Name one food, dish or drink and post a picture from the web (or your own) that shows what it looks like.    

I'll start:  Korean snack....Seaweed cubes with quinoa and sesame


Korean Ramyun noodles (mild) and soy drink
My Korean friends made me kimchi pancakes (loved them) and I think I had black noodles (didn't tell me the name, but that's how it looked). The noodle dish was not my favorite. I eat Korean dried seaweed quite regularly because it's available at our local stores. Great snack.
Samyang Nagasaki Spicy Seafood Noodle Soup (삼양 나가사끼 짬뽕)


Oh, My God. I live with Korean so my stomach is approved :D
I ate today kimchi jjigae, bulgogi, rice and fried sweet kimchi ^^
@rose - what are those called? I see them all the time in korean and Chinese dramas (product placement lol)
I eat kimchi a few times a day(it's similar to something we eat alot in my own culture), but apart from it I've had a Ramyun and Korean Plum Wine.
@Antonin Binggrae Banana Flavored Milk