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The Mysterious Closing of DramaFever
Editorials - Dec 12, 2018

This MDL'er goes into why she thinks DramaFever was suddenly closed.

A Stalker's Guide to Crown Prince Sado
Editorials - Nov 15, 2018

This article lists my actors who played the Crown Prince

Actors from "Vampire Prosecutor 2" Guest Star in "Cheo Yong 2"
Editorials - Oct 28, 2017

Actors from Vampire Prosecutor 2 meets the ghost detective Cheo Yong.

A "Stalker's Guide" to King In Jo
Editorials - Jun 16, 2017

Which actor played King In Jo the best? This is a Stalker's Guide on the character of King In Jo...

A Stalker's Guide to Lee Bum Soo
Editorials - Feb 12, 2015

See Lee Bum Soo from the perspective of a hardcore fan...

Two Weeks - Recap Episode 5
Drama Recaps - Sep 4, 2013

Tae San is blamed for the murder of his childhood friend, Man Suk. Tae San wants to hide from everyone until the surgery, but a life waking moment changes his life forever.

Two Weeks Recap Episode 4
Drama Recaps - Aug 24, 2013

Alone and tired, Tae San finds a way to get back to Seoul with the help of a few unwilling people.

Two Weeks Recap Episode 3
Drama Recaps - Aug 18, 2013

Handcuffed and thirsty Tae San searches for a place to cut his handcuffed. Prosecutor Jang wants to prosecute Tae San.

Good Doctor Recap Episode 3
Drama Recaps - Aug 16, 2013

Park Shi On compassionate ways gets him in more trouble.

Two Weeks Recap Episode 2
Drama Recaps - Aug 13, 2013

Tae San's life was getting better until he was framed for murder.

Two Weeks Recap Episode 1
Drama Recaps - Aug 11, 2013

Easy going and carefree Tae San finds out he has an eight year old daughter and she's dying from leukemia

Shark Episode 18 Recap
Drama Recaps - Jul 30, 2013

Han Yi Soo’s quest to set things right backfires.

Shark Recap Episode 15
Drama Recaps - Jul 19, 2013

Yi Soo does everything in his power to find his kidnapped sister, Yi Hyun.

Shark Recap Episode 11
Drama Recaps - Jul 10, 2013

Jo Hae Woo unknowingly plays videotape that implements her father in the hit-and-run case at Gaya Hotel's 44th anniversary.

Shark Recap Episode 7 & 8
Drama Recaps - Jun 22, 2013

Hae Woo finds out Yi Soo is alive, but people doubt her story. Detective Byeon and Prosecutor Jo Hae Woo are secretly investigating the 12 year old case.

Shark Recap Episode 5
Drama Recaps - Jun 18, 2013

Hae Woo and Detective Byeon get more clues to help solve the twelve year old murder case.

Shark Recap Episode 2
Drama Recaps - Jun 9, 2013

Yi Soo's world turns upside down when his dad is framed for a hit-and-run accident.

Shark: Recap Episode 1
Drama Recaps - Jun 4, 2013

Recapping the first episode of Shark.

A Stalker's Guide to Song Ok Sook
Editorials - Apr 12, 2013

Heroes in the background edition ^_^. JackieB writes about brilliant actress, Song Ok Sook.