Love O2O Episode 23

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Mistaken identities in game continue to wreak havoc in real life, Wei Wei and Er Xi's friendship is on the line.
  • Aired: September 02, 2016

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Jan 30, 2018

Truth came out ????

?When you have friendship goals like what ErXi and Weiwei have... And bf so sweet like YY ?????????

?FINALLY, TRUTHS BE REVEALED. This will make big ways for ErXi-CaoGuang love story. Atleast, please grant us this.?

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Sep 17, 2016

"Why wouldn't I trust my girlfriend?"

"Why wouldn't I trust my girlfriend?"

Ah, with those words Xiao Nai has made it on to the top of my great Drama Guys list! *_* Not to mention the trust between Wei Wei and Xiao Nai elevates it above most of the dramas out there. It saddens me how rare it is to find a drama where the leads trust one another and have such a great (read healthy) relationship. Better yet is that Xiao Nai let Wei Wei handle the situation herself.

True he did meet up with Cao Guang at the end to put a little more force out there. But I think sometimes a guy needs to hear he's been a jerk from another guy.

I've been so focused on Cao Guang and Er Xi becoming a couple that I've been willing to overlook what a jerk Cao Guang is. Even if Wei Wei was double timing Cao Guang's plan was despicable. Not to mention that he didn't even do a 100% job of making sure the person he'd hurt would be his target.

On top of that Er Xi is acting crazy towards Wei Wei. In the line of Cao Guang mistaking her for Wei Wei I totally get it. Er Xi was crushing on her game husband, and it hurts. Though at the job stuff she did use Wei Wei's username. However, I believe that the main issue is that the guy she liked was only after Wei Wei.

Now I'm just disappointed in the Er Xi and Cao Guang pair up! Because he's a jerk.

Hopefully next episode Er Xi and Wei Wei can make up. Girls before jerks. That's the law of girlfriends.

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