Hello everyone !

So my idea was simple : as we can "like" an actor or a singer by clicking on the heart, I think it could be useful to have an other button to press in order to "follow" an actor or singer. It could be great in the way that, if the one we follow appears in a new drama or is mentionned in an article written by the administrators, you would receive a notice ! 

I think it's a good way to find new dramas or to attach to new actors ! As I follow regularly my favorite actors, sometimes I forget about them by watching other dramas and then some months later I realize they started a new drama and I have to catch up my delay ! Maybe a functionnement using the link of their names could make it ? I don't know, I just wanted to share this idea !

Thank you for reading !! Hoping that I'm not the only one who would be happy if this idea could be made ! °^.^°


Very good idea, I hope this option could be added very soon! 

This suggestion is great and makes a lot of sense! It seems to be the most obvious addition to the site. The notifications suggestion I've seen before but I like the idea of a new "follow" option! 

I would definitely like to receive updates when my favourite actors are cast in something new - especially rookies and idols, as you're much less likely to hear about smaller projects, or check the profile of someone who only acts occasionally. Also for idols, you would get notified when they make guest appearances on reality TV shows like Weekly Idol or Running Man, which is good if you don't follow those shows consistently.

definitely more convinient than me checking them manually from time to time

I Literally waiting for it since i joined to MDL

Voted....twice....I soooo would love this option.    I would be happy for starters just being able to run my list occasionally of actors/actresses i've marked that I like by Hearting them.    To have a Follow function would be a bonus.  

This is definitely a must have and something we really want to implement as well. 

Wow what a great idea! I hope it will be added soon!:)