Just Between Lovers



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leads in both dramas were involved in each other’s pasts some way or another and both go through traumatic events and meet years later. also they both have the same actor who plays the younger version of the ml
Recommended by lololol
Both have that dark and desperate feeling to them. Very realistic and wonderful characters along with excellent story telling that grips you.
Recommended by Hasumi17
The difference in status of lovers, trauma and illness and how family and society viewed their relationship. Community issues and cast of characters that create great sub plots. Also the soft flow, pace and setting of this drama was very similar.
Recommended by Cat
The leads have both experienced painful things in their pasts. While watching, they both have a similar feel, though the plots are quite different.
Recommended by whoisjess
Both are like a movie. Two people are connected by one tragedy, fall in love with each other, and managing their wounds. Both are deeply psychological dramas.
Recommended by Nanotao
The dramas' stories revolve mainly around one big accident which occurred in the past. In addition, one of the genres in definitely romance with feelings blossoming between the main characters,
Recommended by hardpliers
They both are not your typical love story.A realistic drama about the hardships and struggles in life. A great storyline about finding true love. A must see for everyone who wants tearjerker dramas.A plausible performance from the actors and actresses. I just loved everything about it.It shows the real meaning of love and family.
Recommended by Charness Overload
8.2 MARS (2004)
Both dramas have are similar wistful tone and are dealing with overcoming and healing emotional trauma after a tragedy through love and understanding.
Recommended by Mary
The atmosphere is really common. Not the story, not the background, but the atmosphere itself, a bit dark, a bit hopeless.
Recommended by Lez
The story of both dramas portrays real life story and characters which are imperfect and every person has his angle of story in their life.
Recommended by Neel1902
Minus the funny scenes which made kill me heal me lighter and dark aura seems bearable. but both dramas focus on the traumas the leads had when they were kids and they are entangled in that past experience.
Recommended by ilanputo
Well, not necesarilly have similar story. But the vibe of sangdoo have similarities with just between lovers. Since it's oldies drama the feeling of poor background of our hero seems more ground and real in sangdoo.
Recommended by missjb21
It's melodrama, Directed by the same Director, Kim Jin Won. You will see abit similarities in terms of tone. Both male lead has the same curly hair, sad eyes, and live in a poor family background. Both drama start from circumstance which make our leads trapped in the past because of one traumatic event that make their life changed.
Recommended by missjb21