Please suggest age gap romances (15 years+ difference, but will take 10+) where the male is older one. Love triangles a plus especially if its some guy the same age as the female lead going after her. Maybe she likes this guy first, but then falls for the male lead. I'd like ones where the male lead doesn't have kids and never married. People are against her being with this older man, but they still end up together. Happy ending.

No supernatural please

- Goblin

- Doctors



A Beautiful Mind 

Gentleman's dignity, there are 4 couples in this show one of which has a the age gap you're looking for but the ML is a widower



- Goblin

- Doctors




A Beautiful Mind 

My bad, forgot to add no supernatural. 

Loving Never Forgetting : the younger sister of the rich ML felt always safe and protected by his older male secretary, finally their connection evolves into more 

My Mister 20 year FL  finds her soulmate in 40 something ML

Story of Yanxi Palace ML is emperor, therefore definitely married several times, still he never loved a woman like the FL 16 years his junior

  • Marriage contract
  • Sweet 18
  • Otousan to Yobasete
  • Eccentric Daughter In law
  • Kimcheed Radish Cubes
  • Khun Chai Taratorn
  • A thousand kisses - secondary couple


Utsukushii hito

  1. Cubic 
  2. Better Man 
  3. The Perfect Match just 6 or 7 years gap.
  4. A Daughter Just Like You  The 3rd sister fall in love with her senior, but he has a kid.
  5. A Gentleman's Dignity +1
  6. Feel Good To Die 
  7. Prime Minister and I  He has kids.
  8. When A Man's in Love 
  9. Old Boy  He has a Kid.
  10. The Story of Ming Lan He has kids.
  • Black
  • Chief of Staff ( Aide)
  • Clean with a Passion 

Feel Good To Die isn't a romance. There's barely any romantic interaction between the leads, but it does have a very prominent love triangle.

I recommend:

You're My Sunshine (although I hated this drama, you might love it)
Aishiteru To Ikketure 

Female leads are their early 20's, male leads are about 10-15+ older:

The Story Of Ming Lan (highly recommend but ML has two kids from a previous relationship, never married though.)

Kincheed Radish Cubes (no love triangle)

Golden Bride (arranged marriage, no love triangle)

A thousand Kisses (secondary couple, no love triangle)

Family's Honor (secondary couple, some opposition from his family because of age gap and he is 

divorced but no kids.)

Triumph In The Skies  (love triangle but with the second female lead, ML falls for FL later.)

Dreams Link  (no eng subs I think)

This are daily 100+ep dramas with FL in their 20's, ML in their 30's and early 40's.

Pure 19  (love triangle at first with SML, then she falls for male lead.)

A Good Day For The Wind To Blow  (some opposition from ML's family, there is  love triangle at first with FL's childhood friend and ML is the single dad of a 7 year old boy.)

Daring Women (FL is a young widow with a little girl and ML has grown kids though.)

It's a kind of  hard to find dramas where the male lead is much older, but no divorce, widower or doesn't have any  kids.

It's hard to find drama that fits perfectly to your description but here you have some nice ones with age gap between ML and FL

Bad sister

Love song

My teacher


Prime minister and I

This Is Not What I Expected

You Are The Best!

The Spring Day of My Life

This one has an open ending, but you have just pretty much described  When a Man is in Love. Out of curiosity, were you inspired by that drama?