I’ve watched alot of Jdorama. Are there any Jdorama you rated 9 or 10 that I have missed?

*I’m gonna make an effort to try at least one show you recommend!

**Please only recommend shows that I have not watched.

***I prefer not to watch remakes, or shows I have seen in another format, or subsequent seasons of shows that I have rated poorly.

****Please only recommend shows with Eng Subs.

*****Would be great if you can tell me what you really liked about the sow.

Thank you all!

I don't give tens or nines easily. ATM I have one drama rated a 10 (a kdrama) and one drama a 9 (Juhan Shuttai, which you have on hold). if you don't mind me suggesting some of my strong eights, however:

  • family's form
  • candy house
  • tokyo tarareba musume
  • ishi no mayu

Nightmare  teacher. 

My only 10 is a Japanese movie, Love Exposure. Among my 9 (I have only 10 among 111 movies/dramas), I could recommend Dear Sister and Rich Man Poor Woman for romance and Kurosagi or Ouroboros for suspense/action.

Hello Bannie!

From 2017:
I gave a ten to "Byplayers", but I'm afraid there are no English subs. I gave a nine to "Izakaya Fuji" but again, I don't know about English subs for this show. Finally, I gave a ten to "Quartet" and I'm pretty sure you could find English subs for this.

Good luck in your search for new dramas!

One that I recently watched and was surprised how much I liked it was: 

Minami-kun no Koibito: My Little Lover 9/10

I don't see this on your list, but it's my absolute favorite... Tiger & Dragon!! 

All my 10´s you already watched them, so I'll post my 9.5 and 9

Byakuyako (9.5)

Tumbling (9.5)

Rookies (9.5)

Itazura na Kiss - Love In Tokyo 2 (9.5) and 1 (9)

My Girl (9.5)

Aoegeba Toutoshi (9.5)

Taiyou no kisetsu (9.5)

Hotaru no Hikaru (9)

Koizora (9)

Now that Season 2 is currently airing, I recommend you "Kounodori", which for me was a well-deserved 10.

I am very kind so I gave 9 10 so easily but I like the most Love 02, my father is strange , boss and me, strong woman Doo dong soon, my little lover minamikun, refresh men etc etc

I'll try not to repeat those already mentioned :

Akira to Akira (10/10)

Ashita no kita Yoshio (10/10)

Kieki no Hito (10/10)

Atami no sousakan (9.5/10)

Destiny like love (9.5/10)

Petero no Souretsu (9.5/10) (it's the second season of Namonaki Doku)

Wakamono Tachi (9.5/10)

I didn't mention those I rated a 9 cause there are too many.

The one's I've really enjoyed that weren't on your list:

Juhan Shuttai

Dame na Watashi ni Koishite Kudasai

Family's Form

Kahogo no Kahoko

Switch Girl

Suki na Hito ga Iru Koto

Suki na hito ga iru koto and Last Cinderella are two of my favorite J-dramas. If you don't mind something a little older the original Hana Yori Dango and Hanazakari no Kimitachi e are classics ^^

A Live, A Love


And most definitely the drama Hundred Million Stars in the Sky.

I second the recommendation for Last Cinderella! It was such a fun drama to watch :) If you're up for something with a serious tone and a lot of tearjerking moments check out Soredemo ikite yuku. It's definitely a 9/10 for me and I'm so stingy when I rate things haha