramas is very similar. Both of them have a plot that delves into corruption and how it trickles down into society and has an effect on everyone. With both dramas, you get the feeling that there is a lot happening behind the scenes. Also, both feature a mother having to resort to desperate measures to protect her daughter.
Recommended by Kanra
Though, Cheer Up has a light cheerful tone to it and Angry Mom has a darker tone to it, both dramas are set in high school and is about corruption. It also has Ji-soo in it.
Recommended by srabanibiswas
Mothers studying at the same school/college as their childrens...
Recommended by yumizi
Both drama focuses on bullying in school. The main character has a sense of justice and uses violence to solve problems.
Recommended by hammythehamster
Both have the protagonist as an adult high school student dealing with issues like bullying.
Recommended by kuay
If you liked angry mom you would like a woman cry, make a woman cry is less dark but pretty good for a weekend drama, I recommend you make a woman cry
Recommended by mikachan
Maybe I'm crazy but this japanese movie and this korean drama have some few similarities but I believe if you liked angry mom you'll love this movie
Recommended by mikachan
Both Dramas are about parents who fight for their children after what happened in school. They all want to figure out what really happened and due to the love for their children they seem unstoppable.
Recommended by shiroflower
The only similarity is that both dramas are about corrupted schools and bullying and main leads trying to change that. Gakkou no Kaidan is a bit more idealistic I would say.
Recommended by ramtina
Both dramas involve the suicide/possible murder of a high school student and work to unveil school corruption. Angry Mom is lead more by the adults while Solomon's Perjury is lead by a group of students. Angry Mom is a bit darker than Solomon's Perjury, but both have some humor and romance in them.
Recommended by sammy00070
The synopsis revolves around bullying. The drama/movie starts with the suicide of the bullied student. Bit by bit, their surroundings tries to undercover the truth behind this seemingly happy student. Also, Kim Yoo Jung plays in both.
Recommended by Sudosaure
both are dramas about corrupted education system with main leads who would do anything to change that for the better.
Recommended by Judy Inky
Both are about high school students. Both are really good dramas, not really centered around romance. However, there are some cute realitionships in both of them. Angry mom is more darker in my opinion.
Recommended by BPetra
Different plots on the whole, but I feel like both sort of tell the story of a person that was backed into a corner and how she tries to fight her way out. Also, both dramas deal with both very evil characters and those with shades of gray. Both are on the darker side (AM is Def darkerr) with specks of humor. Finally, both have story that really sucks you in.
Recommended by Hanah