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'Bout me: ...Usually A Nice Soul With Her Sole Character...

How I got here (since most people seem to write it, why not me? :D) : I'm an otaku in the wrong western meaning (or is it?), meaning (lol) that I'm a fan of manga & anime (maybe not quite an obsession, but close enough). And I do have friends & social life, btw.

Sooo since I'm a fan of manga/anime, of course I also want to see the live action adaptions! I think some few years ago the 1st one that got me on this thinking was Goong aka Princess Hours (for some reason movies don't count, don't ask why...maybe didn't cross my mind), but it didn't really take for some reason, so I abandoned it. 

Then some while later I tried it again...still didn't go, but then 'bout the beginning of this summer 2015 I found out that Skip Beat also has an was good! Not great/amazing ('cuz just like with books, they can't surpass, at the most can be equal), but good enough that it got me to try watching not only manga/anime adaptions, but other Asian dramas!

Empress of China.

The 1st one I tried & that's all it took to get me totally hooked. I love historical stuff. I prefer romance stories. I've always been interested in ancient China, Korea, Japan etc. cultures. It's got amazing costumes & scenery - love 'em. Music is almost like air to me. Despite knowing it will make me cry I still love to watch dramas & tragedies, 'cuz they're usually the best ones ('thou happy ending is appreciated and would be nice). ... You can see how I got hooked.

Then as the 2nd came The Moon that Embraces the Sun and I was doomed. All of the above mentioned + fantasy? Euphoria. 

Hooked & doomed. 

P.S. Since Asian dramas now have got their hooks into me (tv serials (ya know - american, uk's etc) already got me years ago & then renewed their hooks these past few years) & won't let go (not that I really want them to, lol) just like manga/anime/books/music/movies/etc (a lifelong hobby/obsession), chances are I'll be here pretty often, so unlike other places - twitter/facebook/youtube/whateverelse, here I probably will answer to messages. Once I'm here :D 

So if you've got any questions just ask and I'll answer ^^

P.P.S. First I watched dramas on only dramanice (couldn't have done it without that, thanx so much to all those people who make it work) and then eventually other sites if a drama wasn't there and now I found this awesome site - mydramalist. People love lists (most of us), me included, so imagine my joy when I came upon this it doesn't have the drama episodes online, but it's got the info! Dramas, movies, actors - release dates, episode count/length, cast, actor's other dramas & movies, etc. And the possibility to sort all dramas into have seen/plan to watch etc lists. Paradise :D

Now...if only I could learn Chinese & Korean fast :D 

'Cuz waiting for raws to be subbed is hell :D 

The Waiting -  It has become my good (not) well acquainted friend/companion these few years...mainly because of Game of Thrones (nearly a year between seasons T_T ) and book releases.

(Japanese was already on that list years before)

P.P.P.S. (that's a lot of p's now...;p wonder just how much it'll gain with all these updates that come along  with time XD) While it's nice that people wish to add me as a friend, I'd appreciate if it would only be done in case one wishes to know me, communicate with me, share the fondness for drama or other interests and et cetera. 

In case it's done only to increase the friend count or other such reason and have no intention to "talk" in pm or forum (or we had interacted through pm or forum before), please don't send the invite. I don't see the point in making my friend list huge when I haven't even talked to the person or know anything bout him/her. I'd like to keep it as close to those I've interacted with as possible ^^

Well, that aside, if one simply wishes to ask or tell smt to me, go ahead, don't mind at all, it can simply be done through pm, no need to add anything if one does not wish/need to, also, if for some reason I've caught your interest/attention even thou we haven't directly communicated before, do feel free to send the invite, just let me know 'bout it and we can start our acquaintance from there :) 


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