Well Another recommendations x3

So i want a drama/movie where the male lead is jerk,arrogant,mean,tsundere. You know where he just tease the female lead and is arrogant/jerk. Maybe there is a reason he is , i love when male lead are just arrogant/mean but do have a soft side and is caring but don't show too much so i am not saying he just should be mean. i like male lead to be  arrogant/mean but have a cute soft side ^^

I would like if female lead is not annoying/crybaby. i would like her to stand up for herself and not drag by people. Who is strong head or at least independent. i am not saying she should not cry at all but not annoying or too stupid naive female lead. thanks!

It would be great if these things are in drama

- love hate trope

-where guy falls first

I love comedy! as well romance so :D 

I have seen

Boys over flower and it's versions

Secret Garden

any country is fine and it could have love triangle  and stuff

Want at least cute actors. ^^

Sorry for being picky.. but want a mean/arrogant male lead and no annoyin naive female lead overall.



  • Suspicious Partner
  • The Master's Sun
  • Hello Monster
  • Love Me If You Dare
  • Black
  • Rooftop Prince
  • Healer (to a lesser extent)
  • Moon Lovers: Scarlet Heart Ryeo
  • Coffee Prince


  • This Is Not What I Expected

There's also an existing thread for this here

Protect the Boss 

Something about 1 Percent

Radiant Office


I think coffee prince would be good too

Siyah Beyaz Ask (Black and whote love)- A turkish drama. He is a member of rich mafia family and she is a doctor. He is a sexy and badass character. She is a sweet, girl who loves helping others. Since she saw something she was not supposed to see, he forces her to marry him. Super obsessive, jealous and possessive over her. Though it is dark romance, there is no rape or anything like that. Main leads chemistry is awesome. I love this drama a lot. Check out this video


English subtitled episodes links available in facebook

My ID is gangnam beauty:) 


The male lead seems cold and unapproachable at first, but begins to warm up as soon as he falls for the protagonist. It’s my fav love story so far and he is sooo handsome????

Meteor Garden - China

A Love So Beautiful - guy ignores girl, but not arrogant.

I subscribe to this topic! I crave for those kind of male leads but often in dramas they are mean the first 10 minutes of the first episode and then they become puppies in love and I loose interest...