Oh, My Handsome Asian Actors! *-*

Here's a list of the Asian actors (most of which are Chinese) that I consider attractive, cute, and/or handsome. I've "met" some of them both out of the dramas I've seen and in dramas I'd like to see. The higher his position, not only the handsomer (yep, the top is taken by the handsomest), but also the likelier my husband-to-be. ><

Below each of them, I list their dramas (D) and movies (M) seen up to now (in the order that I've watched them*), in case you'd like to see what I have seen in them ;), and if they've become favorites of mine. *0* I hope you like it, though! ;D

* You can also check the dramas I've watched in this list and the movies that I've seen in this one.

ciliolindemberg May 4, 2024
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