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So like cuddling, affection, it's obvious they like each other....can be before or after they get together.  Or....something with lots of sexual tension and maybe teasing?  Good chemistry I suppose.  Or like sexy moments...stuff like that.  I tried watching the black devil and white prince and dropped it as soon as he bit her ear.  That is NOT sexy.  :P bleh

well if you're looking for sexy moments, you'd have to look for something that probably has older viewer advisory warning. You might like 'My PS Partner' Korean movie romantic comedy. Female lead accidently phones wrong guy with phone sex type of call she intended for her bf. That is how she meets male lead, after being phone friends for awhile they later decide to meet in person and hook up.
Most dramas don't always seem to showcase much sensuality since they want to appeal to a wider audience. In some scenes it's implied what is going to happen but they won't show it. 

I really like the chemistry and flirty moments in Go Ho's Starry Night. But it focuses more on character chemistry and male lead really yearns for female lead in that one.
I can think of :

Noble My Love
Secret Romance

anything with Sung Hoon is might fit ur description. hehe
Go Ho's Starry night is a great example.  I'm ok if it glosses over the actual sex, not looking for porn lol. But like in Boss and Me, things start to get frisky and he carries her off to the bedroom, giggling.  Cuddly moments...just so it's obvious they like each other.  
those moments are so cute! I would then rec the flirty chemistry in Plus Nine Boys (same male lead as Go Ho), Marriage not Dating, My Secret Hotel, Flower Boy Next Door.
Secret Romance sounds like one I'm interested in, just kinda holding onto it for a while without watching it right away cause I'm kinda a dork.  lol  

Yeah, there's just not enough like happy fluffy relationship moments in dramaland, and a lot of angst.  Lol I haven't actually seen any of those dramas, but a couple of them are on my to watch list, knowing there's cuddly moments in them bumps em up the list.  Hard to know stuff like that just from summaries.  
I don't like all of these dramas, but they all have skinship and sexual tension

Listed in order of my enjoyment

Splash Splash Love
Witch's Romance
Oh My Ghost
Weightlifting Fairy Kim Bok Joo
Legend of the Blue Sea
Valid Love
Nine: Nine Times Time Travel
Secret Love Affair
+1 Plus Nine Boys
Queen In Hyun's Man
Mary Stayed Out All Night
Buzzer Beat
Tomorrow With You
For super adorable couples:
Strong Woman Do Bong Soon
Weightlifting Fairy Kim Bok Joo

Both of these dramas had main couples where the male lead was into the female lead from the beginning. Once they became "official"-OMG the cute moments never stop, and nice kisses as well.

Lots of skinship:

1% of Something/Something About 1%- the drama starts off a bit slow, but then it's kisses galore.
Another Oh Hae Young/Oh Hae Young Again- the second half of the drama has lots of sexy and sweet moments between the main couple. Ep. 9 has what could arguably be the kiss of the decade for KDramas-full of sexual tension

Couple Chemistry and Nice Kisses
Marriage Not Dating
Oh My Ghostess
Murphy's Law of Love

Sexual Tension (with a side of crazy)
Secret-with Ji Sung and Hwang Jung Em-amazing chemistry between the leads
Summer's Desire-this drama is totally crazy and a guilty pleasure in the "so bad it's good" vein  but sexual tension galore as the 2 male leads fight over the female lead. For skinship it's hard to beat with lots of hot kisses and even a bed scene. 

Korean dramas make a big deal out of the casual intimacy that's normal between couples. Kissing always has to be this big, orchestrated event; it's rarely ever spontaneous, casual and easy as with normal, real life couples.

What I mean by spontaneous, casual and easy is when the couple take every (or most) opportunity to be intimate in some way -- french kiss, kiss on the forehead, sitting very close to each other & sharing an intimate touch, cuddle, cuddle & kiss, generally touchy feely with one another, make love and so on. Without such interactions seeming planned or orchestrated ... they just happen, you know what I mean ... because that's what people in love do. They are drunk on one another & can't stop touching and kissing each other in some form or another.

The only drama that I have seen that comes slightly close to this description is It's Okay, That's Love. And maybe It Started With A Kiss & They Kiss Again. There is more skinship in They Kiss Again since the characters are married here.

Other shows with decent skinship & sexual tension, but without those easy, casual and spontaneous cuddly moments as mentioned above:

Can We Get Married? / Can We Love?

The World That They Live In - by same screenwriter as It's Okay, That's Love


Another Oh Hæ Young 

Cuo Dian Yuan Yang - female lead from Boss & Me is also the female lead in this drama & the male lead is super hot. They have even better chemistry than the Boss & Me pairing, though Boss & Me is a better drama overall.

As well as the other shows mentioned on this thread.

Explosive Passion

Too Late To Say I Love You - rather cuddly and cute like in Boss & Me, I loved it that the sexual tension was so scorching between this couple, even when they're just doing something as mundane as having dinner! Just them looking at each other from across the room can cause a fire! Their chemistry was THAT explosive! They were in lust & love and every time they got together they were either kissing, touching or making love. Their relationship felt very real, there was no awkwardness ... I was really surprised that I was watching an Asian drama where they barely make the characters kiss! Really wanted to be the actress so I could make love with Wallace Chung! He was sooo badass and hot here and that man can create good chemistry with a log!

Bang Ja Chronicles - 4 part mini-series. Lots of love making & beautiful love story. Even though they don't gloss over the sex, I think you'll like it because the romance is sweet and will move your heart. At least that's how it affected me!

I loved the sexual tension and build up in Lovers! But except for one major scene in one of the later episodes there's isn't much skinship, but I loved watching the raw chemistry and longing roar between the leads.
Its okay its love
thousand days promise
The Tango dance in Scent of a woman. For me its the sexiest scene in all the dramas I have ever watched. 

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Coffee Prince

Fated to love you

Heart to Heart

Romance is not that present in the drama, but there's definitely sexual tension in Cruel City! (and one of the best kiss scene I've seen in a drama lol)
I've seen a lot of sexual tension in On the way to the airport. 
It's Okay That's Love : beware for a lot kissing scenes that will blush your cheeks, an example of perfect chemistry in a drama
I Need Romance 3 - This is one of the very few Kdramas where there were lots of ACTUAL kisses and there is a lot of sex talks and sexual tension not only with the main leads but also the side pairs.