Hi! I'm looking for shows where the ML falls in love first like in The Legends, I'm not picky on the genre or country of origin anything goes!

Here are some :)

Marriage not dating

Something about 1 percent 

The Greatest love

Boku unmei no hito desu

 A girl and three sweethearts 

Thank you both! I will definitely check out the ones you recommended!

  • Ten miles of peach blossoms 
  • From 5 to 9
  • Reply 1997
  • In time with you
  • Neung Nai suang

Here's an article I wrote about this: Article


Well Intended Love

I’ve seen a lot of these dramas and almost always it’s the ML who fall in love first, show an interest first, or at least does the chasing first. You can check out these lists if you like. Hope they help.


Some examples that also come to mind are the following:

Radio Romance

Before We Get Married

Strong Woman Do Bong Soon

Put Your Head On My Shoulders

Boss and Me

Princess Silver

Love At First Hate (Thai)

Lady and the Liar

Cruel Romance

Sound of the Desert

General and I

Seriously thank you for all the suggestions!

It's Okay That's Love

The Story of Ming Lan

My Huckleberry Friends

Reply 1997

Reply 1988

An Oriental Odyssey

Because of You

Siege in Fog