Hated a main character that everyone else likes?

Having the worst second lead syndrome but no one else shares your pain??

Can't stand the hair, style, makeup, or soundtrack of a drama???

If so, post about your unpopular opinions related to any Kdrama or movie!!

I'LL START: Personally I don't get why people were crazy about cheese in the trap.. To me, it was annoying and both leads were dumb in the end #sorrynotsorry

(I did love the second male lead though)

I found Boys over flowers awfully boring and silly and I wanted to kill Kim Hyun Joong (I still have that piano melody drilling my brain) everytime he appeared onscreen. Actually, I think I wanted to kill almost every single character except for So Lee Jeong, but just because... Kim Bum <3
And in terms of sexiness, even Jung Eui Chul wearing vampire teeth was above every guy in that drama #sorrynotsorry
I didn't really like My Love from Another Star...
I thought it had great potential, and the acting was good, but the plot just...vanished during the second half of the drama
I really disliked Coffee Prince, Secret Garden, and Boys Over Flowers.

I think many of the popular actors are overrated. Not bad actors, but I don't understand the hype either... Many come across as just average to me and fail to leave an impression.

I love dramas that have a strong storyline without romance: White Christmas, Bleak Night, Liar Game, Angry Mom, Signal, God's Gift - 14 Days, Pluto, etc. And even dramas that have romance but it doesn't overwhelm the storyline like Cruel City.

I loved 49 Days, especially the ending.

I tend to prefer complex antagonists and scheming or eccentric secondary characters to the main leads.

I sometimes have the impression that idols aren't the best actors, but have recently been very impressed by three actors who turned out to be idols: Baro (in God's Gift and Angry Mom), Do Kyung Soo (in I Remember You), and Yook Sung Jae (in Who Are You - School 2015). I was really surprised to find out they were idols.
- The Crucible isn't a masterpiece as everyone made it to be. Its cinematic qualities don't stand out, there's no showcase of any acting powerhouse, the writing is bland and offer no depth or insight beside the true story it was based on.
- SFD is neither as smart nor as neatly written as its sibling TWDR. TWDR managed to make a simple concept to be something grander than life while SFD, sometimes, is the opposite. Anyway, I still love SFD.
- Dear My Friends tries too hard to be poignant that it comes out as contrived. 
- LJS play similar characters over and over again; a brave, capable, tortured, cheeky dude with a golden heart who loves the girl (and/or his bro) verrry passionately. Well he's good at playing it.
- The 'antiheroes' from Bad Guys don't even have a single shady or evil streak in their hair, the show is too busy making them cool and sympathetic. Duh. Also I can't buy the whole premise of this show. Why they need help from criminals to solve cases when investigators should have learned criminal behaviors since eons ago they supposed to know better about criminals than the criminals themselves, except if it's a really rare case.
- Bridal Mask in a nutshell: nonsense writing that wrapped in a pretty package that please your senses and pump your adrenaline.
- Signal only did okay job as a crime show. Why does it bug no one that the sci-fi/fantasy element is just there for plot-device?
I don't get the hype of Descendants of the Sun. In my opinion there is basically no plot and too much cheesiness.
I think the interactions between the main couple were dull. Their personalities seemed to be so perfect that I couldn't sympathize with them.

(I loved the scenery and OST's though) 
It's Okay That's Love is extremely shallow as a drama about mental illness.
I thought Secret was awful. Ji Sung was a crazy and abusive stalker. That whole romance was completely unfathomable, unrealisic and extremely unhealthy.
I disliked The Heirs very much. Everyone else was hyped about it and I was like "why is this so popular?" Crappy story and female lead who only knows how to cry. Only plus was all that eye candy but even those actors didn't make the heirs interesting for me.

Other thing is that even though I like 'You who came from the stars" I dislike Jeon Ji Hyun very much. YWCFS is my favorite dramas and I like to re-watch it but rewatching is hard because I don't like Jeon Ji Hyun...
In Dear My Friends, Wan and Yoon-ha (the characters played by Go Hyun-jung and Jo In-sung) bore me to death. Other viewers seem to love their relationship and want them together, but I couldn't care less.
The romance in City Hunter was totally stupid and ruined the action. I could have done without that female character period tbqh.
I thought Secret was awful. Ji Sung was a crazy and abusive stalker. That whole romance was completely unfathomable, unrealisic and extremely unhealthy.

ooooh I also didn't really like Secret. But my main reason for that is the main female leads stupidity. Who the hell goes to prison for someone else's crime!? Intentionally!!!?

It's also why I've stopped watching Innocent Man. The same idiocy at work. And by the reviews I saw the idiocy won't go away

The romance in City Hunter was totally stupid and ruined the action. I could have done without that female character period tbqh

True, they could've totally done without it, cuz it wasn't thought out at all

And I really hated the main reason for all the angst & drama in Love Rain - it was completely stupid & unreasonable!
Why the hell couldn't the main couple be together just because their parents were lovers in the past more than 20 years ago and now reunited want to marry!? The main hero & heroine are not related by blood and neither did they grew up together as siblings, they were complete strangers who met & fell in love, so what if their parents re-met as well and want to marry thus making them step-siblings? That does not make the younger couples relationship incestuous or gross or morally objective in any way! Aaaaaaagh! It made me sooooo angry! Still does!
I just finished watching Signal, which was truly excellent!  I know most people agree. but the lead actor Lee Je Hoon, I wanted to slap him and tell him to "wipe that face off your head".  He literally had the same facial expression the whole time, and that expression was like he was constipated.  Any time his character was thinking he just slowly turned his head from side to side.  Urgh.  he drove me nuts.  And all the other actors were so great.  I may have rated it a 10 instead of 8.5 if they'd cast a better lead.  
@Rouzmary, i think the thing with Love Rain is a Korean legal issue.  I think it has to do with having to register family members and so when the parents marry and register as husband and wife, the kids are automatically registered as sibling which makes their relationship illegal.  Which is *spoiler* why they went to america and married there, it doesn't change the family registry in Korea.  I think it's an old hangover law on the books.  Someone who knows more about Korean Family Registries, let me know if i'm wrong.
@Nat hmmmm hadn't thought of that. That does make a good point from legal perspective ;)

But it still doesn't abate my anger 'cuz in the drama they totally did not even once mention or act like the only problem would be legalities, they made it seem like it's the end of the world for them to be together.

Oh, well, still, thanx for pointing that out Nat! It did slightly lessen my anger XD