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Manila, Philippines
Jan 14, 2015

Every Scene Gives You a Heart Attack!!!

First off, the face to face encounter between Moon Ho and Jung Hoo. Then Jung Hoo reveal his face as a Healer for the sake of information of his father's death. Then Moon Ho started to remember Jung Hoo. And for me the best scene was the date between Yeong Shin and Healer but it so painful and at the same time it so damn romantic. I'm seriously about to cry when Yeong Shin, did all the things on date like eating and walking ALL ALONE! But the moment inside the theater make me giggle and smile. Healer grab Yeong Shin hand for a seconds and then good bye. It so sad to see Healer's eyes on that moment because he can't reveal his self to Yeong Shin.

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Jul 24, 2014

Finally Gun is making his moves!

Gun is not bad at all and also he clarifies everything to Mi Young about the island. Then he finally show his feelings towards Mi Young, first in the boat then he also reads the children's book to her (of course its for the baby also) and the moment when he acting that he was hurt in room so that he can lay beside her. That last scene was DAEBAK!!!! Can't for next episode. :)
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Aug 1, 2014

Five Stars

The last scene in this episode was totally mind blowing for me. Then D.O's acting was daebak! I didn't expect that. Then, there's a lot of questions in my head. That's what I like about this drama, you kept think and think what's going to happened next. Can't wait to see the next episode.
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Jan 23, 2013

I knew it!

I really sense it, that Jin Rak was the one who wrote and draw in the sticky notes in the milk box every morning in front of Dok Mi because he's webtoon artist. :) He looked so cute when he spoke english!!!
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