Love O2O Episode 24

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Wei Wei temporarily moves out of Xiao Ling's apartment and stay overnight at Xiao Nai's. After discovering Reed Wei Wei's true identity, Zhen Shui tries to pursue Wei Wei.
  • Aired: September 03, 2016

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Jan 30, 2018

Excellent representation of ErXi!

?I am really engaged in this ep. First time in the series did I ever feel the emotions and the characters. Noooo huhuhu. You guys are cute bffs, please make up. Can't wait for the next ep!?
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Sep 17, 2016

I get both sides.

The writer has done an excellent job of showing Er Xi's reasons for being made. She doesn't want to be jealous of Wei Wei or blame her. However, you can see why unconsciously she does. You can also see how it's wrong and that Wei Wei is not at fault.

The reality is that they both need to realize that you don't like conniving men break up a friendship.

I thought it was sweet that Xiao Nai says he's Wei Wei's "everything" now. However, I think it's cold to say Er Xi is just a small part of Wei Wei's life. They're best friends and have lived together how long. Friendships are a big part of life, just like a boyfriend/husband you choose those relationships and important they are to you. While it's never confirmed whether Er Xi and Wei Wei are simply college friends or life long, they clearly are very important to one another.

I don't like seeing the two fight! Make up soon girls.

Shao Xiang is already scheming and so is my mind. I could see him turning out to be a good match for Er Xi.

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