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Let's share our ultimate top 5 and help each one of us discover the beauty of these dramas! These are just my own opinions. Share a lil something about the drama to REALLY make us watch it. No Spoilers Please!

Weightlifting Fairy Kim Bok Joo
- Fun and refreshing! Perfect after finishing a sad, disappointing, or hard-to-forget drama.

2. Healer
- This is just perrrrfect.

3. Reply 1994
- I love the characters SO BAD and you can relate to them as well.

4. Queen In Hyun's Man
- You will feel the love between In Hyun and her man. For real!

5. Oh My Ghost
- This has the cuteness, romance, mystery, and suspense all in one amazing drama!

That's it! Let me know if we have the same faves. Happy watching!
six flying dragons
love from another star
life is beautiful
reply 1988
pied piper
@Panda I am definitely going to watch Signal!
1. Oh My Ghost 
- Excellent acting by the entire cast, chemistry filled. 9.5/10 

2. Healer 
- Ji Chang Wook. 10/10

3. Ugly Alert 
- Don't get frightened by the number of episodes, I've yet to come across anyone who regretted completing it. Most people got hooked right from the start! Get ready your tissues though, it's going to be a ride. Best family drama I've ever watch. Awesome female lead too. 9.5/10 

4. Another Miss Oh
- A very unique and relatable female lead. Great comedy scenes. 9.5/10 

5. Pied Piper 
- Very underrated drama, solid acting by cast. I've never come across a plot like theirs which focused on negotiation team and it was suspenseful. 9.5/10

Very close runner ups : Jealousy Incarnate, Signal, Naked Fireman 
+1 to ugly alert. watched it twice
the cast did a great shop to make this daily shine
@seoparkang @Panda Ugly Alert has 133 episodes??? Yet the comments say it's really great. I'll put this on my list. And Pied Piper too!
Considering how each episode has around 30 mins, you can think of it as a 66 episode long drama if that helps. Regardless, it's still really worth the watch. I've recommended it to plenty and everyone loved it! I've personally rewatched it many times :D 
1. Signal
- It's gripping from the beginning to the end. Best mystery/thriller drama I've seen. 9.5/10

2. Healer
- Great mixture of action, suspense, comedy and romance. The chemistry between the leads was sizzling. 9.5/10

3. Empress Ki
- Excellent plot. Don't be scared because of the 50 episode thing. It's addicting, fast-paced and an emotional rollercoaster. 9/10

4. Six Flying Dragons
- It also has 50 episodes but I didn't really notice them. It was a very intelligent drama with great action scenes. 9.5/10

5. Dear My Friends
- Such a honest and pure drama with endearing characters. It's very realistic. 9.5/10
1. Reply 1988
- The only drama I watched that I didn't hate anyone. Everyone is just too relatable. The acting is on point.

2. Weightlifting Fairy Kim Bok Joo
- This drama made all warm and fuzzy inside. The only bad thing about this drama is that it doesn't have a season 2.

3. Age of Youth
- If you want a simplistic and cute story with well developed characters, this drama is perfect for you.

4. Moon Lovers: Scarlet Heart Ryeo
- I was kind of hesitated to watch this drama, but I'm so glad I did. SO. MANY. FEELS. I don't remember when was the last time a drama gave so many feels.

5. Healer
- Ji Chang Wook. Park Min Young. Kim Mi Kyung. Do I need to say anything more?
1.My Girl
This is really funny and meaningful for me... It has good Osts,too.^^.

2.Master's Sun
You'll like the touch love between the characters.Super plot, super final ^.^ 

"If you are fated you will meet, If you don't give up the dream comes true."

4.Gap Dong
There is a lot going on...Good vs evil, you know.

5.Kill me Heal me
Shin Se Gi
  • Vacation: An old DB5K four-episode drama that's all sorts of chuckles. I remember there being ahjummas in here and getting a good laugh from them
  • Tree with Deep Roots: Recommended to me by my Korean professor saying it gives insight to how Hangul was first developed, obviously with fictional elements to create a drama rather than a documentary. I learned a bit of linguistics from it. I'm not big on romance either so it was just enough to reel me in.
  • Cinderella's Sister: It's not exactly the traditional Cinderella, but you meet a sad girl who grows up through trials and errors and ANGST. Everyone has some kind of story. There's romance. If you like Taecyeon he's here.
  • Pasta: This is where I fell in love with Gong Hyojin's acting and convincing me she was a chef. It surrounds an Italian cuisine inspire restaurant. Again, not big on romance being everything; it's a career-focused woman where romance just happened to be an adventure that could meld with it.
  • Futureless Things: A movie, not a drama. It's the different stories of the workers of a convenience store, which is genius because convenience stores are such a staple in South Korea's lifestyle that everyone at some point intersects here. Fair warning it can be kind of trippy.
1. Gap Dong: Definitely my all time fav. Ive never hated and loves the villain that much before, Ive never cried that much in the last episode and just overall there is not one thing I didn't like about it. Reccommended it to many friends, everyone loved it! (Even my teacher)

2. Signal: The Acting and the OST already did the job for me, but then the story was amazing as well. Thrilling until the last episode

3. Secret Garden: A classic that I just can't miss on this list. Its what really brought me into the kdrama world and I still can't stop laughing everytime I see the name Oscar.

4. It's okay that's Love: Story wise this one is the best, I'm just more into thriller/crime dramas. I can't think about any other couple that had such a good chemistry and where every kiss had a meaning.

5.The last one for this list is Liar Game. I still need a season two of this masterpiece. I love it, from ep 1 until the end. I loved all the games and how "real" the drama was kept. It was weird, like watching an actual TV Game Show, where you will have your favs and cheer them on. And, the two main actors were amazing. I love both of them and together it was even better.

Besides that, its dramas like School 2013, I hear your voice and Reply 1997 that I would reccomend everyone to watch, especially School 2013. It was so refreshing not having any love triangles, breakups, everything romantic hehe. Just two friends finding to each other again.
1.Cruel City
2.(my 2nd is undecided as there are many contenders for this place)
3.On The Way To The Airport
4.It's Okay, That's Love
5.Golden Time
6.The Master's Sun
romantic doctor teacher kim
6 flying dragon
jewel in the palace
tree with deep roots
This is Highly RECOMMENDED!!
1. CRUEL CITY- dont hesitate its a must watch
2.Queen Seon Duk
3. Tree with deep roots
4. Fated to Love You korean
5.Love Me if you dare